Thursday, April 21, 2011

Looking back

Literally so, the mare is trying to tell me that she'd rather go the other way!!
I could not resist her innocent face as she stared back towards the normal trail homeward last Sunny -Sunday. I had started out with a raincoat on...but it became too hot to wear as hand walked with the mare, so in ditched it in a tree...we had to go back that way , for me to retrieve it!
Yes, we have has at least one more day of the brighter, somewhat warmer stuff. Last weekend was full of some riding and some horse management stuff. We had the fecal testing done and all the stable's horses were at the low shed -200 mark. So the vet recomended our wormer and the owner administred it that morning Sunday. I don't ride much at the worming time, just hand walk or light in hand.

OF course, it turned out to be  "the sunny day" of the week! Things are finally looking colorful, weeds and flowers alike! They don't really show up in the dark grey days we have had.

I came out to the stable  knowing I was going to go on a "mare/walk", a nice Grass eating quest. But, I decided to bareback saddle her and maybe sit on her as we went from destination to was barely riding. She was elated to find me actually passive about when and where she dipped her head to the grounds, for the delightful greens.

Okay, I just sold my Mecate' reins to a blogger friend Jane but now, I miss "one" aspect of them..the length.   I love to allow the mare to munch occasionally, on a period of break during a ride. But all my favorite reins are too short for me to relax...I have to almost lean forward to keep ahold of them, while she has her head down. So, I am on the hunt for some rope reins, with clips, that are longer.

Here is something cool~I have a NEW RIDING PARTNER- He is British, he rides WITH ME, though he has no horse. He has greatly encouraged me, in my pursuit of loosing weight.....
I ran out of card room on my camera's sd card or I would have gotten more of him talking to me. He had me Hooting it up in the woods last Sunday! I laughed loudly so, as I figured out his accent and that he was cheering me on! "HOORAH!" He'll say, after telling me our speed.
He lives in a free "Application" I downloaded to my phone called,  "CARDIO TRAINER"...he speaks to us as we ride and tracks us on GPS and COUNTY MAPS-mileage-location-calories burned and yes...speed...listen to him...
It is quite a small clip so turn up the sound or you'll miss him!

The mare wondered where the Brit dude was...he talks to us about every  2 minutes saying how far we've gone and how long we've been riding..then of course, the "Speed--- per hour-Hoorah!"

My stable mate uses him as well, to cheer her and her Big Skye horse on, as they ride !

 Funny too, when you stop the process and save your tells you in a food item, how many calories you've burnt. Ha, I earned a STRAWBERRY...that's like when I  tested it out and walked from one end of the barn to the other. Our Sunny Sunday walk/munch time out was a whole AVOCADO ride! Usually, we ride a 5 banana ride.(4.5 mi)
(notice...we are traveling in the back in pic above??!!)
I have begun to see a different mare of is kinda neat-o!

So we munched along in the sunshine day, the mare and me...seeing new sights for our trails..this one had taken the overflow of a nearby pond!

The tranquil grazing location below, we stayed in for some time...and my Brit riding partner says then, "workout paused".

"Workout resumed" , and we strode home..head bobbing up and down for the clumps!
There is so much to tell you all and I have had- no time- to sit and log the accounts of any of it, till today. So as to not make this too long, I will be "Looking back" for the next day or two to catch you up on some exciting times and also some amazing findings in the life and times of two mares, Pantz and Washashe along with a years anniversary creation and Freyda wishes some blog time too!

Happiest of Eastertides to you, my dear friends!


  1. What a great place to ride. I really like your photographs especially the first photograph of your mare. So how far is an avocado ride?

  2. oh that's so funny! I'm reading about your British friend thinking, I wonder how her hubby feels about this encouraging guy? then I see he's an app, lol. I need to meet this guy. I wonder if you can set it so it tells me how long I have to go to work off a Mountain Dew?

  3. I've totally forgotten what it's like to have a warm sunny day. Nice shots! The Brit going along with you on your rides...what a riot!

