Thursday, April 14, 2011

I'll take it

                                   Mr. Sunshine appeared, and it happened to be my day off!!

Since having the flu-throat-cough-stuff... this is week 3 of just a little cough remaining.  One or two sunny days gives me hope without doing me in! I'll take what I can get for sunshine- to me it is HEALTHSHINE!

Everyone is itching to GET OUT THERE and RIDE-HIKE-GARDEN-and WALK about!!! Mee too.. SO to get this day, that is above 45 and sunny..I am in it and on my mare!
Unfortunately lately, when my throat hits the differing temps, warm air of my rig to icy cold to all across the board through the stable and taking a ride..woo..I HAVE to keep my neck warmer on or It croaks and spasms...and feels like it may relapse into something. But one MUST GET SUNSHINE in their eyes and also its goodness spilling warmth  throughout the body ! I HAD to go for a ride..even if bundled up to the neck!

 As I arrived, someone was leading Wa out to the turnout fields( or was it the other way around?!) the mare was so pleased to get out...prancing along.  We have had rain storms mixed with  heavy, pelting, hails.  So the horses were in most the week.
I drove  up right before the mare was to the fields, I tapped the horn to get the attention of the handler..they heard me and turned around. Washashe felt VERY slighted! I could clearly see that!

Three people had horses ready to go, as I entered the stable. A trailer was hooked up and I thought for sure- 2 of them were jetting off together..nope. All were heading in separate directions this sunny, warm day.

The mare and me too...headed out for our  only solo- ride of the blustery week. It was finally inviting us to come play!

I had no training agenda in mind, we both were so content to get out into the sun shining world.
 I let the mare choose the directions. She picked a new trail loop we had worked on a few weeks ago, as I walked with her. It was forged by the logging trucks of last month, and takes us to a neat-o-trail that will will be good enough for jumps later, when it dries a bit. When I took her for that  "Mare Walk", she rather liked the new scene. She does love her change of venue and scenery.

This new trail spilled us over to another road we trotted up. As we topped the hill, I looked at the foothills. They were freshly dusted with a snowy  icing. Those hills  are (and will be again)  our summer riding places. Hill training grounds- 1000 feet  up to 2000.
I am wondering how we shall do later in the summer, we have reservations for Eastern Oregon with the stable to stay in Joeseph, Oregon. It is much higher in elevation.

Some of you may remember me mentioning a Clinic I was to Audit  at a nearby stable with one of my stable mates. It was supposedly on Biomecanics of riding. I say supposedly because..I  was so disgusted with what I saw there.
It to me, was no less than horse abuse and poor training at a HIGH price. I won't mention any names or publish any photos...but, it was sickening and the older trainer-( my sister remembers riding along side them YEARS ago)  a judge at one point in their life, allowed one local trainer to abuse her poor horse and some other talented girls to have some of the worst postures, creating their own riding problems.
The well known instructor..tried to get the younger riders (not the puffed up &seemingly on crack or speed- abusive, local trainer) to ask their horses for things(unsuccessfully so) for something my mare and I do ALL THE TIME...
I did not see one step without a jerk of the bit and or, a kick of the heal...unfortunate!!!
As I thought of them jerking and kicking and hitting...the trail I was on had some low hanging branches...I asked the mare for halt-I breathed out- I shifted my weight to the right slightly, without collapsing my hip. It is easier with a stirrup to step into but, I pretended it was there...I gently touched her left girth and the mare stepped over, accordingly, one correct step at a time. Then we were smack-dab-next to the branch for me to tweak out of the trails line of travel!  She got a big rub and audible praise, each step too!
It is hard to see the remnants of the fir tree branch upon her mane..but with tweaking, comes the drizzling of the needles!

Wa mare used to become upset with things crashing around/above her, and also the trickle effect, of needles,  leaves and bark falling on us- as I broke the branches. Now she is really patient..after the many years of doing such things on trail rides! I think she enjoys the standing time now. I can let the reins rest on her withers ( I tether them to the grab strap-in case of sudden movement)  and use both hands to tweak our favorite trails!

We went onward riding, after the tweaking of branches- to the "BIG FIR LANE". It was  pleasantly dappled with the shadows of them! I let the mare drop her head to the ground and was so peaceful!

