Thursday, October 21, 2010

In Mean Times

While My mare is getting her "down time" for healing herself...I too, in the Mean time, am healing myself=
 with RIDING a "second horse"
Mustang Cazi has had a nice summer of grasses and leisure mostly...but is ready to go for me anytime.
 He is so sweet and my " MUST RIDE (not only Mondays) Partner" recently told me, as I was thanking her for giving me the gift of riding, even without my own horse, " He is your second horse, I just pay all his bills". 
I have the most wonderful places on earth to ride...and the best friends to ride them with...
my heart has been overcome with joy, since I was devastated over a year ago, being dispelled from the nose in the air stable!
I have totally gained, from a despirate situation (isn't that the way it is...though...gain is found in loss.)
So, my Must ride partner brought her horses over to my place, last Saturday....

We rode around the acres and acres of Local Privately owned  "Oregon Fisherman's Club", near my new stable.

Cazi was mesmerised by the water activities to be seen~on the ponds.

The  crisp Autumn day, had us seeking out the sunshine!!!
Awe, friendly riding partners in the shadows!

 We did the 5 mile loop ride, then returned home again.
I took off my saddle and left it upon the gate, and walked Cazi back to his trailer.

Good bye Cazi man...untill MONDAY...will dream of the  new rides!

I walked back to the property borders, to get my saddle.  Jules and Maddy mare were just heading out for a solo spin .
 Decked out inVisible, Hunter Orange.

In other personal notes....

I have been really ailing with my sleep cycle, now that the diminished light has begun.
Functioning normally is difficult. It is like I'm doped. Getting only 4 hoursof sleep usually.
 I avoid much in the line of group I have a problem with my retrieval systems with speech and fluid conversations. It is rather embarrassing.

I have S.A.D. Seasonal Affective Disorder.
 Mine is the toughest to treat, "bi-modal"..I have to get light to my eyes 4 distinct times during the day. And though I do have the light boxes through "Apollo Heath", it is tough to be stading or sitting near the boxes sometimes, to get the light the right times!

I  have been suffering more this fall...I believe it is the hours my husband I have to keep, for his work schedule, basically, for me to see him, I must stay up till midnight.

Monday, he and I will be getting up at O- DARK-THIRTY(6:30 am) so he may do his(NEW HOURS) 12 hour work day at the Hospital.
These new hours...will allow me to start my day off with the light, either outside in a walk...or inside with the light box and you all here, as I blog!

These NEW HOURS will also ensure he gets home by 7:45 PM...instead of midnight!!!
I can feel some normalcy coming on!

I am really really looking forward to the healthier lifestyle

So, with that good news, I will treat you to another riding discovery we made, last Monday last...

I showed up in the sunshine to groom Mr Mustang Caziman...he was so fluffy and cute!

The two pasture partners enjoyed the short grooming session,  then we loaded up for the 33 minutes drive to the Columbia River.

Arrival to the Troutdale location, on the Columbia and Sandy rivers.

It is a HUGE dog, pedestrian and equine PARK. There is bird blinds, hundreds of trails, and acres and acres of plowed fields to ride.
 I have heard many bad things, including dog attacks on horses I never have wanted to bring my mare.
 We saw many dogs this day...but owners were responsible, and had them all on leashes. This was my friends second time there...with no incident.

We set out ...looking to the trail signs...

Staying on trails, at first....

Then, coming to some open recently plowed fields...we just had to explore them!

                                                  I would have cantered...but these two were in such high spirits...I made a call to contain it...and therefore stay in the saddle, I believe now with what happened later on!
                                                       Then, as we looked to the edges of the miles and miles of fields, my partner had us go through the thicket....leading us to.......

  The Columbia Rivers edge...and a place I have only seen, from a car going along the highway, or from a viewpoint high up in the Gorge!

It was so COOL!!!

Cazi loved it too!

 We spent some time riding along the waters of this inlet of the Columbia... the horses were a bit high. So we decided to spend the some time with doing training details- for their minds to grasp.

