Sunday, May 8, 2011

Solo miles

Been riding Solo mainly of late~

So this day was the  second of 3 days in a row...very calm  rides *mostly.

Love the ear of question...what  next KK?

As with so many others around the country right now...the weather is mostly grey and damp and a bit too cold still. We have snow in the mountains and the skiing oportunities are going into a normally dry season.
About once a week,  the sky will spit out a sunny day in the 70's ...and it hits us like a heat wave! This was NOT that day....

The raven watched us as we passed nearby...he did not speak to us, but kept silent upon looking at the horse and rider.

Oops...where did my mare go??!! I was looking at the raven and then lost my mount!

The trees,  flowers and grasses have decided to leave the sun behind and go for it. I must remember to take my pruning saddle packet along for the rides...brambles and branches have been encroaching the paths and trails!

Riding in the "snack friendly" bitless, the mare and I take a break in the quiet, still airs of this day~

The path winds around, invitingly so. The mare looks on, as if we may see something of interest- she hears some interesting sounds of fishermen, in a nearby pond location.

 Just a quick jaunt, these last 3 rides...about 5 miles each ride. My British (phone application) "Cardio Trainer" riding partner has tallied up our millage for April- we rode near 55 miles! "HOORAH!" That is what he would say, cheerily so.

We came on back to share a bite with Maddy mare. She always greets us as we come in from a ride.

And to those of us that are not mothers of children-
Happy mothering of those children and Lovely animals in your lives!


  1. One day not very far from today I will be riding my mare, Saxony, into the quiet and stillness, just like you do with Wa mare. I tell myself that each time I read one of these lovely posts of yours. Cannot get enough of them.

  2. i love the view from where you sit !!!

  3. Lovely trail riding. I got back to riding/driving Indigo finally there's a break in the R...(I ain't even gonna spell that word out, it's a swear word now). She totally thought she was still on vacation, silly spotty horse.

  4. It looks such a wonderful place to ride where you are. We are having a dry and warm spring here so it has been great to be outside.
    I wish all you good people across the pond a very Happy Mothers Day. Abby

  5. What wonderful photos - I love the curving trail. I will be in Portland over Memorial Weekend - I hope it doesn't rain!

  6. Lovely pix as usual! :) SO calm and peaceful. Happy mother's day to you to KK - a superb critter mom of Wa mare - she's a lucky girl!!

  7. C thanks! happy day to you as well, you too give mothing of the four legged(s) a good name!

    Barb...drat it, I am out of town myself or I'd insist of greeting you heremin the Portland area!!! I am so sorry to miss you here...have so mach fun...!

    Thanks Abby dear!!

    Yea Sydney the R_ _ _ _ word is a four letter word here now too!

    Beth, Welcome! Thanks...need to come by and visit you the looks of that camera bet any view you shoot is breathtaking there!

    Muddy K..YOU will be dreamily, lazily and happily riding your mare in good time...I pray for that day to come for you soon too!

  8. I love love love the winding road picture. Very, very nice.

  9. I was told by Muddy K, who is my BF and my riding companion, to visit your blog since I too am a life long trail rider. I have to admit, it is difficult to not be so envious of your trails. Your pictures are stunning and moving. It is wonderful to know that someone else out there is just as addicted to trail riding. By the way, I promise you that Muddy K will be riding Sax next to me on Scout or Gam in the VERY near future. Solo rides are good for your soul, but as you know, there is nothing else in the world like trail riding with a good friend. Keep riding!

  10. Thanks Tammy!

    So glad you stoped in! And thanks for following! writing all you did, loved it. Yes, riding with my sister, my friend s, is my favorite.
    Since I grew up riding solo mostly, I crave out the most. The solitude, the nature, meeting God there.
    I'm so very happy to hear of you encouraging our friend!

  11. The pictures are beautiful! You are right the trail looks inviting.

  12. I just love the pictures of the ferns all over the trail, it is mysterious looking. Very cool! I also grew up in the OC, class of 80'. The funny thing is, I didn't know there were so many neat places to ride until I started reading your blog here. It's been 20 years since I sold my best friend and confidant and I miss it and him terribly. I desperately want to get back into it. Thanks for taking me along on your rides, I love it!

  13. 55 miles! Wow!
    Love the curving path photo!

  14. Beautiful ride & photos. Amazing moss on the tree's! Happy Mother(ing) Day Kacy!! Thanks for sharing your wonderful rides!

  15. I always ride solo, my nearest riding buddy, Janice, lives about two hours away. I've yet to find someone here to ride with, but probably will this summer as I get to know more people.

  16. I always love to share your rides. You already know how I spent my 'mothers' day (on the boat), being mother of lots of hairy and feathery creatures. Thanks for acknowledging that. Hope you had a nice mothers day too ;-) Stay safe.

  17. Someday I will trail ride in the Northwest, it is so gorgeous out there. You are your Wa Mare are lucky indeed.

  18. I have been riding solo too lately!! My usual trail buddy is away in europe. But I do enjoy riding alone and galloping whenever we feel like it. Don't have to worry about being polite to other riders ;-).

  19. When ever I go hacking I ride solo, well there was this one time I went hacking with someone else, but that didn’t go so well as the hack route we were going on was far too long for me so I decided to go back. I almost ended up in a river as Niko didn’t want to leave the other horse, in the end I had to dismount and walk him back to the yard. Still it looks like you are having some nice solo rides, great photo of the raven.

  20. What a beautiful weekend! Always love seeing your pictures and hearing about your peaceful partnership rides.

  21. Great pictures of your beautiful countryside. Glad you had a nice ride.


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