Thursday, May 30, 2013

Testing, Testing..........

Down the roads through water, mud and over rocks. Yup, the New hoof boots arrived, and in a rare moment of rain reprieve, we set off to try them out.

Easy boot "GLOVE" in new WIDE

Sleepy horsey!

Though sleepyily standing for the photo here, Wa mare perked up pretty quickly, once we got going. After she tried to avoid the normally traveled areas of rocks and hard grounds; Wa mare was walking, trotting and even cantering upon the roads that ere now, made her wince!

This road is a nice one, with round river rocks

The roads with crushed gravel rocks make her dive for the much softer/safer shoulders. But this day, though she actually tried once or twice to go for the sides from pain memory,   she began to snort and relax.  
All in all the first ride went rather smoothly!!! 
Let us see IF*** we can get another in this week..............

Second ride try- a window of dry, though a very stormy day in May

So, yesterday, we got to go out once again later in the day. I was standing around waiting for the torrents of windy rain to subside as they have seemed to, later in the days. It just kept coming, and the moisture from the skies seeped into the barn doorways. When I stepped into the turnout, the rains  had flooded Wa's turnout field too. The 2 weeks of 80's we had in the beginning of May were apparently to keep our spirits up from the memory. NOW, we have gotten 4-5 inches of rain in a hurry apparently, marking an 1800's date for the record rainfall!

 I prepared to go still, hoping....getting the rain gear out...for her: quarter sheet, synthetic bridle and breast collar, saddle cover. For me: Rain duster that covers my legs and rear!
YEA!! a small window of blue between the grey and  blackened skies!

I was riding and thinking of KATE'S LESSON.... with Mark Rashid. I knew she could be riding right then too!
 I have enjoyed identifying with her over "core to core" work. Since I have started riding again after my accident, my safety has been to secure my hands with a light contact to the mare , while holding a rope from around the mare's neck. The results have been to use my "Thoughts only"- that are the core body movements between my mare and me. It is subtle and gently asks your horse to respond to the least amount of movement. With the way the mare has been marking time with her snorting, I know she has felt less pressure and more freedom.

Off we went...into the water logged lands. With the front "Gloves" on. The mare soon realized, nothing hurt her toes! She strode out nicely. We went up and down and all around the roads for an hour that wizzed by! We had been trotting and cantering, me riding without my rope ballast now, having the saddle and stirrups. I tested out my sitting trot, as I watched our shadow selves below on the ground, riding along with us. The mare stretched into my fingers and I was able feel her swingy body, as she highblew, and marked the time.

 I think these Hoof boots are going to make riding out on different surfaces pleasurable again, for the both us!


  1. It sounds like those boots are a keeper. So glad you and Wa mare got out even if the weather has been less than wonderful. If the boots held up in that environment I'm sure they'll be great in dryer trails. Wa seems happy with her new "gloves".

    1. Arlene You Are So Right....If They Work In Compromised Situations, There Is Hope!
      Thanks For Always Lending.Encouraging Word S To Me!

  2. Good for you and Wa slipping rides in between the torrents. So glad her footwear issues are finally solved. Good times. :D

    Me and Val are exploring the core too! High blowing is a sure sign we're on the right path.

  3. Only An OTTB LOVER Would Know What "High Blow" Was!
    After 6 Years Of Trying To Find The Hoof Wear Answer, To Riding Manmade Surfaces And Mountain Rocks-Yea, Thank You Easycare!

    I'm So Exited For You And Val...RWYM Is Stellar Understanding!

  4. Wish I had somewhere to ride when its wet (sigh) But its looking up isnt it!!! Supposed to be dry for the next 6+ days!! woo hoo!! Maybe I can get some rides in too!

    1. Gosh, I know...If there weren't all the forest(that we have left around here) I would not go out in it...but i can still find dry spaces under the trees!
      Hoping YOU can get out in it soon too!!!

    2. I have been looking forward to the Trail Trial again in Woodland. Geez its just about June already!!! That ride is July 13th!! Where is time going!! Oh yeah, its washing away in the rain! LOL LOL

  5. Sounds like you found the right boots. I'll be curious to see how they hold up in the mud this season! Glad you got in some riding around the raindrops.

    1. FINALLY...after Epics,Boas, Old macs, EBTrail, Cavallos, Delta, Renegeades,...THESE just have to work better!

    2. I want to get a pair of front boots for Emma. I keep forgeting to trace her feet after I trim her, so I can see what size she is!! LOL

  6. I've had my eye on Easy Boot Gloves for a while... maybe this year... glad they are working for your mare. I like the gators, you know you wont lose them if they did manage to slip off.
    I find Kate inspiring too, and always try out the things she writes about- and it does improve my riding.
    Love the header photo.

    1. Funny thing about the gators and not loosing the boots...when I was trying to make the EB Epics work,( those blasted wires and crap!) I had to pad them to make them not twist so much..but the final blow was canter up a hill and the dude I was riding with said, "Lost your boots! I though Wa? My mare ripped both hoof boots OFF THE GATORS! The gators were still there!

      These are much lower profile..MUCH! So I am feeling pretty secure about the investment I made..not cheap!

      Kate is one dedicated woman...I adore her tinacity

  7. Wide easy boots. How cool and so long overdue.

    1. Hi YOU!!!
      So good to see your Arabian logo again!! Hope you are doing better and I will try to catch up.

  8. Looks like a winner! I hope your weather improves soon.

    1. IT DID TODAY Terry!
      It is like sunny and 70. Perfecto!
      Day 3 boot trials happened for us,,, good stuff

  9. It's always great when your horse is comfortable and happy. Sounds like wonderful rides even if the weather has not been perfect. Here we are begging, pleading, and praying for rain. We hardly had any snow this winter, and it hasn't rained since last Fall.

    What did you think of the Renegades? I am thinking of trying boots again for Apache when we ride Catalina State Park for a week next winter. Those trails are covered in rocks upon rocks. We're good for a day or two, but I don't want to chance it with a week of riding trails like that.


  10. Hi Liss!
    I'm Such A Bad Blog Stalker, I've Been Over To See You, And Your Fever For Trails...But Failed To Say Hello. You've Really Got A Great Mare And Such A Team You Two Are...And Have Teams Of Folks To Ride With!!

    The Renegades Were By Far-- The Most Expensive Hoof Boots I've Ever
    Had...And So Far, Not As Perfect As These"GLOVES" By Easy

    The Renegades Need A Specific Trim, And It's Tough For Me To Recommend Them. If You Can Have The Assist Of A ProTo Fit
    Them And Back You
    Up...Go For It

  11. I'm Sad You Disabled Your Comments!
    I Would Have Been Taking To Ya Often...I'm Drooling Drooling Jealous Over Such Very Terrains You Have!!!
    , Though I'm Not One To Like Cliffs Or Stuff...But Looking Through Your Lens, Very Inspirational!

    I'm So Gonna Try That Vodka Treat You Made From Pudding ForYour Friends!

  12. Well done you! You`ve certainly tried just about every boot on the market! Wa mare will be so pleased with your efforts. Its really good when things finally come together.


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