Monday, October 11, 2010

Pathways of delight

        That is the title of the Calender I could assemble from the views I took in yesterday, as the mare and me rode solo from the stable the first time.

Though a rainy day, we ventured into it, not knowing what we may find.
As we strode, what we did find pleased the both of us, very much~


      We see these types of views,  on page in a  book, or ere mentioned calender...the kind "we riders" instantly react to and say aloud ,or in our hearts, " Ooh, I'd love to ride my horse down that!"

         These are the paths and roadways you crave....prefect footing, idyllic settings and room  dream, revitalise, and get a sense of self again.

                                      Okay... the horseman would understand-that last statement!

 They are  inviting . . . the possibility of  what vistas may be had around the next turn, and to what end of the mossy footed avenue?! ~

One can dare to move a hand gallop...seeing the road curves not~

Though grey and foreboding, the day held it's own pleasures...  quiet and still,
 in a soaked leaf on the windshield....or down mossy paths with the mare~

I can feel a calm over me.... as the mare has, since she came to our new barn...I am amazed at how calm she is...very unusual, yet-totally welcomed!
Tis a good start~


  1. WOW that one pic of you going into the dark forest with the green mossy path totally reminds me of Ireland. Can I come live with you!?

  2. .....I think that you already DID Sydney!

  3. Breathtaking scenery! Happy Trials!

  4. I would love to ride those mossy trails; there's something so magical about them.

  5. wow Kacey those pathways through the trees look like something out of a story book .....a fairy tale.
    So glad to hear you and your gorgeous mare are feeling good about your move to the new barn

  6. A touch of the "Middle Earth`s!" Have you got an Elf, with you?

  7. Beautiful, magical - thanks!

  8. Kacy, wow, beautiful, magical is right! It does look like Middle Earth, is Gandalf on Shadowfax and Aragorn on Hasufel riding with you?
    LOVE the first picture of the forest the best, you can lose yourself in it. I envy you having such beautiful woods to ride in...sigh!

  9. Oh wow! I agree - it's like a fairy tale. And your photos are so gorgeous. They make me feel like I'm right there.

  10. That right there is calendar quality material that would make any adventurous horse person insanely jealous!

    Great photos, great rides, lovely pathways.

  11. Oh my Kacy, what a gorgeous area you surround yourself with! There is something about the forest that is surreal...simply magical!!

    What, no scratch and sniff?? If only, it would smell earthy and fresh. Thanks for sharing the beauty of your ride, so happy you and Wa!!

  12. What fantastic fall photos! I love all the roads, whether straight, curvy, or narrow! Is Wa all better?

  13. Simply breath taking Kacy. I'm glad you and the mare are finding peace and calm.


  14. Ooooh! So magical! But don't smack me for saying that second photo is spooky and reminds me of the movie The Shining! eeek!

    I would love to ride down those trails with you someday. What a thrill!
    So now, to add to my Bucket List, I've got riding with Kacy on the beach AND riding with Kacy on her magical forest trails!
    Enjoy, my friend. You can Wa mare deserve some peace and joy.


  15. Your first picture caption says it all"gorgeous". You are so right when you say a horse person sees a picture like that and thinks, I'd love to ride my horse through there. I do it all the time. Glad to hear the new barn is working out for you and Wa mare. I'm sure you'll have many wonderful rides together.

  16. Very nice! I'd love to ride there!

  17. Wonderful pictures!!!!
    ...and I would love to go riding there together with you!

  18. Kacy and Wa!!! You have arrived! How in the world did I miss this post. My head has been in the clouds recently! YOUR head has been in heaven. My goodness, I am jealous all over again of your rides. I am sending this post to my Mom and Brian and Maizie and Baystatebrumby. All will sigh with envy!!! You sure found your mare a lovely home. If I ever organize a bloggers ride together it should be out there at your new barn. Wow! No wonder Wa mare is calm. Sorry I missed out on this when you posted it! Also, I appreciate your comments - you mentioned that your original comment got eaten by Blogger. That happens to me all the time - infuriating! Also, I forgot to say that I am ready to make your new poster anytime! You had said that on a comment and I got so involved in fall riding that I forgot to say OF COURSE!!! Now you really have scenic photos to make into a poster!

  19. Boy I wish I could go loping down those trails, beautiful pics.

  20. Life through a horse's ears. I'd love to see what they see and think what they think. Your horses are so lucky to have the life they do with you. Beautiful scenery. I cool off a few degrees just looking at it.

  21. Great views...what do you think made the difference in the mare's demeanor...what is different at the new barn that makes her so much calmer?

  22. I answered you in depth at yourn palce...but,
    I think that it has alot to do with the consistancey of routine. She LOVES her routine..and this she has here, almost to the hour, each day the same. AND, the other horses..she has been talking to them, and they have told her things.


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