Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The way it started

Looking around at the new place~

. . . . . was easy, breezy calm, all the way around.

The mares Pantz and Washashe were grazing as I packed up more stuff...man, some of this stuff I am sure- I don't need!
Being in so many different facilities, over the years, I have accumulated.

Charlie cat took his own inventory.
 I will miss that adorable, lovable cat...but wait, I won't too much, 'cause I will go back for Pantz mare and riding .

He really is an inspiration, as Pantz's PBO said,  he is curious and cares not for going with the flow..he just plain stands out!
And stands atop my truck, checking out what the view will render him!

I was ready finally...and my new Barn Owner was waiting to greet me.
I walked to the gate to fetch the mare...a little pensive, as I was going to be really, really sad if Pantz came up and wanted to go too.
So here is the thing....
I appeared to them, they acknowledged me...and promptly walked to the other end of the field!! Tee hehe, they were laughing at me!
I slapped my right thigh twice, it is Wa's "Pressure Signal" noise that we came up with together, that works ofr us.  She hears or sees me do this- from anywhere and she KNOWS..I'm needing you near me ASAP.. and if you choose to stay where you are...then the pressure builds.. She sometimes meanders and eats her way to me, sometimes turns around, half way, and runs......but today...
TODAY- she looked up and me, with the darn cutest expression... headed straight for me.
 NO bites of grasses, NO turning , just dead on for me, as she kept her eyes to  me. I was laughing with glee !
Always I  wish there would be some hidden camera person, getting it on film!
And here is the other great thing, Pantz headed another direction and ignored the fact I was taking Washashe mare, out of the field.
My mare loaded  right up, after I put her customary trailering safety gear on...and we were off down the road for a short 8 mile trip.

We arrived and Wa mare did her other normal things, after I got the trailer door opened...
she stood  nicely, while I opened the divider and walked up to her blocker tie ring to exchange ropes. I then backed up to her haunches , to allow her to turn and have a clear way out of the trailer.
NOW=This is the darn cutest thing the mare does....She turns around,stops and stares...side to side...
From INSIDE the trailer!

I walked her up to the GATE to close it...yea, a GATE!
Okay...why you say, is the word GATE in caps?? Well, I am a huge fan of GATED horse properties.
 I think it is overall a safer facility. And though I must get out of the truck twice, coming and going...I still think it is great!
They have mentioned sometime in future, putting in a auto opener...Lovely, I say!
So the mare and I took a stroll..to close the gate, then I put her out back to look at 2 of the other horses, while I unpacked some.
And yea, I am excited to have a nice sandy round pen, aside from the indoor, to use sometimes too.

I fetched the mare after an hour or so, to bring her into the arena. She stuck right with me, while I was inside with her...I could tell she was a bit overwhelmed. So I decided to look at the Obstacles that were still set up.
She really surprised me too...she was loose...but followed me right through the tarp-ish obstacle!!

I went  through first, asked her to "WAIT," and then signaled her to come on to me...

I can't tell you how proud of her I was!
I then set off again to unpack, as she wandered the arena alone. She quickly  found the gorgeous horse SKYE, recently injured and stall bound. She told him," hang in dude"....over the arena wall.

She also did some of her antics with cones! I have video...but I am still trying to upload it to You Tube. It is blasted hilarious...but for now, some stills of her touching her hind legs and knocking them down...and then setting them up again. The mare's GOT TALENT!

It was good to see her kinda check out -for a time...this must be the equivalent of us- watching TV!

All in all, it was an excellent transition...
I parted with my PBO by hearing her say to me..."the door is always open, and so is my heart".....
At the new place now, Wa mare enjoyed a sunny Autumn day, seeing her friend Maddy mare, and generally being relaxed, in a nice relaxed atmosphere.

She really loved the views!

 Meee too!

Finally, after hanging around for the day..with the mare and the Stable owner, I put her to bed out in the forest of her run this night...so she may get to know others, not so close for this first night there. She seemed fine with it...she had hay and grain and water...
what more could you need??!!

