Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Best Fantasy

Always looking to see what's out there

With a title like that...some may think I will be revealing something.

Nope- That is just the Registered name for my sister's mare, aka- "Pantz". 
She is a definite Lead mare , has had several foals. The last one grew to be over 16 hands. His name is Nickers.

My sister had lost her beautiful "St. Timothy" TB she evented with. He was near 30 and she had so many wonderful memories.

St. Timothy

 It was early in 2003, she still had  the green Washashe, but had recently met up with a group that did competitive "Drill Team" riding.  Desperate to ride,  with no place to do it at the Oregon coast where she lived, she joined the drill team group. She was offered Pantz to learn the drill patterns on. Eventually ride in events. "Emerald Rein" drill team was very successful and my sister enjoyed the competition of it.

drill team 

 They traveled all over to compete and when they were close, I went and was her groom and cool out gal. Pantz Knew the drills... litterally, when the whistle blew, she'd do a flying lead change of direction!
 To this day, I have to be careful if I blow my safety whistle on the trails!

move day recently to "Two's A Team" stable

Pantz mare has a definite opinion, and if you are not her leader, shell walk all over you.
You must earn her respect gently, and sometimes over and over...but NEVER by force, or she'll distrust you. She came from an abusive cowboy dude- that beat her with a broom handle and she always is suspect, when you clean her stall. Sometimes pinning her ears. I just tell her, " no fear, I'm looking out for you", and rub her withers with my hands, if she gets that look.
 If you are anthropomorphic about horses, this mare Pantz, will most likely set you back a notch. Her last barn caregiver did not like her unfortunately. They had a run in or two that we heard about -with some expletives  sprinkled on top of the story.
 It's just NEVER nice to have to trust someone, that dislikes your horse!

  GOOD NEWS- Pantz now is somewhere that the folks do seem to appreciate her. The last several times I have gone to see her, someone -new to me- that met her said, " I sure like this mare, she's a sweetheart!" The owner also told me how much she likes her, days after she moved back in.  
*** sigh of contentment...did you hear it??
And yes, she has been here before, years ago when I boarded here as well. The owner literally MADE a spot for Pantz, due to my sister's private facility at the Oregon coast selling and there was NO-Where-else to go  at the coast. Similar to how we came to moving her again now...owner quitting and selling, No-Where else  to go acceptable for quality care. Maybe there was someplace around?? But bad business practices kept them from bothering to call us back.  We found that to be so unprofessional, at least tell us, " we do such a good job, sorry, there are no openings"!

lovely  new electronic gate with stable name

So, now she is settling. My sissy and I have ridden together a few more times, I have picked Pantz up and trailered  out to ride as well. 
She is such a great little mare. My sister says, " she 19 or 20"...for like, the past 3 years. I think that makes her about 22 or 23!
 (Find her papers sis!)

This mare will do just about anything for you...Pony a green horse across a creek for his first time....

ponying Certo

Walk or swim in a mountain lake....

Go out to sea...

Climb a mountain for the view....

Or, ride into the sunset.

One thing is for certain, this was the best $1.00 my sister ever spent! Yea, you read that right, she practically inherited the mare!

Pantz is best friends with Washashe mare, and we have boarded  them together, when possible, in the past. They love each other and have shared several great years.

Winter mares, sharing a blustery day together...

 Romping in a favorite field in the summer ...

Hanging out for a bite in the shade....

Pantz Mare, I adore you and I am so happy that your horsemom, my sister, is so generous to share you with me!

Horse love is so special, they give us all they can , allow us to see and experience nature in themselves and also from the view of being with them- in it. 
How blessed we are to have them be so accepting and giving to us...

Go hug your horsey, I know I am gonna kiss and hug mine soon, and Pantz Mare too!!!


  1. TO ALL...I am afraid to write it in the post...the highlighted sections are not intentional. They appear randomly. It's annoying,.and I'm not sure what the deal with Blogger is!

  2. I read this wonderful dedication to Miz Pantz this morning while eating my breakfast. It was so lovely that I immediately had to go over and hug my horses, we are so lucky to have these critters in our lives :)

  3. Sweet post! I love Pantz color!

    I sometimes have the highlights appear if I leave spellcheck on. Couldnt remove them after I posted the post.

  4. Okay Kac--just went to and found Pantz: 1990 Appaloosa mare, by Prince Fantasy, out of Eddy's Envy HP. So she's 22, if I got the right horsie. ;-D

    1. Laurie!!! Ha-ha, I was wondering if it really could that easy to find!!
      Now we know!! You'll have to mail me to tell me how to do it!

  5. Oh duh..allbreed...didn't read that well ,did I!

  6. Pantz is just a wonderful mare. So glad she's close to you and Wa mare and they can be together on rides. Have a great weekend.

  7. Lovely post! What a wonderful life the mares are having. I love that pretty browband too.

  8. Horses are the best of fantasy's, how lucky we are to have them in our lives! Glad Pantz is in an understanding home. It's no fun to worry about what might happen otherwise. She sure is an all around special horse! Love how your mares are so close, like you and your sister!!


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