Tuesday, May 10, 2011

She lost it

Serene, calm and willing, the mare had been last 3 times out. I was enjoying the run on peaceful rides!

Starting the descent of the first hill  to the main road...she stopped and searched the horizon. She is keenly perceptive to her surroundings and tells me about any and all changes to them.

We  kept looking.....

...and looking harder and longer....but no one was appearing to us-yet.

Once we made it down the long hill to the bottom and started up the road...yuppers there they came, two riders. I usually initiate the yield process myself, as sometimes if I wait, other riders THINK they may pass us closely. These types do not have a "personal space" challenged mare  I do .
 A NOPE! Did that once, and won't again. We took a step or two off on the side and waited for them to come along by. As they did, we all exchanged our  happy riding smiles and greetings.
Washashe  then chose the Forest trail to the the upper pond area, as it has the softest footing and gets her off the graveled road.

Happy Springtime mare she was!

I had her front "Cavallo" hoof boots on, as she really has been the tender foot from the slogged, muddy grounds. She seemed to appreciate them this day...though I did detect some hesitancy, going down hills.
We traversed the upper pond trails for a time, then came around one to find some fishermen enjoying this first sunny day. We  all were lazily doing our best to not wince for the brightness of the UFO in the sky!

I loved how they happily sat upon the banks of the pond, instead of  the benches that are there for use. It was perfect.

Though the small docks and benches always look so inviting to me, the simplicity of these two friends sitting on the bank in the cool grasses near the dreamy waters edge, was absolutely storybook! And with "man's best friend" too.

We exchanged happy, sun shining  greetings of how the day was made for fishing and horseback riding. Then the mare and I were off~
We made our way up another road, passing nearby the Cattle farm with Alpacas and the cute white donkey. I have been letting her stop to investigate each time, and she has had less pensive thoughts when I ask her to turn up that way now. I usually allow her to trot or canter up the small hill after we pass them...it is her reward.  She really canters in a long frame on this particular hill...it feels really neat as I roll with her gait and push lower body towards her mane as she flys with me.
It was about the most perfect day, this one actually being sunny.

We were on the way homeward and I spotted the two riders from the beginning of the ride, coming up the paved road. I went past the last pond and down to the roadway...we were approaching each other, and my mare just started to dance then-BOLTED forward in a canter! OH! They looked on with horror at this gal riding bit less and bareback(padded) -flew by....I had a rough time stopping her since I had the reins on the rings of the nose band and not under the chin.  We did stop though, and I looked back to see them still looking on in horror and calling to me, "Are you going to be alright??!!" I sheepishly called back, "YES, and we are coming back to try that again- calmly so!" They did not wait around for that!

SHE LOST IT..the mare..she totally lost it, for some reason! I was really embarrassed too. I am sure stories were told that night, at their barn.
We did go back and we did a do-over  ride. But it was the other horses that sparked her..and they were now gone. I had changed the bit less to it's normal stance-  but now - with that frenzied stunt, she has also LOST HER PRIVILEGE of bit less for a time.

I arrived home to tell the tale to my friend Joni...her having come off her Big Skye previously. I had begun taking off my personal gear and horse tack when she and a friend walked up. As I told the story of me being embarrassed about these folks seeing that I was bit less, saddle less and out of control...and the friend of Joni's pipped up and added ,"And helmet less!!"
HA HA -Joni and I just laughed, as I showed her the helmet I had just taken off, along with the verbal out loud factoid of -"after what happened with our mutual riding partner here, you think I'd be riding without one!" Now that would be embarrassingly- stupid! 
So, as I took off my bareback saddle, Joni asked if she may put it upon her horse, so she could get back on him in the arena this day.
I was happy to see her back on the horse!

Well, so now I will ride with my Waterford bit. It seems to be the least offensive to my mare's tiny palate and huge tongue. It is simply rounded links on a  D ring. They are used for cross country riding, if a horse likes to grab the straight bar bit and go (kinda like what she did do). I got it for the beach rides when she is more likely to want to grab and go like that, in the wide open spaces.  She salivates nicely with it and has not told me it bothers her.

We saw something new, our very own peek view of Mount Hood...and also something NEW cropped up in our riding as well.
Ya know, nothing EVER stays the same!


  1. ooh, I hate when things like that happen. Finally... FINALLY!!..I have a gelding who doesn't have many issues. He is a delight on the trail and is the one we put out front if there is something the other horses are afraid of. It's a relief for this middle-aged girl.

  2. Everything was going along so nicely too. Wa is just a very sensitive girl I guess. Glad you weren't hurt and she got a do-over. Betcha can't wait to get your saddle! Have a good week. Oh, and that dog was adorable wasn't he.

  3. It didn't sound like Wa mare was trying to get you off or anything - just temporary insanity and the sudden need for speed lol. Looks like a lovely ride other than that. Glad you were able to enjoy the sunshine :)

  4. Sheesh! I'm glad you're ok. It is such a treat to have these rare nice days, it's too bad you had quite a jolt. I am glad your friend is ok and back in the saddle, Hurrah for her!

  5. All horses have moments when they do the unexpected on us. It is just one of those things we have to accept and I am just glad you were ok. So nice to see Joni back on her horse, hope she has fully recovered now. x

  6. My baby girl did that to me yesterday, I was using a bareback pad too. Fortunately I caught her before my butt went on an emergency visit to the ground. That'll teach me for not giving her enough days to get over her heat cycle.

