Saturday, September 24, 2011

Second Spring

Autumn  arrives in Oregon . . . .

. . .and is making a great attempt of looking like spring!  We like it, since it skipped us in these parts the first go.

I know that the weather in many of my blog friends worlds has been really messed up and also, downright scary. I think of you all the time. Thanks for checking in and letting us know how you are...hang in and know we are doing our best to send some better stuff your way.
The City of Roses sends many wishes for you(via prayers and pics) and the next season- for it to be calmer and also, riding freindly!

Giving my mare a break from jaunting about the countryside...Pantz mare went along for this ride to our Mount Hood, Twin lakes area with Big Skye horse and his rider. Her first time there, it was really fun to share.

With the temps being in the upper 80's..should have worn swimming gear!

Thanks Pantz for another special day in the wooded wonderlands with you~

Sending our friend JENI and her two mares a special wish...MOVING ON TO BETTER THINGS...Hoping You and yours are well taken care of and happier this season!!!


  1. Awe Kac! Thank you SOOO MUCH !! Today was PERFECT moving day. NOTHING went wrong - absolutely NOTHING!!!!! New place is 25 miles from my house and about 20 from work. Old place 50 miles from home - 25 from work. I LOVED the trails at the old place - 300 acres of meadows, woods, hills, rivers... all private equine trails. THAT I will miss.

    I want to come ride with you! Gosh what BEAUTIFUL scenery. Our weather has turned damp and cool. I don't mind the cool but the drizzle could go away. O'well it could be snowing.. right?

    Pantz mare never relaxes does she? Bonnie is like that too, always looking, always watching and protecting. Gotta love the mares!

  2. Yea team Bonnie/Rosie!!!
    Good to know you are moved...
    Missin' those trails would be a serious one for me too, can you park somewhere nearby, to ride?
    Whew sighing relief for you. You're so right NEVER does Pantz let down...makes for beautiful, alert photo always!

  3. So glad you're having fun with Pantz again! And finally some good weather - you deserve it!

  4. Oh, Kacy - what a wonderful ride on the Pantz mare with friend Big Skye horse. So beautiful.

    Please send us a second spring. I will love a delivery date of late October, early November!

    Sorry about the blogger thing and your comments. Is it just my blog? Should I do something different with my comment box. I think it is like yours, although I am not sure. I love when I see "anonymous" because I know it is you!

  5. Love this weather! I'm keeping June and September - the ugly months can go!

  6. ==COMMENTS==Blogger stuff==for any and all that wonder==

    Well, all things looked into a few months ago with many, many of us having the same problem. It was discovered that the "Embedded on page" comment window, for some reason, had stopped allowing comments to normal signed in bloggers! Boo!

    By CHANGING the comment window to the "POP-UP" commnet version-blogger commentors got happier.

    I recently discovered 2 more favortie blogs I may not comment on- with out having to go through hoops and resign in- many times- long as the "ANONOYMOUS" option is given to me, I may still comment. AND I found smart phone commnets fine on the embedded window-weird!
    I love to read and I love to comment ...if you don;t mind me not commenting so much..then it's all good...but for those that are NEW FOLLOWERS..I want to visit you too, but maybe this is why I am unable...if you have embedded comment windows and don't allow Anonymous comments.

    Terry~ Isn't this the BEST!! I do feel for those that are having a mild time though.

    Fund~ don't know about deserve...but appreciate,and jumping (and riding) for joy comes to mind!

  7. I can't tell you the last decade I was able to take a horse into some water. I'm jealous (again).

  8. I'm lovin' the weather too!

    I am so glad you mentioned the comment issues, I was going to do that, but I don't think it would reach too many folks. It seems like blogger should have fixed it by now.

    It's so beautiful up there. Great time of year too!

  9. You always have such beautiful photographs!

  10. We've been enjoying our "second summer" here too--nice photos and I hope you know how lucky you are to have such nice riding partners!

  11. The weather has changed here too..... warm today with lots of sunshine.
    Glad you had a lovely time on Pantz, the pictures look like they were taken in the middle of summer :)

  12. Love the photos Kacy. What a gorgeous ride you had.

    Pantz does look vigilant and Big Skye very handsome. Glad you are enjoying your second spring.

    Thanks for checking in on us ;)

  13. So glad to hear you and Pantz are having fun. She seems to be enjoying herself. Great pictures of all the horses and riders in the water.


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