Friday, May 24, 2013

Ride between the raindrops

Down the trail on a grey, but somewhat dry day in Oregon

We have returned to the normally scheduled forecast for this time of year in the PNW...cold with grey skies, VERY wet and windy. The blankets are back on the horses again, since the winds have made the 50 degree days seem like 20 degrees cooler! And, with no hair to comfort them since they are all shed out nicely, this seems like a dirty trick! 

Really wanting to get us fit for spring. . .  and while I have done tons of walking with the mare, I wish to ride longer, and TROT!  Slick conditions make that near impossible.Truly, I NOT taking many risks these days..though my therapist told me today, " you have healed up in the quickest scenario.6 weeks. Usually with something like this, it can be up to 6 months!" Woo hoo....!!!

My mare's normal  sole "Tenderness" has come on. after the 2 glorious weeks of 80 degrees. She was getting pretty good at rock walking. Now, with conditions ripe for soft soles ....Grass, and mud softened hooves from moist grounds. Wa does have very good hooves for a TB, but the sharper, broken gravel used on properties and roads for loggers to use, make her wince and groan about having to travel on them. 
So getting "FIT" means getting a "FITTING" done too. My barefoot specialist told me that she could fit my mare for hoof boots from "Easy care". I told her, "nothing from Easy Care will fit her, all the Easy Boots in the line have specific measurements for a narrower hoof. My mare's hooves are round".  She then apprised me of the new "WIDE, Easy Boot Glove".
I am all in for trying this "GLOVE" by Easy Care, since my sister has used them on Pantz mare for years, they are super easy to apply!

Easy Boot "Glove" isn't this nice!

 I free lunged her for a spell, to see how they would hold onto her hoof. They will have gators on them when I use them, but this would be an interesting test. I knew that free lunging would come with outbursts of breaking the circle, but that is why I did that. She held it together for a few rounds and gait changes. I asked her to canter...yup-whoosh, off she galloped...and that boot stayed on her!
I am sold! 
Though...I should have done the "TRADE UP" plan through "Easy Care"; turning in my old "Cavallo" hoof boots for a 50% discount!!!   Next time. And if these work out the way I think they will, there WILL BE a next time!

Nearing almost 2 weeks of terribly cold and damp times here...the weatherman actually forecasted "a" single 75 degree day, and all sunny ! RIGHT ON! AMAZING~He was right!

A wonderfully warm and bright day!

I found the mare -out flat- laying in the field! She knew how to really take in the weather change. I saw her tail a flipping though, and as soon as I had finished my customary feed packet/supps bags for the week and came back out, she was up. When she spotted me, walked to the gate!

Flat out resting!

Riding ensued...into the Yellow blooms of May.

When we returned,  my mare was in head HIGH mode at a clanging bell noise. Now, we hear this bell noise all the time, since it is on a cow next door. But this time, probably because of the scenery changes of clear cutting going on by the stables, she took a special spooky mare stance. Me, not taking ANY off and we went in further towards the noise, to conquer it for ourselves, since she has never spooked with cattle before.
I started to moo a bit ( yea, it is laugh worthy)and that darned -HUGE- cow came a-running over to the fence to greet us!
All I can say is- I AM SO GLAD I GOT OFF!!
She tried to bolt left, then right...all at the end of the rope reins I was holding...but never did she pull on me! I told her, "They have to come through me first, to get to you..."
She finally settled....

Ear Left..............Ear right..........

And this is what we eventually could see...a big doe eyed cow!

She was so friendly..and very noisy dingle-lingling!

So now we wait...on some nice to us spring to happen again.Not that no-so-nice will stop us from getting into the forest riding, but with hoof boots, I am not chancing loosing them in mud!

 My poor garden...I didn't know to cover the plants and some of them look" over " trying to grow. Back to the farmer's market for some more starts!

Ah, fickle springtime!


  1. I just got the Backcountry Glove by Easy Boots in the 0.5 Wide. And I have had to add the comfort pads inside, since our ground is so hard and rocky. I picked the Backcountry because we have a lot of prickly pear here (low cactus with long spines) and I figured it would help protect the coronet band and his pasterns. They also act as a bell boot in case he over reaches, which he's been known to do on occasion. This is my first time using boots and I really like them.

    1. Karen!
      Thanks for the comment about the boots.I was able to go visit you and your blog and see your Gorgeous Egyptian Arabian! By looking right, on my sidebar..................>>> That is Cody, and Egyptian I adored/ loved to ride, years ago.

      I have used MOST if not ALL of EB's. I am excited about trying them again...they are by far the easiest to get buy, around here. Most trimmers carry them.
      Mine are the 0.5 size also. But I will have to do small trims on my mare's flares every two weeks, I think, to keep them fitting snug.
      I like the back country ones...and maybe will get some in future for that kind of riding for the same reasons you did. These lower profiles will be for the open scrub.

      Again, thanks for stopping by!!!

    2. One of the things my barefoot farrier told me and I have discovered is true, is the boots will form to the horse's feet. I was really struggling to fit the boot on the first two or three times I tried to take them on and off they were a real pain. Ashke thought I was trying to tear his foot off. Now, however, they have loosened up and become much easier to use. I didn't think I would have enough room to put the pad either, but it fit right in and still fit securely on his foot. I am going to put the firm pad on the right foot today and see how that goes.

      Disclaimer - I would suggest buying foamcore from a crafts store (target or Michaels) in the 6mm size and cutting them to fit the boot. It will be cheaper then buying them from Easyboots.

      Cody is sure a nice horse, as is Wa. We have some really nice Morgans at the barn I board at. They are all show horses though and only get to ride in circles. I'm sure Wa thanks you for saving her from that. Is Washashe an indian name? JC.

