Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Worth the Wait

There are a few things that have come to my celebrating-attention!


One year has gone by, as of this month, that I've had the mare boarded in the BEST facility ever- for us. She has been the calmest TB mare since the move. We have made some awesome friends and riding partners here... PLUS, I have been able to rehabilitate the mare's health, also attitude towards the trails;  through a better fitting saddle," Easy Walker horseshoes" and also, mental conditioning. We have logged in  340 miles alone from JUNE- AUGUST 2011 and ridden hours and hours of front, middle and back of the group rides!

Now,  I recently found some white hairs on Wa's withers and pocket from pressure. The thing about this is-she did not tell me about them personally so, by behaviour like before, when the saddle actually hurt. So,I am having faith my new" ANSUR"  saddle still is the right fit overall.  I have made some changes in padding...the "HAF" pad, I adore, will be for my bareback rides under the "Thinline" or  Cashel "Softsaddle".
 Below is from last week , Yes poachers have been spotted, pointing riffles at horses in the private woods next "ORANGE VESTS" are   appropriate! I particullarly LOVE this one I am borrowing till mine comes in the is a waterproof, woven net and does not add heat to the neck .
 My ANSUR saddle with the thinline pad under...and under those, a dosey mare~

I have been following Edward over at "My Equestrian World" and he has had some new padding venues to try too, trying to fit his NIKO horse. I've enjoyed following his venues to create healthy, happy horses, he has quite the herd.
He found a Wintec riser pad to solve his problem.

I am unable to raise the front pommel area at all, so a riser pad will not do, or it will set me off balance in my saddle. I sit perfectly over my legs at present, being able to" two point" at anytime and any pace- or stand to change diagonals, instead of sitting to accomplish the change. It is something my siss taught me to do from time to time, to make sure I am over my legs.

I am able to push this little cotton pad up into the gullet, over my mare's withers. So far so good says the sweat patterns. I do have one more option to try, and today I will. My "ENGLE SHEEPSKIN"  pad. While they slipped before with a tree'd saddle, my "KONKLUSION" ANSUR saddle doesn't move- being a "FlexCore tree".


So this pad, I found on the "Thinline "site, years ago on clearance- is doing a nicer job for us. I have used it several 90 degree rides(Oregon's September heat wave) and the sweat patterns tell me the pressure has decreased.

So, we have been celebrating our Boarding Anniversary by riding with my sister tons, at the trails just across the street from my stable and the ones below too...Pantz sure wishes she could be here with her bestest mare bud in the world, and my sister now regrets not taking the offer last year with me, as I moved. But $ and also she needed me to test the that they are proven so perfectly wonderful, at least she may ride with me here. Her place is nice for care and the price is right. And, it sports an all weather outdoor sand and pea gravel arena. My mare prefers an outdoor arena so, I will go there now, for lessons.

Some shots of us from the past 2 weeks. We are  getting fit and ready for a BEACH getaway- in October. Though during the heat wave, it was always at least 10 degrees cooler- while riding in the woods!!

Down the road she goes, Pantz mare, with my sister aboard.

Next up- another Anniversary ...riding through fear.... I had to get back on Pantz myself, after last year disastrous fall from her -as we stood- and were not even moving!


  1. It's always good when you know your horse is comfortable while carrying you. Sounds like everything is a good fit.


  2. Well done, nice when things come together.

  3. Well happy Anniversary !! I'm so happy you found a wonderful boarding facility it sure does make all the difference in the world doesn't it.

  4. Congratulations on your anniversary. Your new place and new saddle and new friends have given you a happier horse! Hooray for you and Wa. Keep up the fun times with friends and sister and sweet horse.

  5. I will have to check out the "safety" of riding in our woods during hunting season... it may be restricted from hunters, but that doesn't mean they abide by the signs. And neighboring properties might allow them... fell while sitting your horse? Sounds like you were hurt as you say disastrous... I will have to go back and see. I think trial riding puts any horse in a good state of mind - but it can take a while for some horses to get used to it.

  6. Geez, what a bummer about the white hairs over her withers and pocket, I really hope the new padding arrangement makes a difference. She is a sensitive one!

    Happy anniversary, having your horse in a great place really is wonderful!

  7. So glad that you are happy with this facility. Did you ever try a mattas pad? You have the option of shims in the front and back or non or one or the other.

  8. Happy Boarding Anniversary! What a relief it is to find a happy barn where you and your horse are nurtured, content, and fulfilled. And I think padding discussions are much needed- I love knowing I have my horse cushioned perfectly, gives me such pleasure!


  9. Congratulations on your anniversary. Good to hear that you're happy in this barn ;-) Hope you've found the solution for the pressure points.


  10. Sounds like you're having a great time, and all those hours of trail riding, I'm envious. I like the look of your saddle too, I've heard some good things about them. Poachers pointing guns would worry me sick though!

  11. The poachers would make me very nervous. We passed shotgun shells on the trail that last time I went out. Not a good feeling.

    Before I bought my Albion, I had a good time with Skito pads raising the front of my previous saddle. I know they make pads for treeless saddles. You can pretty much order custom whatever you want for a very reasonable price. Speak with Tom Clark.

  12. Happy anniversary, Kacey! So glad you and Wa found a happy home.

  13. Happy anniversary! ^_^ You have amazing horses, would love to hear and see more!

    call Nigeria

  14. It is so great that you have such an amazing facility. All those trail rides sound lovely.

  15. Yay, Yay, YAY! Happy Anniversary!

    Maybe Wa would like to come ride in Georgia. It's in the 70s now and quite nice!

  16. Happy Anniversary! And thanks for the link, sorry it has taken me so long to leave a comment I am finding it hard to keep up with everything. Glad to hear the pad has helped, and it’s good to see Wa mare is now high viz, great job.

  17. Yikes, poachers in the woods would make me uneasy for sure. Glad you have all the kit to wear. It is great when you have a place where horse and rider are happy.... long may it continue. Spotty sends a whinney hello to Wa :)

  18. Your phone sure takes better pictures than mine! I always learn a lot when I visit your blog--it's nice that you take the time to take pictures of the equipment and how it fits.

  19. Hey Kac...happy anniversary to you & Washashe.I am glad you got a lovely place for her-she has been through a lot in the past.
    God bless you...I love you girl


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