Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My Indian Pony

* "People of the Middle Waters"
or otherwise known as :" OSAGE" tribe~

The other day, I spied a feather on the path. The mare stood nicely  on our sunset ride, while I took interest in the beauty .

With certain delight, I dismounted to claim the prize!
I have always been drawn to feathers, and find myself treating finding them, as special.

I "Google'd"- "Finding a feather on your path", and discovered that there are MANY thoughts on the subject ranging from;  "you are on the right path","you posses wisdom, for you are on a higher spiritual path" (weather you accept it or not). I chuckled at reading that one.

"Finding a feather on one's path is a sign of encouragement, as you philosophically travel this path".
Also, different colors can mean very different things. 
Some liken the finding of a feather on the path you take as: " the spiritual realm telling you, that Angels are near, and ready to assist you".

I associate feathers with my OSAGE heritage. A symbol of being apart of an Indian tribe. Washashe's Dam  was registered as "Me Osage" and her stable name was "Feather". 

Indian Chiefs wore Feathers to symbolize  their communication with Spirit.

Some other explanations claimed: " You are eating too many chickens, and are turning into one!" "Finding a feather on your path means-"NOTHING!"
All I know is, I have a collection of feathers that the mare and me have happened upon, some blue, some white, black, grey and this one; white with certain black stripes! I do think it's a tail feather from a hawk.

The day  we found the feather, I was investigating a trail used recently by a large group of organised riders. The trail was  now certainly "TOAST", and I had gotten off. It became pretty dicey and hazardous to ride through , certain parts.  A large metal cable was strewn through a section and I removed it, as well as some other debris that could damage legs and pasturns . Some of the mud holes were literally- knee deep.
 I was taking the photo below, the larger version of the top shot. I cropped it above, so as to show off the feather in Wa's forelock.

I have NOT TAKEN this route for some 6 weeks or so...it was bad  enough before the large group of riders. 
As I was standing there, I thought I heard -what my brain said was - the road and a large truck coming closer. In the 30 seconds I pondered weather or not it was a truck, and the fact I didn't think I had ever heard the road from there before....I REALIZED- The loud humming was actually a "Buzzing", and it was below us, and getting really, really LOUD! 
We were so outa there...running, me on foot and the mare behind me! Though I didn't see one bee, or the mare act like she knew they were there, I THANKED God, for the sparing of us such a terrible thing, as getting attacked by a swarm!

Reading through the different "finding a feather on your path" descriptions of meaning; this definitely falls under the category for "Angels being nearby, and  ready to assist!"


Safely home again, my Indian Pony and me are HAPPY and SOUND!
We will be riding with our wonderful feather, in the future too!


  1. Your Indian Pony is the most beautiful. I love that full photo of her in her bitless standing there proud and gorgeous. You two are on the right path for sure! She is just lovely - as are you, my OSAGE friend. I am sure I lived as an Indian in a past life - I long to be outside and on my pony at all times.

    How did you tie the feather out on the trail? Do you carry supplies with you?

    Glad you two avoided the stingers! Ouch that would have been horrid.

    Happy rides, Indian pony!

    1. We are Indian Riders, you and I Jules!

      This ride I did not have the supplies, but for the longer rides, I do have a roll of electrician's tape in my bag. I have a cute little hair swag on my bitless browband. It has Red White and Blue tape holding it on. I unwrapped the blue, to adhere the feather find.

  2. Good post. Always a pleasure to read your blog! Washashe looks as though she is in a serene state of mind, really calm and soft.

    1. Hi Cheyenne! Hope your grounds have become firmer of late.

      Yea, my mare has been so nice and ultra calm this summer.It has been a nice change. Her world is steady and straight having been at the facility for over 2 yrs and I have kept her from the back pasture( where she is scared to be)

  3. Your Indian Pony looks like a horse from the past with many wise thoughts and lessons to teach you. Love the photos of her with her feather. I'm glad the Angels assisted you and you weren't trapped by a swarm of stingers.

    I also collect feathers, I don't know why. We have so many different birds here I really don't know which ones they came from. I do have some turkey feathers with points on the end (like quills, I think they're called) and I have them in an ink pot on my desk.

    1. OOU- love that ink pot idea! I have a cobalt glass, double ink well holder.
      Feathers are just cool and wild.Glad to know that someone else desires the collection.
      I think my Indian horse does have much to lend me on our path together!

  4. Great post! I love finding feathers!

  5. It's an obsession with me and my sis

  6. OMG, I loooove this post and how very cool. I've never heard that about finding feathers on your path but I will be ALL EYES OPEN now :) How great about escaping a swarm-very scary! I saw a show where designer Nate Berkus framed a feather on simple cream colored fibrous paper and it looked 'amazing'.

  7. I love finding feathers. I have found so many with Indigo back home. Where is your Osage heritage from? I am very close to a reserve (and fort osage) where I am living now.

    1. My grandfather, full blood, married in Grants Pass, Oregon. Where my mom was born. She has our history book...think its time I read up....
      Missouri, I believe

  8. Love this post, the last photo of Wa says it all. What a great thought provoking ride! Something about feather's, are cool. Good to remember where we can from, it makes us who we are. You & the mare...well, it's destiny.

    1. Glad you liked the post...I loved your comments!!

  9. Whew! I'm glad the bees never appeared and you were able to outrun them. Had to laugh about the saying of eating too many chickens as the reason why one might find a feather. That might be true if a person found only chicken feathers. lol! But that is a beautiful hawk feather...and it looks so pretty as an accent on Wa's lovely head :)


  10. Lovely lovely Wa. Finding a feather on the trail might mean Wa mare is fixing to become even lovlier.

    SO glad you avoided the source of the buzzing. I have heard if honeybees are in a swarm, moving to a new spot, they are actually docile, and stay collected around the queen. Wouldn't stick around to test the theory, but I have seen video of it. (Timely topic as I'm nursing a wasp stung hand as we speak.)

    1. Blast sorry about your sting-ola. Owie!
      Ya know, there were some cute little hives, along with some normal huge ones out in the clear cut...now the little ones ate gone. Wonder if some bees came home to-no home!

  11. Love the feathers! I have a feather collection too, mostly accumulating dust at home and on my dashboard. Maybe I should make an interesting "fly shield" on Harley's brow band with them.
    Glad you got away from the bees--that could have been nasty!

  12. Love the "Fly shield" idea, I think you may have something there!

  13. That’s a beautiful feather I had no idea that there were so many thoughts on what finding a feather could mean. I am glad you and Washashe were able to escape the buzzing, I love the third photo in this post.

  14. it is a hawk feather, I'd almost guess a goshawk! I love feathers. your feather OBVIOUSLY gave you the wisdom to know to get your ass out of there. ha!
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  15. Wow ... what a story. Fascinating info about feathers, but your conclusion of this outing was something. Your horse is not only beautiful, but fantastic!


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