Thursday, July 5, 2012

Summer Rain

Our rides have been kissed by heavy laden branches of moisture.

The air pregnant with a rain feeling, 65 degrees with a slight breeze. 
For Oregon, the humidity foreign, breezes make it bearable. Thunder storms have riddled our area.

Dressed in short sleeves, it is comfortable. The mare in her usual attire, we both get soaked! Wet drops  from all surrounding greenery were cold at first, but then welcome, as the drenching droplets land upon ears, legs, shoulders and face. 

Happy that I chose this trail to take out to start with; as we had time to dry on the more open lands of the ride, later.

Fresh was the air, but these trails showed signs of heavy usage since the last time we rode. A herd of folks must have come upon this area, in the last 2 days. That was confirmed to me, once I returned from this slippery ride. 
Trailers in the masses, had been seen in a parking area nearby.

Somewhere else we shall choose to ride, till this moist trend ceases for a few weeks, giving the local trails time to mend and dry.
Pantz was welcomed back to "Two's A Team" facility recently. The move was good and she seemed to remember the place.
 Now, maybe we can settle her into a nice routine for a few years...this moving every year ( last 3) because owners selling and quitting- is for the birds!

Enjoying a romp and roll in the recently upgraded round pen, she always takes such long looks about!

L*O*V*E is - this smartly done area. 
The coarse sand is 3-5 inches deep, very easy to walk/trot in and "corralled" by a nice  boards, making it last without waste. 

Once the move day was over and Pantz got rested,
my sissy and I took the Horses for a wonderful 
"Independence Day ride".

 After all the hard work and emotional stresses, the ride truly made the difference!

All ears

Refreshed again!

Tee he he!

HAPPY INDEPENDENCE Times to you and yours!!


  1. I hope Pantz does well and does not have to move again. So nice that you two can ride together.

    1. Lori thanks. Yes we hope she can settle and be happy here without the huge fields, she once had. The owner is making here a grassy turnout soon though.
      I will be going over for lessons in the outdoor type arena, Wa does better in that type.Pantz will like to have the visits!

  2. Oh YAY for a beautiful independence day ride ....just your sister and horses. Love the photos. Hope the thunderstorms only growl at a distance .....the flashes of lightning just a beautiful distant light.Happy days

  3. That last picture is... awesome! Frame-worthy for sure KK.

    I hope Pantz is settling down for a while now - bless her heart. I'd give anything for some of your rain. Dry as a bone and hot as h-e-double hockey sticks around here. ;)

    1. HA!!
      C, somehow -I KNEW- YOU would love that funny it is too...cause when You point and shoot over your shoulder, you just NEVER know if it will turn out, or in this case, if your sister has her tongue stuck out for the photo!

      I know, I am truly NOT complaining at all!...I am LOVING our Oregon type of summer rainy weather this year, with it's humidity and soft breezes. I do pray for all the HEAT WAVE areas and also for the drought areas.


  4. So glad that things looking up for your sister and Pantz.

    1. Yes, looking up! Change-motivates-change...she's looking into retirement now!

  5. Love the picture of your sister (I think it's your sister) on her beautiful Appaloosa standing in the grass and flowers.

    1. Doesn't Pantz look "Buff" in that shot! I loved it..though it was only weeds for the color.

  6. So nice that Pantz is settled in her new place and your sister is close so you can enjoy your horses together. Love your pictures. The one with your sister in the flowers is really nice. Have a great weekend.

  7. Whew yes Arlene, settled and really looking forward to the next! Thanks!!

  8. LOL on the last picture- your sister must be a total hoot!

  9. Computer woes has prevented me from commenting. I adore this sweet post about the Pantz mare. Friend to your sister and you and Washashe mare. Happy days for you and the reliable sweetie pie. If I go missing from commenting, please know I am reading and with you always. I have finally made the switch to an iPhone with camera for my rides, but it doesn't allow me to comment for some reason. I love my blogger friends and I don't want to not comment. Kacy I will always be here and then I will catch up on the big computer in a few weeks!

    1. Ou are awesome Jules...never any worries from this end...hwile I miss your comments, i already know you are always reading about the riding, as if right there with us!


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