 One horse would stand , while one did circles and serpentine around them, us asking for yielding and rhythm...we often do this at the beach in the deeper sand..that alone, helps the mind settle!
My friend went first...her mount Simeon settled and got a nicer rhythm, then she stopped on a good note.

I then trotted Cazi...around we went , and not long till -OH!!!
He totally lost his mind and reared up, unexpectedly so, ...I had to grab mane, to stay on!
 That sent tons of adrenaline through me.. and the will to make another round, without any of that nonsence!

I did make another round... then again...
he twisted in a bucking bolt, and JUST when I thought I was coming off...he'd right himself for me to stay on.
He did this quick little darting move -three times...unseating me three times!

That was legs were jello..I want to live today, and remain ON!
 My freind described events he had pulled on her the past.

 He was almost someone elses horse, after them too... each time!

Us in a moment of calm...I am choosing to relate to this outing, this way!
I'm glad I left my stirrups short (they fall longer on my mare) I think it gave me staying power this time!

We walked home.

This little light spot in the Photo below, is called "Crown Point"..a view point along the Historic, Columbia River Drive.

Even with the unsettleing- spent feeling -the Adreniline gave to me...I stayed on and it was a gorgeous Autumn day! We were pretty happy to be out.

Nice area to ride, close, and unending trails.
We will definatley come on back....
and I will bring my mare too!

Have a lovely weekend all...Our times of Sun..may be coming to an end here in the Pacific North West. Nice to have had this Indian Summer!


  1. Looks really beautiful - wish I could be there with you!

    Glad you stayed on for those bucks!

    You are in a much better place than you were last year - sometimes things just work out, don't they?

  2. So happy for your Must Ride friendship. She is really there for you with her Cazi on loan. Glad you stayed on for his silly behaviour - he says, "I really am a Mustang, KK girl!" Wa will love this ride when you bring her. Also, the trails near your new barn are gorgeous - wow! You are living the dream. I am so glad you are getting sleep soon. Relief! It is dangerous for you and not a way to enjoy life in a fog.
    Also, KK, once you are rested, let me know about the poster - which photo - you have so many great ones!

    AND - one little favor!!! Can you PLEASE find out the exact model of the saddle/leather pad in the photo of Jules and Maddy? THANKS! I have been trying to find that one and there it is your post! I freaked out! I need to know the very one she has! Thanks!

    Get sleep, dear friend, and carrots and hugs to Wa sweet girl!

  3. Wow Kacy! great views, great ride! Not sure what's in the air but even my oh-so-calm mares were high spirited this past weekend. I think it's the weather change.

    Glad you stayed with Cazi =) Almost makes you wonder if he sensed something you didn't see.

  4. Another happy horse in a Nurtural.
    Looks great I envy you for your trails.

  5. Beautiful post...gorgeous horses and dazzling trails..such beauty of nature all around! Enjoy!! and hoping you feel all shiny and sparkly real soon!

  6. You have the most awesome places to ride. Loved the pictures. Cazi looks like a cool horse. Red dun?

    I get S.A.D., too. I love being outside; love the sunshine. In about another couple weeks, it will be dark when I get up and dark when I get home. Heading into 3 or 4 months of hell.... Trying to get all the riding in that I can before it hits...

  7. Ah! The trees! The TREES!!
    And then there was naughty Cazi... Loved Juliette's take on his behavior. ;-D Glad you were able to ride it out.

  8. Kate...mee too..I so would LOVE to ride with you!
    Yea, when they work out this way..I am thankful, and when they are tough..I need to remember the goals and plans God has for me!

    HA! WIld Mustang Cazi!

    Well, I love the look of that Saddle pad is made so well and mostly comphy, if you like to sit on your BUTT.
    It is a Pat Parelli pad(of natural horsemanship fame)

    NOTICE- the buckle, up on the pad, Julie has her Lf hand on it?

    Normally, pad makers keep pads free of such as your legs does not get bruised or rubbed. Parelli makes thiers this way so you are forced to sit on your BUTT. They perscribe more of your butt contact with the horse.

