Thursday, March 24, 2011

TACK SALE I survived

First of all, oh my...getting to the tack sale, in a town nearby, to set up near 6 am was a most difficult task for me- since I went to bed near midnight, after tagging all the items, the Friday eve before.
I was to have had the "tagging/pricing" done the Monday before. But the unforseen storm of the  previous days ride, had me pretty wiped out.
The mare and me went back, 2 days later, to see the redecorated trails.

Trees were sideways and then we saw the ones that had broken near us, as we got pelted with sideways rains, and that loud, fierce wind!

They did not seem all that scarey now...

...but that day, as the sounds of the wind hitting the treetops  and the loud cracks of them shattering and flying from the tree....

...was a very terrifying moment for the mare!

Mee too, as My thighs went into lock down mode-around my mare when she whirled and I quickly directed her, by pulling the reins away from the land bridge . She then flew in a scared canter away from the bridge with leg eating  holes.   AMAZING HOW your mind can flash so many things in a seconds time, for the right decision to be made in the same instant! I all cost, don't allow her to run across that bridge!

All that to say... My feet and ankles took a beating from jumping off the mare ( many times that day) and having her pull me up the uneven, slick hill home, then running with her as well. So the next day Monday, was not a very  organised or energised day!   I sat on the couch with Freyda cat on my lap, ice on my ankles and tea in my hand-recovering.
I had creative  plans for the price tags. It included going through the horsey/tack catalogs to find the  photos of items being sold , so there was a reference to original costs and also-shipping if they thought they'd want to buy new.

I have to say, my prices for the quality tack items, was very good. I take excellent care of my tack.
Some of it was a quick fix, for the current stable's needs at the time. Ot a quick fix for a saddle i was trying to get to work.   The LG metal ROLLING TACK CART ( upper rt) was actually bought for me  by the Private Barn owner, for her place. She had no tack room and I had tack!!! It was excellent and I used it in the next stable as well. But since, I've moved to facilities that have tack rooms/lockers, like the one I am currently in. So, the ROLLING TACK RACK is taking up space in our basement! My husband was all too happy to see something leave the house!

The woman that bought the ROLLING TACK RACK at this TACK SALE was so funny...she was practically drooling...she had her cell in her hand, calling her husband. She took a photo of it, sent it to him and asked , "Could  he make one, that rolled, for $90.00??!!" 
I had it staged well ,with a saddle on the top rack, pads on the second one,a  bridle and girths, martingale hanging on the back hanger.  It also had a tray in the bottom w/ grooming tools, and leg wraps and jodper boots.  I used it well, and it was time for it to GO!!
The husband said, "Honey, you buy that one, I'm not making one like it!" Good!!!

While some of the items were in such good order and I will probably still use them in the future, BUT =I need my saddle worse!
 It was tremendously BUSY at this sale...the vendors set up quickly and come around anytime from 7am on...then the real people come through at 8:30am till 2 pm.
 I NEVER SAT DOWN ONCE!! (save the rest room stops -twice)

My inventory was:
Dressage Bridle
Dressage Saddle
Sheepskin Half pad
3 cotton dressage pads (sold 1)
A set of 4 Pegusus legs wraps
tack trunk
2 Aisle guards (10-12 foot)for the arena entrance or run in stalls ( 1 spoken for now, at my stable)
2 Bits
22" black Mecate Reins w horsehair/ leather slobber straps
M no turn bell boots
grazing muzzle new
Dover Shipping Boots horse  size horse
2 silver Western Belts ( sissy's, 1 sold)
2 Dressage girths(1 sold)
Professionals Choice Western girth
English martinagle
 Pair of 40 yr old "Hippo" brushing boots" ( my sissy's)with buckles
( this item was picked up the most and thought over the longest...but never sold!- I wish I had my camera for  all the people that pondered over these brushing boots. They were in pretty good condition, but the brand is probably extinct and it really threw folks off. Interesting folks, like these two gentlemen. Tall and lean, hunter jumper looking guys or even Polo.)

Kerrits show coverall
Rubber reins with running stops
Stubben child leathers
a horsey coat
Jodper boots
Horsey photoFrame

It was really fun to see people find EXACTLY what they sought and for a price they could afford too! At one point...someone was wavering about something and I did the hard sell of telling them how nice it was having the item, that I got a replacement... and I added," this sale was for my new saddle purchase"...they bought! I thanked!!

It was a grueling 5 hours, that went by like practically nothing!! Save the backache of standing upon concrete the whole time. I feel so much worse doing that, than riding bareback -for longer!

And I made near $500 towards the balance of $1,400 for this beauty! The ANSUR Konklusion Multi purpose saddle~

It's being hand crafted for me right now, as I type!
This little gal has a neat testimoney on the ANSUR web HERE to read...she rides in the KONKLUSION saddle I am getting.

All in all it was a fabulous sale...and I am glad that I was allowed to share sale space in the 4H booth of a friend. I sold lots of items for them too. They were sitting talking and taking the $ .I always moved things to better positions and helped folks sit in one of the 4 western saddle s that sold. It's  amazing to me-people get on those little metal saddle stands-on top- of a heavy saddle!!! It held up well though.