Now here is where my Wa mare actually surprised me...she apparently had a training agenda -for this day-I was SHOCKED TO DISCOVER!!!
She turned up the clear road way and towards the farm with llamas ,  donkey and many other assorted noises, that usually have her saying in her mare body language,
 "can we turn around now?!!"
Not this day! This day, was hers to discover her own strength to face down her world, with me being very encouraging for her to try- one step at a time-allowing her to stop when ever she wanted and start again, at her will. It was a glorious SUNNY DAY, I had no where else on earth to be!!!

She took in the sights..sniffed the winds for clues to what she was up against...I zoomed in on the cute little donkey, checking us out too.

No one decided to come nearer the fence line this day. I was  secretly happy about this as, I wanted Wa mare to be able to make the entire fence line with out  (seemingly)  an apparent challenge from the inhabitants of the farm.

As the donkey walked slowly down the the llamas, they rolled and bucked and tossed the top notch of furry masses of hair around. We delighted in the distance we could watch all this from!

As I asked for a step at a time towards the herd of unusual happened....
The wind blew the strong scent of them to the nostrils of my mare!
She caught the unusual scents-snuffled it in and into her thought process...! I was so giggling inside too...she would dip her head up and down..look to the left and to me, then back, then to the right and to me, then ahead again. She never tried to move away...I loved it!

It was delightful..we moved on around the field and then cantered up a small hill and turned right, to go towards the next set of llamas. This is her disliked avenue. She did not want to go there and thought she saw something in the distance, so she just had to stop to check it out.

There we NO llamas this day, in the avenue of fear..but she stopped dead soon enough. Something else was coming!
It was my PBO on her Neat Paint gelding, Skyler. Sometime I'll show you all the quirky, cool things he smile and fetch. HA!
We stood and talked it up for 10 minutes, which was excellent for Wa mare to just chill with someone new. I had to pull her away from touching him a few times...she can be a hypocrite. IF HE  HAD TRIED TO TOUCH HER...oh..  snarky face and maybe a LOUD squeel!

But no, Skyler ignored  this Mahogany bay mare and stood his distance. He was interested in what he may find to nibble on, below~

It was such a nice ride, hopefully back to health for me and the start of training for the mare and me.
She was really sweet, and to be with out on the first nice day- LOVED THAT!
 She got frazzled once, when someone above the road level and out of her view at one of the ponds, chopped something loudly.  She startled and jumped forward. We turned back and as it happened again she jumped again, but we went even  higher, to see the noisy humans.
All was well again in her sunny world!

Home safely from the solo ride...the mare relaxed in the sun.

This look cracks me up...she must have heard something behind!

I actually did not put her blanket on for her remainder of the days turnout knowing... she'd love to muddy up herself...but to my shock, she did not roll. She visited with her turnout buddy Theo, lazily sunned herself and went to seek some springtime grasses.

Next time out- we go for some time with her Lead mare Pantz..."A barn-over" !

Hope you all are enjoying some springtime!!


  1. Ah nothing like a day in the saddle to leave you feeling refreshed! It is nice to let them have a day for themselves once in a while isn't it? Glad you are getting out and about again. The weather is finally turning nice here too and I am loving trail riding again!

  2. Those are my most favorite rides I ever had on my mare - no agenda and going wherever the trail led us! How awesome that you got such great pictures to go along with it!

  3. Looks like you had a great time! Wa mare does look funny in that photo!

  4. The Wa Mare looks great from every angle. I enjoyed the ride today - and giving Wa her own head seems to have made her brave. Glad you're feeling well enough to ride in the sunshine.

  5. Go Wa mare! How wonderful that she wanted to check out the scary stuff. My girl taught me that she's much braver about things when she initiates them. Now I encourage her to investigate things on her own every chance I get.

  6. Wa is so brave! Your views from your trail rides are just amazing!

  7. Very very brave - and oh so beautiful!!! Glad you're out and about again. Hope you kick the remnants of your illness asap and have many more sunny health days soon!!

  8. I was right there with you and Wa throughout that sunny ride. So glad you are feeling better and nothing heals more than sunshine, fresh air and a lovely ride out with your horse. Regards, Abby x

  9. Hope you continue to feel strong and improved. I did not mean for my story to make you cry! :-) Hold tough when I post for Ebony's B-day~ don't worry, it ends well, too! Blessings~

  10. It sounds like the perfect ride to cure body and soul.
    I am sorry about the clinic. There are all kinds out there - wish they all treated the horses well and with respect.