    I did NOT like it, when I rode in it...I reserve the right to move my legs freely as I need to, instead of someone making me ride a certain way!
    If you can...try to ride in one before you buy...or try to buy one cheaper on E BAY.

    I will, and am, thinking of my poster...LOVE YA"S!!

    Yes...that and Cazi does NOT get ridden much and is extremely herd bound to the other he gets uppity when he think Simeon is going somewhere without him!(or vis/versa)

    YEA Sydney,
    I take my bitless with me and ride most of my mounts with them now...My partner, Cazi's owner, said, " Do you think it was the bitless that allowed him to misbehave?"
    I answered, "He would have misbehaved either way, but this way he did not have to have pain from me pulling on his mouth...just the pain of working more- because he misbehaved!"
    I have never felt out of contriol using the bitless...sometimes, though I miss a better trained and behaved horse!

    Thanks KIKI...I am looking forward to some sparkle agian!
    The trails help me to sparkle on the inside!

    I am so sorry about your SAD...It can be devastating.

    I am being PRO-ACTIVE this year...from my unset(NOW) I own 3 APOLLO light therapy boxes.
    I have taken the "Assesment test" several times, to make sure of "when" to have my light therapy applied.
    It makes a HUGE differance, resetting your hormones...sleep will be mine this winter as I stick to a routine of keeping the hormones right-with the light.

    Evensong! Yea!
    haha...he is such a should have seen him as my partner rode through the dead they rustled, he got riled up and I decided to ride him through them-hilarious!

  9. Oh - these photos! You know how I enjoy the over the horse's head views - it makes it easier to pretend I'm in the saddle! But, I must say that second photo of your friend riding through the stand of mossy trees is my absolute favorite. I wish you plentiful Light and sound Sleep!

  10. What a gorgeous ride! And what a spunky horse! I hope WaMare heals quickly so you two can explore new trails together.

  11. Beautiful trails and the river rides are gorgeous. You have such wonderful places to ride, I envy you.

    Happy to hear you stayed on for the bucks. Cazi is a cool looking horse, guess he just needs a little more time out and training with you.

    Sorry to hear about your condition but I'm sure you'll be fine with the light boxes and sunshine when you can get it. Glad hubby will be home earlier too. That's nice.

  12. KK, it's so beautiful! I'm ready to come home again, to the rain. It was nice here to get a break from the rain, but as it's only rained once, while I was asleep in the past near 60 days, I'm ready to pack up and come home!

    Get lots of sunshine, my friend. Remember to get a few minutes every day without sunscreen on so you can make lots of vitamin D!

    When I lived in Alaska, SAD only affected me the last winter I was there. Then, I worked beside a large bank of windows and made a point of standing outside during the hours of light every hour or so for about 5 minutes at a time, every day.

  13. Absolutely beautiful Kacy! What a wonderful ride on Cazi, and good friend to share her mount knowing what makes your heart sing! Thanks for taking us long for the ride.

  14. so good to have a back up horse!
    Beautiful pictures, as always:)

  15. Thanks Barb, I weill take care...doing my best too!

    After yesterdays display of "her own spunk", Wa mare will be heading up the rides soon! Thanks!

    Thanks..I am thankful to be able to enjoy these places upon horseback!
    Cazi..what can I say..spunky Mustang!

    Oregon woman!!
    I'm so glad to hear from you...I need to visit more!
    We are having the "First" reported storm in our area, tonight. Our first rains!
    You are sooo funny...yea, I rather enjoy some rain too, otherwise, I would NOT live here!

    Unfortunatrely, I have had this sleeping disorder, my whole life..and living here.
    I always thought there was something wrong with me...nope- sleep deprivation makes anyone nuts!
    Well, you take care my dear!

    lalala!!! I have been singing! Come along for the ride, anytime!

    Oh yes!
    I love to enjoy as many horse as I bring me joy and also appreciation for what I have in my mare!

  16. The Sandy Delta is one of my all time favorite places to ride. The next time you go please let me know. Grace and I would love to ride with you!


  17. HI HEATHER!!
    I will call you in advance when we go again!


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