When I went to leave,
I saw first hand  the name, "PAINTED FOREST STABLES", come to life before my eyes!

Perfect way to end a full day~


  1. Looks like a nice place. Good to have an indoor in winter.

  2. I hope you are very happy there. And Wa too!

  3. Great start to a long relationship...

  4. New barn and new look to the blog I see. Sounds like you will be very happy in your new place and it's wonderful that you can maintain a good relationship with the barn you left. Hopefully, you'll be able to bring your sister's horse over and only need to go to one place in the near future. Congrats and enjoy! Oh, and the Canby tack sale is coming up in October. Maybe you can sell some of that stuff you've accumulated and don't need!

  5. Looks like a great place! Good luck.

  6. Looks like an easy place to settle into. Happy New Barn Warming to you both!

  7. I hope this is a place that will meet the needs of you and Wa. It looks great.

  8. Looks like a beautiful facility. Hope you both will be safe and happy there. Thank you for the prayers...

  9. Glad to hear the move went well - mare seems happy and so do you!

  10. Looks like a nice new facility! Cool! :) Enjoy!
    Those photos of Wa and the cones made me laugh :)

    Also...looking down on your old posts...I think I remember way back when you got that fuzzy white cover for the noseband on Wa's bridle...wasn't it for something like calming her down, like blinders?...maybe I'm thinking of another blog, if so I'm sorry, haha..just wondered. :)

  11. Glad you and Wa adjusted to the new barn. Indoor arenas are wonderful for winter riding.

  12. Wa looks thrilled and why shouldn't she be, looks great :)
    Love the cone talent lol!

  13. Oh, I'm so happy for you. I'm glad it went so smoothly. WaMare is such a good girl.

  14. Looks like Wa-mare really enjoys her new home!

  15. Aw - what lovely pics! Looks like a fabulous place, and I'm sure you'll get tons of use in the indoor over the winter. I could not imagine not having an indoor during winter - I love trails, but there are times that it's just too cold and windy! Congrats on the new place!

  16. Such a gorgeous place, but I must admit those thick trees would give me pause for fear of mountain lions hiding within. Can they trim them, especially at the bases, to make the tree grove less friendly for predators?

    The photos of Wa playing with the cones are endearing. aww! What fun to watch her play and explore. I wonder if she realizes this is her new home? Did Pantz mare call out to Wa when you drove away.

    It's so wonderful that you've not burned any bridges of friendship with your PBO and that she is so open to reconnecting with you in the future. It's a relief to know you have that option to come back to at anytime, and that you won't feel uncomfortable when returning to take care of Pantz mare and ride.


  17. The new place looks great and the facilities in good repair; I'm sure you'll be settled in such great surroundings.

  18. Hey girlie! thanks SO much for your wonderful message left to me at my blog, it made my day when I got it! I caught up on your going's on yesterday (until you mentioned it, I had NO earthly idea about your fall OR the cat attack)!
    OH KAC! I am so grateful that all turned out well for you from the fall, and both horses after that horrid attack. I cringe to think about what could of been. So I WON'T, I will just thank God for looking out for you and your sissie's babies!
    The new facility looks fan-tab-u-lous, CONGRATULATIONS! I'm jealous of that wonderful indoor arena! We have two round pens, and great amentities, so I shouldn't complain. NOT to mention I won't have the snow, rain, etc. to contend with that you will.
    I'm going on an ACTHA overnight camping trip (our first competitive endeavor which we are auditing) this weekend; I'm pretty excited. Been riding on trails (we even did a hand gallop!!!)my hiney off and jumping too.
    I would love to have more contact, I don't have a lot of friends here yet and do suffer from a bit of the doldrums at times, I must say....
    send me your # so we can text as you suggested or email as well...
    Lots of Love,

  19. It looks like a really nice place. I hope you are both very happy there and have fun in the arena during the winter months. I hope Pantz gets to join you soon, it would be easier with them both in the same place. Wa mare looks like she will have no trouble settling in.

