Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Loving the furries

~Pond view on a soggy ride out on the mare~

Since our "Snow by design" happened, it quickly (nice) melted off, we've had nothing but liquid skies falling upon our Pacific NW parts. Sadly, this has brought some flooding and casualties.
Where we live is HIGH on a man and I are "Perchers",  the reality agent said of us, as he took us around looking for houses almost 20 years ago. Every time we went downward, into a valley or somewhere below the main road system, we were unsettled and never liked the homes. We were NOT "Nesters", which is the opposite of those who would rather be high on the landscapes.

We got to pick up our 2 rescue kitties last week! While this rain is terrible for riding my mare outdoors, like we love (though I have)- it is "Purrectly" great loving on these new to us cats.

Glory B's first look, after she rode home without a peep, purr or yowl.

The little ball of movement tabby girl, was very nervous...we could barely get her to stay put for more than a few seconds!

The first evening with us, she hid under the couch, only coming out for small amounts of time. She yowled frequently, throughout the night.
At 8 wks old, she was living in a feral colony of cats . She was rounded up, taken to the vet's. She was spay, micro chipped, got her first set of vaccine's, then fostered to be tamed- with kids and a dog.  Then, she went to the shelter and living with 30 or so cats- in a very small space for a week or two.
Now...she was looking for any friendly cat face she could find! She looked in the mirror, she looked in the reflection of our fireplce screen, and in our antique secretary's glass front door, each time only to see herself.

As For Uncle Norm Thompson, he rode home well too. Upon release,
he went straight for the smallest room in the house, our bath. It was nice not to have to separate them, since they had been living together already at the shelter.
I had set up the animal print, micro fiber "Cushy Bed" on top of the chair for him...though he was not inclined to be "up" yet, I discovered.

I moved it down to the floor and he quickly took me up on the offer. He settled into the "Cushy Bed" I had purchased -just-for-him- kneading, purring and maybe a little slobbering too!
He appeared to  L*OV*E  his bed!

Norm Thompson's records have his age at 18. He lived in Vernonia, Oregon with an older lady that rescued him, he was homeless. At one time, I know he was an indoor kitty for someone, as he is declawed (shudder).
 He adores being brushed and sitting in our laps. He has been eating on the hour, it seems. We weighed only 5 pounds last Weds. I have decided to give him whatever he'll eat, since he is all skin and bones. I have purchased a nice assortment of natural cat foods that are grain free and also a RAW meat feed.

Norm was rescued from a euthanasia's fate 4 years ago, after the
  older woman in Vernonia, Oregon  he lived with, died. She had found him and took him in, with MANY other strays.
 Her family intended on taking all the cats and having them put down, after she died. A neighbor rescued Norm. He came to "PAWS shelter" in Willamette, with 6 others from that home. I do think while having shelter and a bed...he did not thrive very well in the 20-30-40 cat environment. It's stressful.

He has gained a pound since he came to live with us last week!  6 pounds of  bony but soft, furry Norm~

First morning- on his level-

So, since the second day with us, in the Heinrich Household, these two kitties have settled in well. Norm, going from not wanting to be touched, to seeking us out!
 He got up on the couch with me, the second evening, while we reclined before bedtime.

The girl, GloryB, sought B-man's lap that second eve. She is such an exotic tigress~

Mostly she plays hard, being a 10 mo. old, then crashes hard too!

We are very happy that we got these two. They are very compatible. Norm, needing his space, and glory being totally respectful of  him. She doesn't even eat his food, she thinks the "Rad Cat" Raw cat food is ick. And  he doesn't eat her dry kibble either.
When she wishes to play, she signals us with a meow. She leaves the old boy alone, though she is cordial to him.
 At night, we still have not allowed them into our bedroom, I am VERY MUCH enjoying my uninterrupted sleep!
While we miss Freyda big cat, I totally don't t miss her waking me up all hours of the night!!!

