Saturday, April 20, 2013

"On the Turn"

That " on the turn" is a cute little phrase I picked up recently, from a fellow horse blogger in the UK. She has a gorgeous horse with the name I adore, "BRUCE". Something we both have in our lives...a Bruce! She used  the phrase recently, referring to the weather, I believe. 

Ours  is TRYING to make a good turn for the better .
Warming trends  of 60-75 degrees, and out of the 30's! Spots of sun shining light! And SHADOWS HAVE BEEN SEEN....Amazing.
Also my weather App  mentioned some funny developments .. in the way it tells me what's coming.  It has been saying "spots of sun" for some time, in between the "periods of rain", or " Stormy periods".
 But in the coming days ahead ( yippie skippie for me) there are 2 in a row that say, " Plenty of Sunshine"! The weather app writers truly know how to make a girl smile, having those days, land on her days off!!! I am so looking forward to those soon!

My shoulder, neck and arm have been on the "GOOD" turn for health. My therapist read the Xrays with me last Monday. Damage to my neck, that has had whip lash in the past, and "little" bend to it.  Plus some bone spurs at C 4-5- because of whip lash in the past. It isn't as sore now...whew!
My Arm has been the worst though...keeping me from sleeping and has me icing all the time. 
But it finally changed a little, this week! I feel as though I could do  some stretching now. The swelling has ceased some, but the tingling fingers and aching upper arm, remains.
I am going to visit my sister's new soft tissue specialist this coming week, and maybe make an apt. -Tuesday.
 While I am still mending, and taking it one day at a time.....I just had to take the mare out for a hand walk(mostly), this week, a few times.

After grooming for about an hour, taking my time and finding out what the mare had to say about her body (stiff and sore from inactivity) we hand walked out. I put her tack on and brought the bridle too, into  the "Spots of Sun" day. 
 I planned on riding her home after she ate grass for an hour or so. We covered 3 1/2 miles and then, I got on before the Big hill home. She was great, waking slowly up it for me. It did not feel any different than walking  on the ground, for my spine.   Last week, I couldn't even drive in my truck over a pot hole or speed bumps, for the pain of it.

I noticed something about the mare 2-almost 3 weeks time since I have tacked her up, she appears to have lost some weight! Up 2 notches on the girth and 50- 75 lbs on the weight tape. Her flanks are sunken in a bit and she  appears to have lost so much muscle!
  For the past month she has been going out on a  mostly muddy dry lot, every other day now. Though she doesn't look skinny yet, and definitely isn't fat, I don't like changes to show up  suddenly, like this. 

In other Turning events, the nearby woods are under siege again...all around us they are clear cutting them. All the day long, thudding of the 30 year old + trees can be heard and felt. It is looking quite different and soon, will be bare, right up to our PBO's property. Good for light I guess. 
When I am there, the horses that are on "IN"  rotation, are pensive, snorting and mine runs in and out of her stall sometimes. 
With them getting closer to the barn in the next week or is going to have to be "ALL TURN OUT" is far too loud and scary for them, seeing the trees come down within feet of their paddocks, to be inside!    
Mine say's, "Get me out into the grass, please!" She is used to being out on BIG PASTURE, before we moved here. She had acres of it, all the time! Great omegas and tastes good too!
Her system is assimilated to the grass now, as she's had several hours a  day, for months, as we walk about on "Mare walks". First during her healing and now - mine. Fortunately, She has a high metabolism and has never shown symptoms prone to laminitis or founder, but the slow acclimation I have done, helps her too.

Yesterday it was raining terribly so, with some wind ... we  went out anywho, as it was not cold. Got drenched, through and through!!  But we made our grassy munch date for a few hours. Taking protection under Big Fir bows that overhung some trails, here and there. The mare looks forward to these  outings, as do I.

So slowly, I'm getting back to feeling like myself. 
After getting on the horse again, though only for tiny amounts of time, so as not to jar my spine much....I DO FEEL more like myself! I am a rider!

BUT... there is another ramification, from our mishap...fractured teeth. I went into the dentist, due to one breaking in my mouth, days after the fall. As the dentist was charting my mouth, he said "Fracture", several times over, and I got really nervous. Maybe a mouth guard isn't a bad idea  in the future, after all!
 I must have a crown on 2 molars. OH! So, many apts !!!
And for the mare too...her Semi annual vetting is approaching.

So, that is all for now, and that is ENOUGH TOO, for day at a time...make it through my work, and to all these apts. and then, see the mare in between all that!
 I am looking for those promised "PLENTY OF SUNSHINE" days my weather app told me about!

