Monday, April 25, 2011

A Beautiful Riding Memory- changed


Went to the stable to investigate our new views . I was informed,
 they have changed somewhat~
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------home again-----

I dared the ride in the wind, to go see the fate of BIG FIR LANE.
I was told to come right home afterwards by Joni -the miraculous  horseback survivor - she was at the stable yesterday and she bid me a safe jaunt out, but almost unwillingly so.  We are both still shaken up after last Friday's events.
 I walked the mare till I felt good enough to ride..the wind did have me pensive a little. She was a bit spooky, but nothing really we ventured. She seemed lame, her head was I was trying to figure out what leg/hoof it was as we walked. I had done some lunging with my "balance system" for 15 minutes and she did not seem lame in the arena.
She is very soft in the hooves from the continued MUDD. I am thinking it is tender hooves, and maybe one more than the rest for the bobbing motion. I am going to have to sacrifice some New saddle $ for the EASYWALKER horse shoes- soon...the Hoof boots just won't stay on-or straight- in these conditions of many creeks, mudd bogs and puddles, they stretch far to much. These particular boots have served us well though...over a years time, we have used them..but not with out some tweaking and taping and OH!

This was our first evidences of the  heavy machinery~

We ventured farther and I saw the big GAP in the wood, where BIG FIR LANE used to be! 
It would have extended directly ahead of us, making a symetrical evergreen row to match the one on the left of the bare trees.

Here is a before shot from last October, when I moved in to this area to board.

And mare's lft ear, is right on the very same tree~

Here is what we found today~

I was unable to go to the far angle view...too windy and it began to hail. This is what we used to ride through, in the sunsets that poured over our right shoulders, from the  West~

Everything Must change, and does!
In fact, it is one of life's constants...I say there are two main constants(aside form the obvious life and death) CHANGE & the unending love of the LORD!

Joni, dear heart has been recovering nicely from her fall . She  appreciates all your Prayers & concerned, healthful wishes towards her! She asked me to post a photo of her wearing her helmet...she knows that God spared her life, but she also says that wearing her helmet (a Troxel) saved her directly too!


  1. Did they get lumbered? That would be a mega bummer :(

    Your mare is so cute, "Doo dee doo dee doo, what's that? Oh, okay. Doo dee doo."

  2. That looks like such a great place to ride, and your mare is so sweet, she seemed very happy with her self.

  3. Oh-oh, sounds like maybe Big Fir lane is Tree Stump Lane? Big wind, maybe?

  4. Oh, I hope they are not going to change Big Fir Lane, it looks such a wonderful place to ride.
    I love to see your sweet mares ears, always listening and happy being with you.
    I hope your friend is feeling better...
    sending best wishes, Abby

  5. Oops, fat fingers! I meant
    This doesn't sound good...hope your beautiful trees are still there.

  6. Those views certainly have changed. Amazing. Of course I prefer the 'before' :-)
    It's a good message: always wear a helmet. I always do. Even if I just ride hubs's horse, who never puts a foot wrong, for 5 minutes to demonstrate to hubs how to ride a certain excercise for instance.
    I'm glad Joni is recovering. Keep safe :-)

    (Apparently men invented something to protect their private parts centuries before they thought of something to protect their actual brains ;-))

  7. Wow, sure is different logged out!

    At least it's not old growth. Those trees were planted years ago for timber - it's still sad that they're gone, but it's not as bad as if it were a wild forest.

    Glad to hear that Joni's on the mend!

  8. Dear Kacy friend and Wa mare - I am sorry about the trees. You are very strong - I would be in a horrible state over that, I think. I remember the first time when you posted that view down that Fir Lane and I thought you were in heaven.

    There is a time for change - you are so right and strong to know that. And, I suppose all the cutting makes the woods stronger and prettier.

    I am so glad Joni is doing well and back at the barn.

    And, never, ever worry about sentences and spelling on my blog! Your comments are so insightful and kind and my whole family loves to read what you have to say. WE are horse people - in this for our shared love of horses - not grammar and spelling! LOL!

  9. Well, the Lane certainly looks different now. I'm glad to hear that your friend is doing well. I hope to be able to afford a good helmet this year- all the ones I tried on last year didn't fit right.


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