Monday, May 27, 2013

Under Cover

About the only wise choice I did make...was to wear tall boots for the drenching ride ahead.

The moist onslaught was in reprieve, with the dark clouds having blown over someone else's domain for the time being. I groomed quickly, making decisions to skip the quarter rain sheet for the mare and also, the rain duster favorite of mine for remaining dry, on days like this day. It was muggy and I dislike greatly, to overheat.
Maybe not very thoughtful.

Making small talk and listening with stablemates was hard without being obvious- I was so out of there, as soon as the velcro, buckles , clips and some odd snaps were in place!

Down the slick trail I hand walked, mounting at the bottom. We then strode quickly up the road, brushing the bright yellow scrub bushes aside. They left  sticky, rain battled petals on my legs and boots. It made me smile when I looked down and spied them.The yellow will soon give way to other colors this spring.

 Our first stop.....

 Under the dry cover of the Evergreen Fir trees. The heavy laden clouds had caught up to us, and were relieving themselves. 

I dismounted for a time...the mare being pensive. We overheard  campers nearby. They had loud engines and hearty laughter, not usually heard in these parts. The Memorial weekend has brought them forth, pleasure seeking from the wood, like us.

Two views of the same mare. My phone's camera, while leaving much to be desired...makes beautiful mistakes sometimes. Loved the purple hue of the overexposed mane.

Looking down now, there was the prettiest little wild  Iris. She was all alone in the grassy undergrowth. Somehow she existed on this trail, between the hooves and tires that oft times stroll the pathway.

 We soon embarked upon the glistening grasses again, briskly trotting for a favorite destination. 
Grass, grass, oh the blades were delighting in this day, beckoning my mare to partake.

 "Soon my mare", I said aloud.
 I'm sure we'll have time for you to munch at the next resting place; making it undercover, for I see another tantrum coming from the clouds!

We both were having fun, though wet we were by now, it was NOT cold. I was ready to mount up again and head on home but I spied another wild thing that ADORES this kind of day................................

If you put both of your hands together, go ahead, knuckles up..................................................

so that your hands touch and your fingernails slightly curve down and out sight...............................

THAT my friends, is how BIG this feller was!!!

I cautiously took his photo, with mare in hand. When these big un's jump into the water, they sound like "Cat Frogs", making a "meowing noise" then- SPLASH!

Just another Oregon day, in the rain soaked hills and valleys!
I do so love the Evergreen trees for the brief reprieves they provide...from rain and soon I pray, Shine.


  1. Perfect title, much was under cover. Wonderful descriptions & photos. Nice to see you & Wa out together!!

  2. Great photos. Glad you and Wa had a nice day despite the weather. Here's wishing you some sunshine for your next adventure.

  3. Always a pleasure readin` your posts, great shots, and wise words.

  4. I completely understand choosing to be wet over choosing to be hot. And I would so ride out with you.

    Iris' are my very favorite flower. Especially bearded purple irises.

    Can you eat them frogs? Mmmmmmm.

    Can you please order some sun for Oregon, because we are coming there on vacation in nine days and I really would like a little bit of sun. Especially when we are in Lincoln City.

    Kiss Wa for me!

    1. Yes Karen, ordering that good o' SUNSHINE fer ya's'll be here in Thursday Next week, when you are there! 69-70 with plenty of sunshine!

      That mare will get kissed tomorrow...and you bringing horses??

  5. Very poetic writing along with beautiful photos! Especially love the first photo of Wa!


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