    Congrats to your friend for being able to get back on so soon!

  7. Aw, KK, she's showing you she's a horse!
    Glad your friend is back in the saddle.

  8. It looks like you were having a really nice ride, it is good that you are all right, you shouldn’t be embarrassed if you had of fallen off then you could be embarrassed, I am glad that your friend is back in the saddle.

  9. Glad all is well and most of the ride was great.

  10. That was a scary moment with her taking off like that! Glad you got her to stop. I have my reins hooked to the noseband rings too now, but I don't take my boys out where they would do too much - at least I hope not!

    I am so glad you are having gorgeous spring rides. It is scenic in your photos.

    Glad Joni is back in the saddle again!

  11. Even the best horses just lose it sometimes. I'm glad it all worked out.

  12. Oh, I recall those "doing the unexpected" days with my horses...glad you're OK! They sure can tune us in to things they hear so far ahead of us...and then they can take us by surprise by whatever it that surprises them! Glad is all well!

  13. Good job! We never know what's going to happen. You met the situation well. :-)

  14. Gosh kacey bet that moment gave you a fright. She is a sensitive wee soul isn't the Wa mare.Good for you in staying on....and was thrilled to see your friend back on her horse.

  15. I'm sure the other riders were in awe of your ability to stay on and stop your silly mare :-) Glad you did too. Good to see your friend back 'in the saddle' again.

    I googled the Waterford bit. Interesting. Never seen a bit like that before. I use a Conrad Ultra aurigan one. Works like a treat for me. Can usually ride her 'on my little fingers' so to speak. Very light in my hands.

    Stay safe ;-)

  16. Hmmm. I do think I will have to try "alone" trail rides with Jackson. I have hesitated in the past--worried that something will happen or I will be bored with just us.... Sounds like you are never bored! :) You have inspired me to give it a GO! How are you anyway?

  17. Hey Kacy - this is my second comment to this post - much shorter this time. Ugh that Blogger! All my comments during my catch-up reading were eaten by Blogger.

    Glad you made it through ok. Naughty Wa mare - she was scared of the other horses?!?

    So happy to hear that Joni is back in the saddle!

  18. Jules...No, she was NOT scared, but rather "energised", going towards home. The other horses had stopped...and I rather think she thought they may turn and be in front of her-so she leapt into action. It is my newest behaviour issue with her..that I am currently addressing each ride out!

    Mindy dear..long time!
    I am always happy to ride out SOLO..it is how the mare and I began. We love adventure, she really likes new places and gets tired of the same trails. Groups she is fine in the lead...but it is the following that has her wacked out-though she has -NEVER raced- she is compettive!
    I love the solitude of riding alone...I ride plenty eith others too...but alone, it's me and the Lord in His nature!

    Carolina! HAHA!! Them-In Awe...um- you always make me laugh!! I actually saw some riders from that other barn yesterday, got a chance to train with oncomming horses(like the previous time) and also with them being in front of us...it worked out nicely this time!! Yea, Wa is light untill she is excited riding on the trail..then she throws her head up-opens her mouth-throws her toungue out(and this is all with me not having done anything to stop her yet!)So I have not only employed the bit again, the standing martinglae is now in use, but really pretty long, and maybe the drop noseband-of course loose too.
    The mare's Evasive moves call for measures that I don't like, but will use temporarily so-because it is a matter of safelty. We are starting to train for group rides this week. Already had one session..it was useful and I feel much better prepared.

    Yea..ultra ultra sensitive..but that is why i love her! I am so happy to see my freind on again..though nmow she has left her horse with a trainer...and she is not getting trained..so it will be off balance..he will do what he is required with the trainer then she will ride him the same when he gets back. She needs to be trained to ride him.(my take)

    Thanks..you do what you have to...now I am much better prepared for that kind of stunt...I waited far too long to act and that is why she got the canter in on me. I have been practicing now.

    Five Sibes HA!! I LOVEW how ytou said it about riding horses...TRUE!!!

    YUP! I have come to know this too about the horse...at least with this one...she gopes all smooth and I have leanred her thinbgs..then she'll add on on me increasing the list!!!

    Thanks MARY!! Yea..the rare sunshine day has- just now- increased from once a week to twice a week!!! All is well!


    C Yea..temporary INSANITY of a TB mare!!

    Grey Horse~ it turned out alr=ight and now i have plan A and plan B ready for the mare! My sistetr has incorraged me to look at thses issues differently so by saying in body and mind, " Thank you Wa mare for this excellent time to train. I have your best in mind, and will always ask you for the safest mode of opperating in kindness!" It has made my Mind/body ready for the training, instead of being surprised by needing to or put off by having to.
    SADDLE..YEA...I can't waint for stirrups again!!!!

    Karen, totally understand...Glad your gelding is giving you peace!!
    Sometimes I feel like looking for that "Other horse" that is calmer...but it is a trade off for sure..I have ridden them too..but all have issues..so I am trying to ride what I have with a thankful heart..shen is TEACHING me valuable lessons!

  19. very cute to see man and his best friend... while you were with yours- the horse! I'm sure the adrenaline rush of the bolt was a little scary... but part of the fun and challenge of riding, it can be a hair raising event sometimes! but glad you were able to grip tightly and stay on!

    happy riding! corinna


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