  20. your photos are gorgeous as always and it's good to finally read an all happy story ;-)

  21. Mell~
    Yea..it is about 5 yrs old and they keep it up, wow! I like the fact that there are only 4 boarders and it can be maintianed so nicely...I am just having a problem with nbt enough room for the things I have!It is the smallest amount of space ever..I have to keep things!

    The fleece nose band is called "A shadown Roll" and it is used for keeping the horse from seeing(spooking) below his nose...jumping and racing dicieplines use them. I use it at the beach..works for the waves and for less of a "bite" on my bitless noseband.

    Still getting there..she has not been turned out with anyone yet..will go with a specific mare..hope she does not get the crap kicked outa her!

    Yea...she looks pretty thrilled=everytime I turn her loose in the arena! She takes the chance to roll, in it's softer than soft footing!

    THANKS/ yes,it went so well and she tends to be a nice girl...!

    SO FAR! She seems content...

    HI again!!
    Thanks for signing up to "Follow/Lead/Share" cool!
    Yea...I'm pretty hearty for riding outdoors, but the indoor will be so GREAT!

    They have electric wire, atop of 5 ft fences, around the whole facility and this place. Though only 8 miles from the other...is lower elevation and closer to "human habitations" with dogs and goings on...verses my other place...right next to thousands of acres of forests. There is much hunting going on where I am and much less cover- compared to where i was.
    I feel a more secure here...as far as the Big Cats are concerned!

    Wa seems to be calm..maybe in shock, maybe just hungry..she goes far longer without and I am not sure what they feed her in the AM/PM..still working this stuff out. I can tell this gal is professional...and needs to be in charge. But, I have had many time my mare has lost weight in boarding facilities...just making me have to not ride, and start over on her back muscles to ride again.
    So I am not 100 % at ease yet. A hungrey wa means a less agreeable, Hot mare!

    Pantz did not call out...either did Wa...Pantz did come up to the fenceline at the end, and paced though.
    My sis said she looks for her over the stall wall...which breaks her heart to see.
    So, the cones...it really can be anything of a certain hieght..she loved to gently touch her legs and hocks and maybe move the object around! TOO FUNNY!

    Pantz is okay...siss come this weekend..we'll ride!

    Yes, the facility is about 5 years old. They have tried really hard to maintian it...therew are some issues, but over all...it's perfect for us, in many ways.
    Now to study uo on some ground work techniques, from you...got some work to do!

    I mailed you and we can talk there.
    Your new place looks equally GREAT. Witrh the weather being so Mild..you'll soon find the two outdoor arenas perfect for you!


    Finding the balance is what this will be all about.
    Trusting someone, over my mare, who says they do what they say and taking a breather from "self care".
    Finding My mare's limits for the arena... my time limits for wanting to be at home more and with my husband. It'll be all new...and My mind is already settleing into it. And the mare...seems happy too. Just a bit hungrey...she goes longer now with out.

    Carolina ~
    I KNOW IT!!
    Iv'e had some really mixed posts of good and bad. Well, life is like that though...darn it! I hope to have more of the GOOD times now though..had a nice quiet trail ride off the property yesterday, first one from there. I recognised the trail were were on, from traileing to the area last year and this summer.

    Should be good!

  22. I am truly happy for you :) It is so very important to have peace of mind when it comes to leaving your *love* in someone else's trust.
    Give Wa a big kiss and hug from me and the gang in Tn.
    xo, misha

  23. Misha,
    Thanks girl. Yea, having a peace that someones heart is into it...that is important to me. Her Immediate health, attitude,body weight....they are my spotlights on care. She'll tell me everything, the mare.

  24. Horses are so smart! She is exceptional.

  25. It looks like such a nice place - I hope that you both will settle down and enjoy yourselves.

    And the cones - just loved the pics! Wonderful!


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