Monday, January 16, 2012

Viewing New Furries

This regal cat was overseeing our departure the other day, as we headed out to meet some  furry felines,  potentially to adopt as our own. We have never seen his white majesty before; peering out from his hillside manor, "Purrfectly" centered in the picture window! We actually turned the car around and made a second pass by to smile,laugh and take his photo.

We did not have a succesful go of adopting that day. The Oregon Humane Society is having specials on adoptions- 2 for 1 and now, only $12
. Recently, we viewed a rather HUGE kity named "Walter".

This was his second time through the O.H.S. He had been adopted several years ago, ere now. The older person simply allowed him to free feed...OH MY! Weighing in at 28 pounds...he could NOT walk on the slick floors.

Since he had been in the Local OREGIONIAN News paper, and on  the local news also- as one of the largest cats the Humane Society had ever had on premise, he brought in MANY people that wanted to adopt him. Lines of folks were waiting outside the next day, after the news spot. We had called to put him on hold...but he was just too popular. I'm glad he got adopted and the new owners are being councelled on how to care for him and give him a safer way to diet to health! We had some experience with this , so that's one of the reasons why he attracted us.

Meanwhile...all the folks that came into the Human Socienty that day also had a love craving for a feline friend. Out of the 4 kitties we had viewed that morning to see - ALL were Adopted that day, just  before we arrived. The remaing cats are all very OLD or very Sick . There was a recent -95- cat horder rescue- and most of them landed at O.H.S. They are just too needy for us and so, we keep on looking.

Other Cat Adoption facilities are very exspensive...$85 a cat. Since we want 2, that is out of our budget for now.
We got a tip on a neat Salem rescue from another blogger friend...and went online to see the cats and kittens there. A great place it was  and nice looking, better adjusted animals. So- we may drive the hour or so to look. 
 But yesterday, we went local again, to a place called "PAWS" animal shelter in Willamette. It keeps difficult hours for us to arrange for both of us to go at once. Once there ,we were thrilled with the health of the animals, though -way too many- for a small space.
 I was drawn to several and my man was being drawn to another OLDER kitty. There is one at O.H.S. called "Patches" he yearned to take too. For some reason his heart wants to give an older kitty it's final home..this one, at" PAWS"-" Norm Thompson", looked like it could go to meet Freyda, Elsie and my Mike Madison cat, sooner than most.
The heart wants what the heart wants. They have a service there that helps you pay for the Elder kitty's needs- all the way through . I am not sure I want heart ache so soon, as it's still raw now, but that said,
 I'm inquiring today about him  for my man....AND......
I think,
I found my girl..

We played for like 15 minutes and I petted her, over and over again in the hour and 1/2 we spend there, looking at all 40 or so cats. She only has a number on the band around her collar -2604B. I was trying to come up with a name..they are all named after Hollywood stars or famous people. I thought of Gloria Estefan, with her unusual beauty and lovely talents. Her nick name would be "Glory B" ...though..don't ask me, it just rolls off my toungue!

OH's finally noon..I can go see the cats again, and talk about the future of two of them!!


  1. I LOVES tiger kitties! She looks so regal and alert too :)

    My male cat came from the SPCA, unfortunately he was very sick once we got him home, he threw up constantly and had blood in his stool, it was touch and go for a while there. Fortunately, he's perfectly healthy now, though my husband and I joke that he eats more now to make up for when he was sick as a kitten. Not nearly as much as the cat you pictured though!

    I found my Will O' Wisp through an ad in the paper after being concerned about getting another sick cat from the SPCA. That was a good call, I don't think Willo's has ever been sick.

  2. i love this cat. but i also wish so much i could hold mine like this, she's just too wild. she's just learning how to let herself be held for a split second, and then she lets herself down. she has finally crawled onto our laps but only for a moment, to get some food we've lured her with. it will take time. i wish you the best in your kitty search. (oh, and sometimes i just wish i could have a whole housefull of them, if only mercer would let us.)

  3. Glory B is a beautiful tabby- I'm partial to tabbies and have had some good ones, like old Bubby who passed away last fall.
    Bless your husband for wanting to give a good home to an older cat, they are often the hardest to place.

  4. Love the name Glory B. Hope it all works out for you and your husband. Taking on an older cat is hard but the kitty will so appreciate having a forever home and being loved.

  5. Glory B is a beauty. Sweet of your husband wanting to help out an older kitty. Hoping everything fall into place! :)

  6. That’s a very sweet kitty such BIG eyes, I love her little white chin. It was nice to read fat cat got a home I hope he can lose some weight fast, I watched the video poor chap slipping about like that, still nice that he’s got help now. Good luck with it enjoy your kitty time :)

  7. Glory B looks just like Seymour! Can't wait to see what you come home with.

  8. Good luck on your kitty search today. I bet as I write this you have a new sweetie with you! Oh, they are all so adorable. We got our Noodlebug from an organization called PAWS here (Pennsylvania Animal Welfare Society) and it was the best $106 we ever spent! You and your man deserve an adorable kitty.