As we begin to have the  rituals of our every day lifestyle permeate into the cats, they also begin to have some habits. Glory settles into" Her Royal Chair", each night. It is So cute!!

 While Norm is either in his soft "Cushy cat-bed" or oft times- in this chair here~ Just like my first cat -"Mike Madison Cat" used to. I've never blogged about him , but he was a massive Grey Tabby boy, that truly stole my heart. He lived one year shy of Norm at 17. He loved to sit here too.

Good Night sweet kittys, see ya in the morning~



  1. VERY sweet kitties! And very sweet of you two to take them in!

  2. Oh how sweet, I'm glad you find some nice new kitties, and that they get along well!

  3. You did good, Kacey girl. I'm proud of you.

  4. Great KC. You are all so lucky to have each other! Rescued kitties are always so appreciative, and they are going to live the good life with you.

  5. Happy cats! Didn't take them long to adjust. I hope you get a few more years out of Norm, he seems like a sweet cat.

  6. awww, so glad to see how happy the family is together. I hope that they are wrong about Norm's age and maybe you have a few more years with him. Cats are fun to have in the house, we use to have four indoors before the kids. I have pictures of me surrounded by cats and our dog, all asleep in our very small bed! Now Adam says no cats inside, just our dog.

  7. Oh what sweet kitties, and they will be so happy with you. How great that you have given them a home.
    I would love to know more about the 'promise-wrap' that you are using on Wa. I think it would be really helpful for Spotty too.

  8. Great to see your cats they look happy, and might I say what a big chair that is for such a small kitty, but she looks like she’s loving it, it is really nice that these rescue kitties have got such a great home with you.

  9. The is nothing nicer than the sight of a contented cat ....looks like you have two for sure. So glad the rain is falling so you can have your cat bonding time!

  10. Love the cat photos, they must like you guys a lot to have settled in so quickley...nice.

  11. What an age span between Norm and Glory - I hope he can transmit some of his knowledge to her! Looks like you are smitten (and your husband). Lucky Kitties!

  12. A lovely idea to rescue a pair together; so cute. We've had torrential rains here too, and three deaths at the top of the state from some nasty tornadoes. After yesterday's (and the day before and the day before ;o) storms, I'm sure we'll be doing rain rot inspection later today. Meh.
    I'm ready for some riding weather too!

  13. Happy, Happy, Happy!!!!!! I was snickering and giggling while reading this adorable post. I can't wait to show Maizie when she gets off the bus. We were all worried about you and your B -man after losing your sweetie and we knew you would find a great PAWS cat like we did. We didn't know you would find two!!!! You are so kind to take Norm too. Older cats like that must feel like they are saved. You are so sweet and the cushy bed he loves to kneed and drool in - purrfect. Your Glory B is gorgeous! I love this post. Happy days for you four in your dry, warm, safe perch! Enjoy!

  14. That is so nice. And you're both such sweet, good hearted people, to take in an old cat too. I could hug you!
    It's nice to see that they have found a place in your home and they really seem to like it.
    You deserve the sun shining upon you! Not all that rain. Sadly, the weather gods never listen to me ;-)

  15. How wonderful to have given a great life to the lucky kitties. It's nice that it is working out so well. I grew up with cats and just loved having them. Unfortuneatley, with our dogs, we do not have a cat friendly environment. One treat you might try with Norm is give him a little Nutrical. You buy it in a tube. It has molasses flavoring and all those necessary easy to digest vitamins. Just a cc or 2 in a syringe and he'll love it. Wishing you the best and many more years with your kitties.

  16. oh i'm so jealous, my cat is still so wild she never chooses to be on us.

    maybe someday.

  17. I just came across your blog & oh my!
    what precious people you are!
    Dear sweet cats who would just love you so much.
    This is such a touching beautiful post.
    Truely beautiful to read.

  18. Oh! Uncle Norm Thompson looks so much like George! </3 I am so glad you adopted him!

    Love that your house is filled with furry love again!


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