Hoping  a little SPRING HAS VISITED YOU ALL,  finally!


  1. Glad things are "on the turn"! Hope you get some sunny days - we're finally supposed to get one tomorrow.

  2. I'm glad to hear you're feeling a little better. The teeth ordeal sounds miserable though. I'm sure it felt good to have a short ride on your wonderful Wa mare. She seems as if she knows you're not 100 percent and is trying to take care of you. I wish you lots of sunshiny days ahead and lots of fun times with your mare. Hope your sisters specialist can help you.

    1. Yea, I'm just So Happy To Be Underway In Therapies...And I'm Just Starting! It'll Work Out.
      Thanks,I Sure Appreciate The Inspiration

  3. So glad you are getting better! Enjoy those "mare walks", that is therapy for both of you. You deserve lots of beautiful sunshine!

    1. Thanks You!!! So Nice To Have You Visit. It Frankly Doesn't Matter What I Do...As Long As I Can Spend Time With My Mare.

      Its On Its Way...Glorious Sunshine

  4. Yes! The weather could well be on the turn! Although raining today, its not cold!!! Glad your feeling better. Nothing worse, except not riding....

    1. I knew you'd get that phrase.....
      Yea, not riding, that is the pits

  5. Hope your mending continues on track, and you find whatever's troubling the Wa mare. Maybe she's worried for you?! Long grassy walks are good for you both.

    Enjoy your sunshiny days!!

    1. ThanksC
      It Could Be That We've Done More...And She Isn't Getting Quite As Much Hay, Being Out. She Actually Looks Pretty Good...Just Needs Muscle. Its Just A Shock, Changing So Quickly,2 Inches...Wish I Coul Lose 2 Inches All Over!

  6. I am glad you are feeling better and that you got to spend some time riding and walking with your mare. I feel very badly for you with regard to the dental fractures. Going to the dentist is among my least favorite activities. I hope your are able to recover quickly.

    1. Just This Terrible Tingling Arm And Hand Now. But, Yes On The Mend....And Soon, Teeth Too. For Me, Knowing My Gums Are Good, No Decay, No Problems But The Accident Stuff, Makes Me Feel Better.

  7. Nice photo of your hubby snuggling with kitty. So glad to hear you continue mending & in good spirits!! I am amazed you rode so soon, and yet surely not soon enough/the way you would like ~ hang in there, those days are coming!!

  8. Well, I'm Not Really Riding...Kinda Sitting Atop, For Grazing, LikeAnd That One Time Up The Long Hill.

    I'm Walking It All Today....Just A Sit For Grass Times. I Can't Take
    Bigger Risks Than That, While Healing.
    That Kitty, Mari, She's Such A Love. I've Got Dozens Of Photos One

    1. ...Photos Like That One Of My Man And Her! She Poses...Loves All The Attention You Give Her.

  9. Good to hear you are out and about with the mare. Glad you didn't tear your rotator cuff! Mine is still bothering me a little 10 months later, but they told me it would take a long time to truly heal. Give yourself the time you need to mend up so you don't miss out on the best weather; it's coming!

    Sounds like the loggers may make for some antsy horses! Do you think that's why she's dropping weight--falling trees around the place? Eat, Wa, Eat. Nobody likes a skinny Thoroughbred :)

  10. she Looks Good.
    I've Been Grass Grazing Her A Couple Hours A Day, Few Times A Week, And She Perked Back Up.

    She Was Acting Like Ulcers....From Not Eating For Long Periods Of Time. Soon, She'll Be Out All Day On Grass...So I'll
    Stop Worrying.

    I'm Going Into A Specialist Today....Hope To Find Out More AnswerS.
    This Soft Tissue Stuff , With Bruised bone, Tornl Ligament....I Know EXACTLY how My Mare Felt Now, With Her Hock.!!!

  11. Oh Kacy! I've been on a blogger break, and had no idea you were hurt so badly in your fall. I am so so so sorry. I hope you heal fast. XXX

  12. Happy healing thoughts to you. Glad for the summery sunshine your way - so happy for your Bruce love and kitty love and Wa mare love and D'ap love - all will heal you and get you through!

    Keep smiling and loving up your horsey - much love from all of us here, sweet Kacy friend. Sorry about the loggers - thank you for all your kind words now and over the years. Coming out to see you sometime or you come to me - much friendship riding in our future of that I am sure!!!!

  13. "on the turn" indeed my dear! What wonderful medicine it is just to get back on, even if for a short time.
    I came over to say I loved your comment- yes, free plane seat please!
    Wishing you well- and weller


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