Tuesday, May 3, 2011

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I Won!!

Firstly, I am thankful for the really fun time it was awaiting the arrival of SHIRLEY'S NEW FOAL, and guessing the Color, Sex, and Day it would come into her beautiful world. I was surprised when she told me that I got the closest- in the game. RIO colt was born on the day I guessed.
This horsey pin -I LOVE- was the prize. I've worn it many times already and this photo is from a hat it was on...below is the unfocused version..artsy cool.

So much has gone on ere now,  I failed to sit down and log here.
Like the visits in April I had to "Abraham Acres" my friend's place, we boarded with for almost 2 years.
My sisters mare Pantz, is currently there boarding.
It is much higher up in the mountains and- burrrrrr- cold it has been there, with snow lasting far into springtime.
These mountains are some of my favorite to ride.

The mares always are happy to see each other. They got paddocks of GRASSES that her horses can not go out on, being founder prone and are overweight- just having hay all winter.
I only allowed them 20 minutes...but made it 35-40, as they did not eat- all that time..they frolicked and kept looking for the rest of the herd. Pantz does her lead mare thing and paces, making sure the parameter is clear.  Wa thinks she is leaving her, so she goes around after her! This space is new to them and removed from sight of the barn and others, so they did not really settle.

First times together I separate them for a time...Pantz gets all-"REMEMBER NOW, I'M IN CHARGE" on Wa. My mare came into instant season once we arrived, and was not in her right mind and does not move away as quickly. Pantz has been known to -kick out- to make her point so, to be safer... I just put them next to each other.

Soon enough, they got to be together.
It is far worse when other horses are around. Pantz bosses and herds Wa and that is really dicey for Wa..her being so social..she has gotten herself  into corners, near the other herd (that was hers firstly) with Pantz kicking her out of them.

When ever Wa is in a paddock or run, I have to make sure either there is a DOUBLE line between she and the others-A buffer zone- or she will get hurt by kicking into the fence herself or, if she is with another bossy horse, she will get trapped and kicked by the other horse, as she tries to socialze and it makes her move. Her Theo Pasture bud is such a horse...he is possesive and I already have some pensive thoughts about the summer turn out + feeding.
 I wish she could be all on her own, only being able to see the herd she lives with.

Mountain fresh well water tastes so good!!

Pantz was hilarious...though the grasses were wet this day...she kept coming back to the trough. The water was still shut off, but my friend called her husband and figured which knobs to turn for the water to flow again..Pantz was right there....only one drop escaped her lips!

Walking back to the barn for a stalled overnight visit

This stay over was to be able to leave together for the vet's office the next day.

My sis and I took the mares for the annual Teeth check up at our vets. All was good, not much necessary for Wa this year, her ramps and dips and hooks of before have all been smoothed out and she needed a slight buffing. Our vet is one of 3 "Qualifiers" for the Dental program in Oregon. He trains others that wish to become proficient.
His horsey office is made for horses, if sedated to be able to lean upon the rails that surround them. They are large and soft. Pantz used them this time...all of a sudden, she almost sat back!! We were horrified to find a broken molar! It pained her so much she was sitting back as far as she could, even with sedation and pain killers! It had to be removed. It was terrible sounding too...poor thing! She had become very thin this fall..not liking her food (we thought). She always has been finicky, a "hard Keeper". Well, what a testimoney for regular check ups!!! She is 21 and had been done last year with no significant growth or changes. You should see her eat now! We rinced her mouth out with salt water for a weeks time, everyday and she is so good to go!

I went again, for a "barn over stay" a week or two later..we got ONE SUNNY DAY to ride.. it so happened that my sister was in town so
we  set out for dry footing..the service roads above the barn.
This was right as we started out~

It was a seemeingly perfect day! I started to notice signs of treads marks though...where no one even travels this stretch of road...when all of a sudden, a pickup truck came speedily down the road and abruptly stopped-surprised to see us- and said, "YOU shouldn't be here!! I asked why the gate was open..he said, "Because we are loging!"
OH! We beat it back down the road...and were blessed to have run into him... as a log truck came shortly after that, with a load!! I saw, "The horse whisperer" - in my mind.
Another area OUT-for riding. it won't be long till they move onto the next, but that could be near Abraham Acres...saddd days!
 But no fear, ther are plenty of State horse parks and other places to ride...we truly have been blessed in the past, but are still being blessed  now as well, even though some places are removed and changed.

I was reminded to keep things in perspective, stay relaxed, count blessings, remember to take it slow and be thankful always to keep looking up!


  1. That is good you found the broken molar! I know they happen once and a wile I bet that hurt poor pantz.

  2. Congrat with winning.
    I love to see your beautiful horse pictures, the mountains look beautiful - I understand why you like to ride there.

  3. Poor Pantz having to have a tooth out, still Pantz looks very happy now. Congratulations on your win.

  4. As always a delight to see your pics, glad all went well with the checl up.

  5. Did you change your blog decor or did I just wake up? Whichever, looks GREAT!!

  6. Oh Pantz... so sorry about the extraction!!

    Glad the girls got to visit and have a nice ride in the upper echelons ;)

  7. Well done on your win and I love the horsey pin too.
    The mountains are beautiful and look such a wonderful place to ride. Sorry poor Pantz had a tooth out but glad she is ok now. Abby

  8. I'm glad you love the pin; it's always a risk to pick jewelry as a prize because everyone has different taste.
    I hope the tooth extraction will perk Pantz up, and that her weight will be better now. And, I love the sigh of contentment in the video.

  9. Your grass is so green and lush! Love the header photo. We are still very brown here. Glad the good vet found Pantz's broken tooth.

  10. Congrats on winning! Love the rolling horse pic!

  11. Congratulations on winning the wonderful pin. It's lovely. Poor Pantz, I'm sure she'll feel much better without the nasty molar now. I love the new header photo!

  12. Broken molar, no wonder Pantz didn't want to eat. Glad it's fixed now and she's back to eating all her groceries.

    That scene in the Horse Whisperer is pretty frightening. Left quite an imprint on my mind. Glad you ran into that man and could get out of there quickly.

    Sure is a pretty place to ride though.

  13. Love the BIG stress relieving sigh in the video, that trail riding just fosters :) Glad Pantz got that bad tooth removed, ouch! That is some yummy lush grass & water!!


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