I WISH I would have sold my Dressage saddle!! I noticed something...the Western folks( that bought these saddles) were far LESS discerning over all the things I would have been than the few English riders that looked at my saddle were.I mean, "I WOULDN'T "buy a saddle  at a sale like this, knowing all I know about my mare and all the others saddles I thought would work!!!
 I saw 2 folks come in with actual cut-out cardboard paper pieces, of their horses actual wither to back angles. ALL others liked/bought the Western saddles- for what it LOOKED like!

There ya have it!!! Now I send my remaining tack peices to the coast with my sissy. She has a booth at a resale wearhouse..tack does sell well there!!

Wa mare...wake up... I know you hear me...focus now...I've something to tell you...

I am getting closer to giving you a better feeling ride!!


  1. You dont realise just how much damage wind can do. But looks like you were away from the trail ride before the trouble started.
    Thats some saddle! Looks a real comfy one, and congrats on the sale!!

  2. You are going to make it! Good job selling some of your tack. Am very interested in seeing how your saddle works out.

  3. I have no doubt you will raise the purchase price long before the money is actually needed. Good job!

  4. Congrats on your tack sale / awesome new saddle fund success!! You've inspired me - I'm saving for my dressage clinic fund.

    Love, love, love the new header shot. Glad you guys survived the crazy storm ride. :)

  5. omgosh, your new banner/header -- i think it's lifesized on this computer and i feel like i'm riding your horse!

    what a great effect!

  6. yah! I'm so glad your tack sale was successful. $500, wow:)
    I love used tack sales. I bought Mr. G's first pair of boots at one. He was so excited to go, wegot there first thing and found his size right away. Of course he's already grown out of them and still crams his poor feet into them. Must hit another sale soon.
    I know what you mean about buying saddles. I don't think I'll buy another without it being custom made, even then you have to worry about the horse changing after good conditioning.

  7. I am trying REALLY REALLY hard not to buy one single piece of equipment this year, not even a saddle pad. (ugh.)

  8. Hay KK how much for those reins???? Or have they already shipped out?

    That was one heck of a storm -- OMG! So very thankful you are safe !!

  9. Hey Kacy,
    Congrats on the sale. I sold a few items on consigment. I felt good that I made back 1/2 the money I spent and got some stuff I really wanted. I found a great deal on a Myler bit and absolutely love it. My green little horse is doing great under it. Sorry the reins didn't sell. It's funny how our insterests in types of tack change over time. You'll have tell us all about how you like your saddle when you get it. Love to hear those reviews. Let's take a ride some time soon. If the rain ever stops!LOL.

  10. I'm interested in the reins, too, if you don't sell to the first person....

  11. wow what a great sale....and a good chunk of cash to now put towards that fabulous saddle. I had to smile at your comment baout your hubby being glad to see the rolling tack trolley going. I'm sure my better half would love to see some of my gear go as well. I do quite well to keep it contained but as you well know horse gear does take up room. How exciting to know your new saddle is being crafted as we type. It looks gorgeous in the pictures!!. Wa mare will look a picture.
    Glad the trees didn't spook tooooo much!!!!. Here is to sunny still days riding the hills

  12. Oh my gosh, that storm was so scary! What a wonderful girl Wa was to get you both home safely, and what a wonderful job you did showing her the way.

  13. So I checked out the Ansur website and I'm loving that new crossover! I checked out their sizing chart and I'm pretty offended, looks like they are basing it off of men's sizes. For a person 6ft+ they have the weight at over 200lbs and a jean size of 18! I'm 6'1, 160 and wear a size 11. But that is typical, if you are tall you must be overweight.
    Probably never be able to convince the hubby that I need this saddle:)

  14. Thanks for popping in on my blog, I think that you have bought yourself a really nice saddle, and good job on your tack sale.

  15. Wow! great sale!

    I just recently sole my Corbette classic hunt saddle at a local consignment shop! For 350. I got 300. cash after the %15 consignment and tax. I was happy, the girls are moved out and I wont ride Hunt again! LOL I have a few other items up there and they sold my horse trailer for me too ( I have yet to have them pay, waiting for tax return he said) Sad day, but it has sat for two years, it is a four horse Circle J, with a full dressing room. I am goint to try to get my folks 2 horse and fix it up, floor and paint and some small things.
    When the girls were in 4-H and Equestrian team I had 3 of everything!!! LOL time to get rid of some of it!!!

  16. OH! that Ansur is gorgeous!!! too!!

  17. Hello and thank you for your kind comments on my blog. It is nice discovering new blogs and yours is fantastic. You have a fine looking mare, she has such a sweet face.
    My training at RDA mostly involved learning how to get disabled riders on and off the horses and how to deal with the children who have learning difficulties. I love my work there and it is very rewarding seeing the big smiles on the faces of the riders.
    I will put your blog on my side bar and will look forward to reading your new posts. Kind regards, Abby

  18. Boy, I hate riding in the trees when the wind gets blowing and those pictures show why. Flying limbs and falling trees are not where I want to be.

    That rolling saddle rack has been on my list of wants for years!!! Lucky lady!

    Sounds like the tack sale went pretty well. Do you have other plans to raise the rest??

  19. Great sale! All for your sweet mare and her new saddle. You are a great horsey mom. And Wa knows it too!

  20. You did well at the tack sale. I have a pair of the Pegasus boots, I love them.
    I love the new header shot!


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