Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Starting New

A little sunshine for New Years Day in Oregon- after a weeks worth of dismal winds and rains-

My B-man and I are starting to make some progresses towards a New Years trend so many of us go for.
Cleaning out the old ( materials goods of clutter & habits) getting ready for the new.
 It is like Spring cleaning, in the middle of winter and  for us, our hearts feel like it's a bleak midwinter. But, it is certainly Not without HOPE.  My man and I have been taking time to count blessings.We have had so many and continue to be blessed, beyond measure!

 Of late, others immediate need, has us coming  alongside those who are hurting and ailing for their own losses this season. A rougher start than usual, the tragedies we are seeing around us, have caused a break in our thought /life processes. A jump start if you will, to addressing what really matters to us.
~Honoring  PEOPLE  in our lives~

All else seems to fade and actually tarnish the soul, in comparison.
 Basic, respectful collaboration, concern and communication -
is what seems like GOLD to me right now. Simple ways, and mostly- humility of intent-.
I am putting myself to the test of this, and trying to be as real and open as possible.  Tending  to hide myself away if scared or threatened by facing somethings, I get very OVERWHELMED Sometimes. Ignoring something, and putting it off- for the pain of facing it head on, is a common disastrous practice I have.
So- right now, it is a  minute by minute process for me to overcome  my bad habits.

Trails this week are looking like I feel...flooded and slick.

New decorated trails- New Years Day  ride-

 We seem to be numb somewhat, with a crushed heart, missing  Froo-Froo Freyda cat...but, we are now remembering funny moments with her. There are so many!
But,  for as many of those wonderful, loving times we remember...coming home to -an EMPTY- Cat less house- is terrible- and it is everyday.
We  now are on the remedy for this every day reminder of what is missing .
  We go to visit a member of my mother's cated household today. The day after Christmas, we went to a "cat adoption team's" facility.They were not open, yet through looking into the windows, I found my cat.  My man is a tougher sell...he is quite emotional about it, so we look further.

The mare has been so GREAT. We have only put 10 bareback miles on the trails since the 24th. I had -0- energies to ride- the weather was crap-ola- .
 We did put some miles in the arena though,with the "BODY WRAP" lunge.
 She sure LOVES that, it seems to be quite relaxing to her, as her brain wraps around the sensations- of the Polo Wrap configurations-wrapped around her! Her top line and  lower wither pockets, right behind the shoulders, have developed a very nice muscling again. I'd say, we are back where we started for fitness, before the Ill fitted "ANSUR KONKLUSION". AND -happy to report that the mare's  mental status is back before then too..( I sure thought it was how much we rode and not pain)
.NO pinning ears, NO pawing the air when the saddle is simply placed on the back. And, no batting an eyelash- AT ALL! Even when I tack up fast, to get 40 minutes before dusk rides in!!
It was -THAT SADDLE- and not the girthing, that she disliked!

I have news on the saddle front too...but will wait to share till Ido so with the ANSUR Sadderly Co.

 Shadows of the old are disappearing and some light is now shining on NEW thoughts and Good NEW directions to head~
Nice Sunshine for a New Years Day-

I pray your New Years Moments into days so far, have been motivating/encouraging as well.
 Assessing behaviours and attitudes that could use spiffing up or sometimes-discarding altogether.

 As I listened to my  HOPE radio station the other day, they offered  us listeners a quote that I thought worthy.

" The first step to getting somewhere,

is deciding you are not going to staywhere you are".


  1. That's great that Wa is muscling up from that saddle again... love the quote at the end! :) Happy New Year to you.

  2. where did you learn about the warp thingy again? It might help my horse during his recovery process. Happy New Year!!

  3. Every year I usually have a feeling that this year is going to be better than the last, but for reasons I cannot explain, I feel even more hopeful. I have set some realistic goals (one is hopefully a visit to see you) and generally feel my outlook on things have improved greatly.
    I can feel your sorrow about the loss of your dear kitty through your words, I am sorry. You've mentioned in the past the your man would enjoy my Freddy, maybe a Boston might me in the cards for you. He really is a riot to have around, and quite clean too. Just sayin'...
    Take care and I really do like that quote, it's a keeper!

  4. We all need to count our blessings, especially when we are feeling overwhelmed. A good inspiration is the "Footprints" poem.
    I hope you have a good year with your mare; sounds like the wrap is working well.

  5. KK, I hope this year is better.

  6. Those trails! Goodness what a mess. And a catless house I can't imagine. One cat INSISTS on drinking her water on my kitchen counter. It used to bother me, but now I have a small bowl filled and it is her spot (not in the cooking area). It would drive my in-laws over the edge so I remove it when they visit and am ever vigilant keeping her off the counter's corner then. Yes, cats are dear and I am sorry for your loss.

  7. I hope you get a new kitty, not because it will take away from your memories of Freyda but because there are kitties out there who need a good home like yours.

    And Ansur darn well better treat you right!

  8. Hope you and hubby can agree on the re-catting procedure. Keep your eyes open... sometimes they find you first!

    Even with saddle issues, weather etc. - you and the Wa mare do more than a lot of people do with their horses. Keep us posted on the Ansur saga...

    I need to try that wrap thing for longing - we've got a bit of a mental block about it on occasion... (crazy eyed tearing off with the line stuff)

    May this new year brings you and your family all the best KK!


  9. I'll definitely try the polo wrap as soon as our arena doesn't look like a swimming pool any more (soooo much rain).


  10. Good to hear Washashe is getting a nice top line, I am sure your year will get better, oh and good quote I like it.

  11. My 8 year old granddaughter is riding now - I went to see her in the enclosed arena. I thought of Wa and you. Glad you will soon have a new kitty to love, even as you miss your old friend.

  12. Sorry to hear of the loss of your beloved kitty. None of us want to go through the hardship of loss ever again, but the love our pets give us far outweighs the pain. It's true, so many cats need a good home like yours. Something to consider, when you are ready. Not to replace, but add to the joy.

    I only wish I could do half of what you & Wa do. Great quote. Wishing you a happy 2012!

  13. Wishing you a happy year with lots of good things to come your way. A feline friend may just be looking for you as you are looking for it. I'm sure you'll find each other.

    Keep us posted on the Saddle Saga. Glad that Wa mare is enjoying her lunging experience.

    Liked the quote very much.

  14. I am so very sorry for the loss of your dear cat. I hope you find comfort in Wa at this sad time.

    I still have your books to send to you. Please send me your address when you get time.

  15. Hows my friend across the pond? Hope your doing fine. Sorry havent been around for a while, but I`m catching up again! Luv ya!


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