Monday, September 26, 2011

Before the Horse. . .

...was this  Bridle!

Sounds kinda nostalgic, doesn't it?
Well, someone asked about the bridle this summer, think it was Terry. I have wanted to tell the story of it, so here goes...

Firstly- It's a Halter/Bridle combo. Endurance riders use them alot, or trail riders like me. See this snap-

It removes the bit from the halter, so one may allow the horse to be tied and eat.

Handy for long rides. I don't trailer with the halter it wouldn't break if it needed to-though I use "Blocker Ties" in my trailer, I wouldn't risk the messing it up.

So the story goes.... Years before I had my mare, I was on a trip with my husband to Ocean Park, near Astoria. We love to antique and were in a rather huge building with 3 floors of stuff . My husband went upstairs for a time...then, he came and found me to say, " You really have to go upstairs right now, there are things up there YOU will want to see." He had recently brought up the question, " what is it you really desire to a hobby?" I said, "I already do all I want to do..."... and he said, "what about horses?" I told him that was a HUGE thing to think about..because, "Once I start back onto horses, you'll NEVER get me to stop!"

I went upstairs to find all sorts of cool tack!! But I fell in love with this universal halter/bridle!

As I came back recently from a trail ride, I simply took off the bit and fastened it to the saddle's grab strap.

It makes for the BEST Oregon wet weather gear too, being synthetic!
I found these cool rubber reins to go with it, a few years ago at an endurance conference.

Snap them onto the halter ring and you have your tether for walking~

(note tail**)
I recently found my rear Renegade hoof boots(that are too large)fit perfectly for her fronts! She has Ruby slippers for the rocky roads now!
So, that is my story of the bridle before the $25, it was a really great purchase and I do not see it wearing out anytime soon! is just in time for our seasonal changes to wet.
I made sure recently that the mare's very long and draging on the ground-tail- got a wet weather change too.

Soft brush side to tail bone-large flat on horse duplicates the natural way they travel, with the tail raised.

WHAT ya doin' KK girl??

Before, during, after

(see above** picture- and how the brush tecnique makes the tail easy to cut hangs so evenly) 

Oregon Rains...bring them on!


  1. I'm not sure I'd like a brush by my butt like that, makes a lot of sense though. Glad she obliged. Like my Mom always said, "it hurts to be beautiful sometimes" If not down right embarrasing. he he.

    Neat bridle set up, very useful indeed.

    I was kinda sorta in Wa's neck of the woods yesterday, my Sis lives near the Beavercreek store. (straight at the major left turn) and I thought about you. I really would love to see Wa up close one of these days. Sooner rather than later. Shoot me an e-mail maybe we could muster up a plan. (if you want, of course)Just to soak up the smells of a barn would sure make my day. (it's the little things, right?)

  2. Never seen a bridle like this one, very handy!

  3. I used to have a lovely halter/bridle combo years ago. I wonder what happened to it?
    How are you liking your renegades?

  4. Thanks for explaining. Very cool and functional. Her tail looks amazing.

  5. Thanks for explaining. Very cool and functional. Her tail looks amazing.

  6. Way cool, Kacey. And her tail is so thick!

  7. Oh I WISH Kate had enough tail to have to trim it up! Hers was chewed on (or off, I guess one would say) by her little sister when she was two. It's just now getting back to the length I would like, and is still a little scruffy/thin. Can she have some of Wa-Mare's leftovers??

  8. Awe too bad on the tail chewing and slow grouth..yea L- I'll send you the left overs!

    Terry- you inspired me to share!

    Amy~ the function and the non cleaning it from wet stuffs

    Syd~ better do some inventory!
    I LOVE them for the fronts...the expence of "fitting them" for the hinds- was a joke!
    Not sure I can find a size to fit her hinds...what is new!

    Mary-lefty ya a msg at your place

  9. This would make a great christmas present for my trail riding parents (who have dreams of finally riding beyond their close vicinity!). I'm off to hunt for a similar one, please let us know if you find a link to a similar bridle.

    And I think the best trick of all with trail riding and tails is 1. to show sheen the heck out of it so weeds won't stick, and 2. tie the tail up for muddy trails.

  10. Corrina~
    There are quite a few here to choose from...really cool...but- NONE as cheep as I found mine for!!

  11. Super bridle but what a lovely story about finding your way back to horses x

  12. I love the idea of a halter/bridle and think it would be very useful at the RDA where some riders are taken from riding off the headcollar and put onto the bit.
    Wa has a beautiful tail :) Spotty left most of his behind when he got wedged between the fence and the hedge!

  13. Love the bridle...would love to have one.

  14. I've never seen a bridle/halter combo like that. Pretty neat.

    We do the tails the same way. Looks great.

  15. Hello I am back to blogging now, sounds like a great bridle certainly looks good. I have recently been riding in rubber reins that have a similar grip design on them to your reins. Your mare has some very nice gear.

  16. Val says, "After you trim my bounteous tail - turn that brush around and scratch my behind please."

    Great suggestion Kacy :)

  17. Looks like a great find, that bridle! I've always wanted a halter/bridle combo but never did get one. . .
    Oh goodness. . . you posted about your trick to putting a brush under their tail before and I tried it. . . considering Daisy is used to a crupper, it's surprising how much she spooked! lol ;)

  18. Come over and post this blog at a newly launched Equine Blogging Network It would be great to share your news with other Equine Bloggers!

  19. Hi Kacy!

    Love the bridle before the horse story not only because that is a super cool bridle/halter combo, but because of the sweetness of your husband asking you about your hobbies and encouraging you to get back into horses. My Brian did too, but I am not sure he would if he had to do it again! lol! He didn't know!

    And, I love the tail trimming lesson. I am going to try that with my boys now that they don't need the mean pointed ends to kill the flies.

    Ha! about bring on the Oregon Rains. I am sitting here in the middle of the night listening to it pour again. So glad I put the boys in the barn. So much for my 24/7 plan now that we moved to Oregon too!

    Also, I did the pop-up on my comment form. Not sure if it will mom isn't always able to work new things on the blog and she is my biggest reader so we will see what complaints I hear tomorrow! lol!

  20. Memories: I have a bridle very similar to that I used on my arab for competitive trail rides. After he died I couldn't bring myself to clean it. I've still got it, 8 years later, and it still has his hair and sweat on it.

  21. I love the bridle! I might just have to put one on my wishlist now. And thanks for the tail trim demo. I will remember that if and when Casey's tail ever grows back from his girlfriend's munching this summer. *sigh* Beautiful, on the ground tail is gone!

  22. Well, you learn something every day. I really like the tie thingy (checked out the link to the website, looks interesting) and thank you for the very useful brush/tail tip! You're a source of information ;-) The bridle is a practical one too. Clever design!

  23. I've spent a good portion of my evening here looking at your blog and I even blew up a few photos to check out your bridle as I noticed no bit... And here is a post all about it! Thanks. When I get into serious trail riding ...I can't wait... I am so getting me one! Thanks. I learn so much here. :)


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