  9. Shannon,
    Tabby- tiger striped cats are my absolute favorites. They Look so wild and exotic.
    I love the name your kitty, "Will O' Wisp"- I'd love to see a photo sometime! Glad your other one made it through being so sickly. My Mike Madison Cat had many problems too, when he was young.

    Oh my gosh..there are at least 4 of the shelter cats that followed me around and touched me and got on my shoulders and purred...I WANT A RANCH to take them all...not hording, but giving them everything they need..mostly personal attention!

    It does take some time with wilder ones...but it's so very touching whne they do allow you inside the circle of trust!

    Shirley, Yea, my man is a softy for the needy. I am glad too.
    TABBYS RULE...they just look like wild ancestors!

    Thanks Christian,
    I hope too, that it all comes our ams ache to hold and pet and love some kitty(s)

    Arlene, I know, we have gone back and forth on if we should try to take in the old chap Norm...I think if he gets more quiet spaces and also food, he could perk up some. I also ythink talking to our vet could make it easier too..they would tell us how much it would cost to help him later on to cross over...Freyda was so exspensive...but they had to run some tests, and it was Christmas Eve, at a Emergency clinic.

    Thanks Edward!
    Walter was a cutie but not cudly and not himself yet. Glory B has huge melting sweet, Weds is the adoption day..YEA!!

    I KNOW Lori!! Seymour is my FAV..I LOVE me a TABBY..I must put a photo of our (my) very firtst cat MIKE MADISON CAT. My husband called him "McFaddison". He was Large and In charge!

  10. Oh sweet NOODLEBUG came from a PAWS cool Jules!!

    I know, I think we may get 2 of them on Weds...but one probably will be "NORM" and he is free- so it'll be $85. Unless we get the other cute kitty that came in-today- then it'll be closer to $130. VERY GOOD CAUSE.

    I may show up sometimes to play with the cats...they come to life when someone opens the door!!

  11. good luck Kacey! Good luck with it all!

  12. Best of luck, Kacey. Follow your heart. I went to the Humane Society after Clifford's death. I had a younger dog in mind, but Mickey spoke to my heart, and I haven't been sorry, so I understand your husband. Your new kitties will be very lucky to have a home with you.

  13. Good luck. And your new cats will be very lucky indeed. Others have said it already: follow your heart. Can't wait for the update.

  14. Kacey your choice is just gorgeous. Our cat Gala is a tabby and is a hunting machine ...yet loves the sofa at night ...always comes to say let me out at 4am. Hope it all works out!! ....oh and love your header photo

  15. The Tabby? She reminds me of our late "Sapho", now we only have a "last legs" 17 yearold cat "Teddy!" There wont be any more cats...........its just too late in our lives. But good for you!

  16. Giving an older kitty a lifetime home is the kindest thing any one can do, even if the lifetime isn't all that long measured by our years. To the elderly kitty who found himself suddenly homeless, that last bit of lifetime is forever in a good home.

    Your hubby has a big heart.

  17. Kacey, she's very beautiful and the name suits her! Hope you get them both!

  18. Thanks Jeni!

    So glad your heart spoke to you that way and you have such a treasure in Mickey-thanks for the boost of confidence. we are settled now, I think on giving the elder kitty a good home. I hope he does sit on bruces lap though...that's what he wants!

    Carolina~ Thanks so much!

    Love the name of your cat- Gala!
    Ours live in the city so mostly indoors they will be. But we have a "Cat Fence-in" on our picket keeps others out and ours in. So they may be outside with us sometimes.

    It was super duper foggy for a time last month...really cool to ride in the FOG!

    REALLY act like you're 80 (an I'll still be riding horses-when I'm 80- so why not have a kitty!
    Teasin' ya, ya know!

    Your sentiments made me tear up. My man has a heart of gold and with the reaction of the volunteers and Shelter owner to us putting the Elder cat Norm on "hold", for us to make sure WE GOT TO HAVE HIM...she teared up and was excited.

    Thanks...I am soooo excited, I just went and got a NEW pew bed for "Grndpa Norm". Every kitty deserves somerthing specially purchased with them in mind- My MOTTO!

  19. Oh how fun!!! I hope it works out for you; what an adorable kitty she is! Beautiful.

  20. Older kitties may surprise you and live longer than expected. My George sure did! And adopting an older kitty certainly has it's rewards. I would do so again, now that I am further away from the ache of George's loss.

    I recommended Salem Friends of Felines only because I've had such great luck there and I really appreciate and respect the lengths they undertook to save George and Merlin's lives after being near dead and trapped in a car during that July heat. I have adopted from the previous to this with just as wonderful an experience, but saving George and Mer under those certain circumstances really cemented things for me. If I ever move back to the Northwest, I will adopt from them for all future kitties.

    The heart wants what the heart wants- such a great line from A Walk In the Clouds! But, it is so true! You will know your perfect kitty just as your husband will know his!


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