  11. I hope the crud leaves you alone soon. Mine held on for weeks. It was a pain.

    Sounds like you had a great ride. The sunshine was glorious. We could sure use more.

  12. I am so happy you are feeling better. It really hangs on, doesn't it. Surely, the sunshine and Wa mare ride will help.

    Wa is just the very best girl. I love the video of her "asking" you if you see them too and what you think - asking over and over. I love it!

    I can hardly believe that is her in the last photo - it doesn't look like her!

    Feel better!

  13. I am trying to catch up all that I have missed. I could imagine breathing in the fresh air on your ride as I sit here trapped at my desk. Oh how I wish I was out riding right now! Sounds like a wonderful ride with your wonderful Wa!

    I love the photo of her head on in the pasture. She looks so beautiful with her cute expression!

  14. TARA! Oh, I was just pondering you in my heart and saw an older post of you showing Maisie..and here, you dropped by !!!I am sorry you are trapped by the desk at present, but hope you are doing well and that your lovely mare is healing up too...I'll pop over and see if you have written anything about- anything!

    Jules! that shot IS hilarious..the angle makes her look like a QH!She was so great that day..yes she inspired my body to come good!

    RR ~yea, I'm with you- send sunshine please.I'm SURE i'd get healed with the rays of it~

    Terry~ It is a GIFT, BLESSING and quite remarkable that I am able to have my mare. I wish I could turn them in for the abusive behaviour they exampled!!

    Allison~ it was an endearing kind of cry, for your Dream was so comforted by Scott..very cool!

    Thanks Abby! Loved your SPA castle too!

    Christain, yup..gonna kick it and let the mare help me !

    Kristen~ Sometimes I can imagine my friends like you and others riding with me.. we have such great times and fun ( as I ride solo and think of you all!)

    Shannon~ You are so very wise... I will remeber what you said about waiting to allow THEM to want to investigate. She may never wish to try that again but heck..I had that day she did!

    Barb, yea...she loves to be LEAD MARE on rides and when we are out there alone..loves to have her head and follow her nose~!

    Ore Sunshine...ha! She was doing her imitation of QH!

    Jill~ Perfectly great too will be out and about on your Farno!

    Carolyn~ I've missed maybe you too have had some spring by now!

  15. What a great ride, just right to help you get over your cold. There is a parcel on it's way to you, should be there late next week- that'll help brighten your day too!
    I had 3 nice relaxing rides this week.... I'm on a roll....

  16. Love your header picture. So glad you and the very brave Wa mare got out into the sunshine. Hope it will help make your misery heal. I know it takes weeks for this bug to go away, we've had some people around here with it.

    I would have been disappointed in that clinic too. Seems anyone can put one on and it's a shame that so many people listen to them just because they think they are learning something new from professionals. There ought to be a law against this sort of abuse and incompetency. At least you can feel good knowing you and Wa are doing it right.

  17. P.S. Kacy- dear friend!!!!!!!!



  18. Hi,
    bellissime foto...
    Le foto viste dalla visuale del cavallo sono molto divertenti :)
    Mi piacciono le sue orecchie !!!
    Buona giornata e cavalcata :)

  19. Good to hear you are feeling better, your mare is indeed brave Niko my gelding spooks at donkeys.

  20. Oh Kacey what beautiful pictures .....gotta love a donkey moment. Glad she didn't spook!!!!!!
    There is nothing quite like rides out in the sunshine ....sooooo good for the soul!!and Wa mare looks just fantastic in her spring coat enjoying the suns rays. Happy days!

  21. I love Wa's lip movements in that movie (Wa Mare - the Movie!), hehe. She being so brave must have something to do with you feeling relaxed and happy in the sunshine, don't you think? Hope the sun helps to get rid of that nasty cold. I visited Grey Horse Matters and laughed about the rake-thing.
    Thanks for that ;-)
    Hope the sun stays with you.

  22. spring time riding is the best! though I always have to be careful because all that fresh grass can cause some major hyper-ness! loved your little video, what a good girl to just bob her head and not move her feet! nice to find your blog :) Corinna

  23. What a lovely post! So glad you got out in the sunshine. Hope your poor throat feels better soon. I love your relationship with Wa :)

  24. I hope you are feeling better...what a great ride.


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