Saturday, October 30, 2010

Camera Critters do I really see what I think I see?

On a ride out from the stable, my partner and I yielded to a this neat couple...and....
their riding partners!!!

                                      We thought it pretty cool that this couple took the pups along for the ride, even having "special wool blanket mats" for them to sit upon, behind the saddles.
 This is one set of'd want to leave the nails long...for the grip to ride!

This pup below, on the woman's horse, had a special harness too. He tends to jettison himself OFF THE HORSE sometimes, and would definatley hurt himself. This way, he will do it sometimes...but his mother may haul him back up -onto his mat!

They told us that the pups usually run on their own, for say 9 miles, of any ride...but after that, they ride.
Below is their buddy the boxer. He always stays on the ground...and usually leads the way-cowbell a jingling, on his collar.

Hope to see ya around, you two,

Have loads of fun visiting others interesting Critter photos this weekend.


  1. Hahaha, I enjoyed all the photos so much.. Dogs riding on horses, awesome!

    Camera Critters at my page, have a spooky Halloween!

  2. Now that is cool!.....I must try that, with my Golden Retriever!

  3. What a wonderful series of photos, sweet critters and what a life!
    Thanks for sharing these exquisite quality photos, not to mention the subject itself.

  4. How funny, horse riding Chihuahuas!!! The only dog I have that rides is Gonzo, but he hasn't been riding for several years. He prefers to run along with Lucy and both of them usually lead the way.
    Got to ride for a couple of hours today, oh, what fun!!! We also worked the gate and didn't get caught in it this time! LOL
    Love the pictures!!!

  5. How cool !! Never seen a dog riding a horse before.

  6. How cute! Small buddies for the horses. (However, maybe not a good idea to have such little pups running in mountain lion country!)

  7. I have a picture of my horse standing saddled in the barn with a cat who had jumped onto the saddle, but I've never tried riding with a small animal like that.

  8. That is so cool! We see people riding horses around and through town here, but I've never seen anyone with their dog behind the saddle.

  9. How cute is that! My dog would NEVER do that!

  10. They are so cute! LOve it!
    That couple is so lucky to share thier love of horses and the dogs!!
    Enjoyed this story very much!!!
    I wish my Hubby rode, ((sigh))

  11. That's a first for me! Beautiful horses, by the way.

    Word verification "pairdozi" I think it fits.

  12. So cool, I always wanted to have a dog that training project.

  13. That's incredible for so many different reasons...

  14. That's very cool!

    When Cersei was tiny, she'd run along with the horse for maybe half a mile then get tired. I'd carry her in a messenger bag til she got squirmy and wanted down again. Thanks for reminding me! :)

  15. That is fun! Cute dogs. Can dogs be off the leash on your trails? I would love to take my shepherd with me, but on public trails, there is a leash law. He goes with me when I ride the roads. He gets more excited to go than I do!

  16. Thanks everyone~

    I was so pleased to have seen "all of them" that day!
    ..they were very "decked Out"...look closer at the pics...the man and his round metal buttons and those gloves...the woman and her bling jeans, under her handmade for her chaps..the saddle bags..they were STYLIN!

    This 300-400 acres is privately owned and if you take care and are some of the "allowed riders" to be there...yes, you may have your well behaved dogs off lease.

    We did see some VERY MISBEHAVED "riders" though(about to post on it) that had 2 loose horses with them, that they had run free in front of us ...IDIOTS! And the point of that was???I for an accident!

  17. Oh, I would love to see something like that. Those little dogs have a good thing going.

  18. Very Cool! The whole family together doing their equine fun.

  19. Get along, little doggie! LOL! That's so awesome!

  20. Adorable doggies and NICE horses to tolerate that!

  21. Wow! What a neat family to meet on the trail. Love the pictures of those little guys riding along behind. Very cool :)

  22. Neat set of photos! Amazing how they trained their pups to ride so well!

    Thank you for your visit - you picked out my favorite -> the kitty cat in front of his portrait! My customer took a great photo, I was so pleased she shared it with me!


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