  2. The "Glove" looks like a good idea, I hope it works out for you both. I had to laugh at your mooing. You must be pretty good at it if the cow came to you. Smart idea to get off it for this encounter. We've got lots of rain storms now too but they will pass and we will all be able to enjoy some nice weather with our horses. Wa looks great, love the picture of her flat out sunbathing.

    1. It is NEAT-O! Love how low the profile is. Wa mare should travel normally in this boot!

      Yea, as a kid I practiced all the animal dad said I was going to loose my voice. I could usually get the animals to respond.
      Yes, thanks for the infusions of patience A! Springtime will render herself soon, I pray!

  3. Keep us posted on the Easyboots! I've thought about using them for Harley--he has feet like Wa (ouchy on gravel), but he's only shod in front which seems to be ok with him. Barefoot doesn't not a happy horse make except in winter. I like the Backcountry glove for the same reason Karen does--protects in case of overreach and looks like it should stay on in mud.
    I'd have jumped off too when the cow came at you! Been there, done that and when they spin and bolt--YIKES! Good for you for keeping calm. They can be so silly sometimes, but it is their nature to flee when scared.

  4. Lisa, The Boots Are Worn With Gators. They Do Protect In Case Of Overreach. I'm So Exited To Try Them Out!!

    I Never Fessed Up On My Blog, But Last Year, When The New Shoer I Got To Put EasyWalker Shoes On WA Again Couldn't....I Shod Her In The Front With Steel. She Hatred It. It Hurry Her Bones, I Think...She'd Never Walk Out.
    The Concussion Was Not Good For Her, I'll Never Do It Again.
    But Since She's Always Been Bare...IKnow The Difference In Her HGait

  5. So glad you are doing so well! Wa is shiny and looks great. Be carefully on your rides...

    1. Trying on a Protecting Vest this week...doing all I can!
      Wa is grass pudgy, but overall looks good, thanks!

  6. I would like to bet a set of easy boot gloves- with gaitors- for Gussie. Especially since I'm rehabbing her from an abscess. I see they come in red too!
    Wa looks gorgeous, all shiny and braided up.

    1. Red Boots, I know! (but truly they looked rather faded and Orange) So I am getting the BLUE!
      The braiding was fun to do...she totally dosed off and lower lip hanging, without purpose~

  7. helloooooooo
    we have our warm day today, and I took Bruce for a delicious early morning ride, along with my friend Jo and her new pony Countryman.
    Both horses have the same issues, both us riders have the same issues and so we bolstered each other along and had a grand time- and a huge hug when we got home safely!
    Yes, I will re-introduce the "saying" plaque shortly. . .I'm due for a little header re-vamp so must put my mind to it properly.
    The quilt came from Tennessee- well a gals gotta do some shopping on her way home from Nashville, and how I wish I'd bought thse cowboy boots instead of dithering!
    Enjoy everything- you're an inspiration

    1. Hallo back!
      Ohwa! Too kind you are dear.
      The Boots sounded good, and they will be the thing you remember not getting. Non buying remorse sometimes is WORSE than actually buying!( At least for antiquers)
      HAPPYGLAD for you and your riding partner...I had one like that once, she was Delicious to ride having the same issues with our horses...we understood each other and KNEW how to help, mostly without becoming frustrated.

      Love that "Saying"...glad it can return sometime.

  8. Those glove boots are so cool and low profile... I hope they work out for you and Wa - both comfy and good at staying on.

    Re the moo cow dismount - discretion is the better part of valor. I'm sure Wa and the cow will come to terms soon.

    Glad you got a nice day - we're just now getting spring weather - six weeks late at least.

    Gardening teaches humility doesn't it? I've had lots of experience and usually set things up pretty well, but then mother nature sends a hurricane and it's back to square one. Hope springs eternal.

    Thanks for your sweet comments of late.

  9. Wa looks good!
    Are you in the Seattle area? My friend and neighbor is taking 3 horses there for the summer. He's not feeling real confident about the boarding place he found. If you're in that area, and he needs help, can I ask you for barn info? Hopefully all will be fine, and he won't need advice.

    1. Hullo Terry, Seattle is about 4 hours away from the Portland area, where I am. So, I may be little to no help for you friends needs.
      My mare is boarded about 15 minutes away in another city. We are in Clackamas Co. The largest horse populated County in Oregon.

  10. Cute, I say "walk between the raindrops" - but riding would be so much better! Love the flat out resting pic - and the welcome greeting! I am learning more about easy boots from your posts. Nemo with his white hooves will eventually need added protection, as we roam onto rougher trails. Horseshoer's Secret has worked wonders with him. We prefer not to get him shod. Even my hard soled Koda feels sharp rocks.

    I too am glad you got off, better safe then sorry. With the latest antics, guessing I'll be doing similar. Always look forward to your blog comments, on mine & elsewhere - what a kind soul you share!

    1. Thanks Auroa, I am glad my wordy nature is taken as Kind, that's how I mean it. The "Easy Walker Horse shoes" or" Epona" for actual nails would be my FIRST choice...they absorb shock and have a nice pad , built right into the shoe, so the jagged rocks don't bruise or pierce sole.

  11. Got to learn a few things about fit and fitting :-)

    1. Hey there, thanks for stoppin' in.
      My barefoot specialists have the fitting tools designed by each a supply of boots for real time fitting. But I have been at this for 6 years and I know most brands and the way they are made for different breeds hoof shapes norm.
      Most say that a fit is based on narrow or wide shapes...that is helpful.


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