Sunday, May 1, 2011

While you were eating

The mare saw me sneak into the field, where she happily munched new grasses.
She pretended to not care too much why I was laying on the ground ...though she kept her eye on me~

I have just started feeling better from the events a week ago, the mare too, it seemed. She has been somewhat down, so I mostly groomed her this past week..and went out twice for solo rides.

The one ride she was so lame, she could barely was her soft feet from the tides of Rains in March and April. So much rian, the weather forecaster folk say it has not been like this for 70 years!
Makes me wonder what earthly events happened back then. My theory is: What happens on one part of the earth effects all parts of the earth...quakes and eruptions ,weather above or below ground, are all of the many people have experienced such tumultuous times -for weather this year.

Well...for the moment...we were having a sunny day... I had to experience it from the ground up-with the mare!

She was so funny, checking in with me here with a grassy mouthed glance~

Then, as I took deep breaths of sun shining goodness..she'd turn, to make sure I was still content from my vantage point-insuring her vantage point lasted longer!

How ya doin' KK girl? You go ahead and nap it off while I watch over you~

Sometimes the simple joys of being out in the field can heal you up and make you whole again~
Wa mare came right close to me, whispered sweet horsey thanks for the delightful grassy times we shared this day, with her soft eyed look.

Love is laying near a grazing horse!

After a time of  Love/looking on my mare, cool dampness set into my clothing, so I got up. I noticed something...while our Spring is so late and the sun has not shown up much at all...Washashe's dapples are EARLY...
Some on her shoulders for now...must be the Bee Pollen I have given her this winter!

Happy sun shinning days to you all...I hope it visits you and decides to stay!


  1. Lovely post:) Wa mare is so beautiful Kacy. Glad you're both feeling better!

  2. Beautiful photos of your lovely mare enjoying herself in the sun. I am pleased to read you are feeling a bit better and hope the good weather continues for you. Abby x

  3. Very sweet. I love the muscles in the hip shot. I hope the sunshine soaked through you and banished the winter blues.

  4. Thanks for taking us into the field with you, I really needed it, could almost hear her munching.

  5. Very good.....imaginative! Good shots too!

  6. The pasture looks so inviting. I am ready for some dry warm weather :) Great shots Thanks

  7. We're about drowned here too. I've been wanting to sit out in the pasture with my two but I think I'd sink into the ground if I tried :(

  8. Haha...I did get a little dampened. It definately will be better-say -July-to last on the grounds!

    The mare always seems to be curious about it

  9. Those are some lovely photos of your mare, she is looking healthy and well groomed.

  10. I had tears in my eyes while reading this...
    Do only horsey people understand, I wonder?
    I am glad to hear you are healing on the inside.
    Remember to keep taking time for just you and Wa!
    xo, misha

  11. Just being is the greatest gift. Animals know that!


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