  4. OK I have envy, that bridle is gorgeous and suits her so well. Love the Englishman logging your calorie burn up, very cool :)

  5. I could do with a cardio tracker too. How far would a 5 banana ride be? (I love bananas!). It looks like you had a fun ride out and the photos are great too.
    I hope you have a very Happy Easter. Abby x

  6. Edward!
    Haha.. I'm always wondering about other trials and what prices of food they'd render now!
    An avocado is 6.5 miles at a rate of 4 mph.

    Horse mom...totally will get back to you on that!

    Trudi thanks... Three is a link to the web site on the side bar. The leather version of the bridle ("Nurtual bitless") is so cool...but does not have the silver rosettes, this"beta"synthetic has. This one I could afford and the total lack of cleaning, in Oregon damp, and muddy, suited me too!
    yea...I need all the help I can get starting on track so the nice encouraging Englishman is great!

    Abby! I love me a bananner too! Well..that one, I'm guessing was about 5 miles. ...will go check..but it was at a faster pace, I'm sure, as I went with my friend-we trotted, cantered.

  7. lori
    Yea...well, its 1 good day here 40 or 6 desperately cold ones still! 3 0°s at night still...ick
    Every one is (mostly all) getting ripped off for spring!

  8. Hi sweetie! What a lovely post! I always enjoy seeing what you and Wa Mare are up to :) Love your new app. I bet Wa was looking around to see where this voice was coming from! Too cute!
    Happy Easter to you and yours~
    xo, misha

  9. Lovely GREEN photos, as usual!
    You might look into a "watering string"--I think it comes out of the endurance arena. I've seen really pretty braided horsehair ones, and the Tucker trail reins (#220 in their catalog) have what is basically a latigo saddle string looped on with sacred heart knots. They just loop around the reins at the "buckle" (English style), sort of like a western romel, but just enough to drop the reins down your horse's neck, and reel 'em back in again.

  10. The Brit sounds like a hoot. I'm not sure if knowing how many calories I've burned would encourage me or give me permission to eat more. LOL

    I couldnt get the video to work so I didn't get to meet this new friend of yours. :-(

  11. Ooo, I love this app! It would be great for driving too. I couldn't get the video to work, but I'll check back.

  12. Love those pictures of Wa-mare Instead of new reins what if you unbuckle them and add a grab strap or some sort of thing between the buckles?

  13. You have such interesting rides. Your friend sounds like fun. The video wouldn't open...maybe later.

  14. Ha - I totally thought "British guy" was an actual guy too! ;)

    That first picture of Wa mare is beautiful Kacy. Congrats to her for following the very handsome Big Skye - great progress.

    I ordered some extra long (60") reins from Dover - they're Thinline - kind of pricy but so far I've loved everything I've tried of theirs.

    Looking forward to more "catch up" posts. :)

  15. Hahahahah oh my goodness girlfriend I love your british riding friend. That is sooooo worth a chuckle. I dont want to meet him though as I've just had bacon and eggs on toast. I would be being told to ride for ever!!!!!!!. So glad to hear you are riding out in warm weather. Even HOT!!!!. How cool is that!
    Wa mare is looking gorgeous and shiny.Happy days

  16. Love to see you and Wa in the sunshine on the trail. I can't wait to read all your news.

    Love the Brit helper. My car (lovely mini cooper from my dear sweet Dad before he passed away) has a British GPS lady who cracks us all up!

    I run and count calories as I run in my head. Ok, I just earned a cheese sandwich!

    Happy spring! I just put Noodlebug in the blog - can't wait to read about Freyda kitty!

  17. Very relaxed. And a very posh Brit you have there. I laughed out loud with you. I'm picturing Daniel Craig promising you strawberries and avocados. Hmmm. Not bad.

    Hope you have a wonderful Easter.

  18. cute post! just found you from horse and hound regarding your use of raspberry leaves...will have to hunt for that post. when i jog down our lane and have my tunes playing, big boy blue always looks up and watches me for the longest time, jessie just notices and then gets back to her grass...the deer do not like the music at all and run into the woods...stop by if you get a chance and have a great weekend!

  19. Great pics! Love the new spring header photo too! Can't wait to hear more of your "looking back!" May you and mare both have a wonderful Easter!

  20. Great pictures of a great ride. Thanks for sharing, and I love the Brit helping you along during the ride. That's so much fun.

    Happy Easter!


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