Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Joy of Independance

                              While you may lead a horse to water, you can't make them drink!

Big Skye above, wondering if the little creek would eat him. My mare had just sipped the cool goodness from it.

 I had the pleasure of riding again- FINALLY-with my partner and her Big Skye gelding from the stable . She and her horse are all recovered from the events of Good Friday. Her horsey spend some time away after that, and she visited and then took lessons with him, before bringing him back to his stable home. She is much more assured and he has hours and hours of time under his " cinch"  as well, in being with his human riding partner and remaining with her!

I have been wanting to go to a place nearby that has endless roads and trails devoted to the Equine, the canine and the human pedal biker/ hiker.  HARDY CREEK is a favorite of the mare and me, for it's varied terrains and cool shaded venues. It may have been too hot to ride other wise. We were riding in a refreshing venue~

Big Skye , looking back, making  sure we were on our way!
(note..I'm in back!)

I missed the traditional Camping pleasures, this year, of being high and deep into the wooded splendors of Oregon for the 4th.  There have been too many other things going on, and the camping trip never got scheduled. Chiefly because there is a  trip our  entire stable is going on is looming...only 2 weeks away and so much to do (buy) . It is an expensive venture..going to a place that is not as horse prepared as I am used to. The Inn we travel to, has only a large 1-5 acre plot for us. Since all our horses -do NOT- go out together, we have to divide it ourselves, after driving 5-6 hours. Joy...but hey, the husbands are coming and they love stuff like that (right?!)
I did find a cool "corral in a bag". my first time out to seek the fencing articles I knew I would need. It has a 40 foot square amount of hot tape on a reel, fence charger, stakes, grounding rod and gate handle. I did purchase additional stakes and the bagged fence was a -one strand -and my mare is good at shrinking herself under I will add a second line.Be it hot or will deter her!

 YUP they husbands are going with us!! I am so excited to spend this awesome adventure with mine! We get to drive together while I pull Wa and her turnout buddy Theo to our destination. Which leads me to the other expense- I am endeavoring to use my sisters very tall and wide 3 horse trailer. BUT- my hitch is not  equipped for the "Load Level /Anti Sway Bars" ..hence the expense of having one made for the safety feature of anti -sway for the trailer and knowing... IT WON'T COME OFF THE BALL! I won't put my mare in a trailer with 2 other horses or my sisters extra large 3 horse, without that safety assurance.

 I hope it all works out, I am overloaded with trying to find hoof boots and get Easy Walker shoes,(not to mention, working!). My sister has a guy in her area that did her hitch for her...she is helping me do this. If it does not work out in time...I will stuff Theo in my trailer..and go it with the smaller trailer behind my truck- with out the anti-sway, Load level bars. Not my first choice, but it will not be the extra long load of my sisters trailer.

Anywho, that is around the corner and for this 4th of July looked like summer, it felt like summer and by golly~ IT IS SUMMER!
We had a glorious Independence day Ride too....tandem trotting (have to work on that , Tandem cantering definately HAVE TO work on this too) My mare,being space challenged and a speed demon, sees the trotting and always the cantering as racing. So..a place like this is awesome, for the roads that are wide enough to keep at the  tandem training!

We had gone about 7 miles to the destination lookout point, I wished to reach. We hand grazed them for a short time ,  tied em to the 'Hitchin' posts",  then sat  ourselves down for our own small munching delight.

The mare and Big Skye were nicely relaxed in the shade~

Of course, my friend willingly sat overlooking the Molalla River far below, and her faithful steed by her side gave me photo documentation opportunities!

She matches her horse so well, being blond and long legged.
She is also laid back but direct when it counts. I have found that I too, am much like my mare...stout, round, dark and usually having boundless energies for the adventure.( there are far more than that, truly)

WHAT WAYS are YOU like YOUR HORSE? Are you?
Think about that~

We then decided to go further to a water fall ( I did not know would be obscured by foliage). I have been there earlier in the season, before the leaves sprouted was a cool loop trail though, complete with bridge.
 My friend and her mount went up  around some stone stairs to investigate the view.

It was a fabulous ride...the longest I have had on my NEW ANSUR saddle . I tried something different too...I used a simple cotton pad..I HAD is My Festive RED/ WHITE AND BLUE pipped pad!
The mare seemed to be well, and though tired by the time we got to Mile 13 coming back, after trotting and having a good gallop too, she was in good spirits.
She rarely perks up for photos!

I felt so Euphoric, literally, that night when I was talking to my husband about his day and ours too.
Think it was the whole day but especially after I had hand walked the mare for the last 2 miles...I threw the rope over her saddle, and walked as fast as I could...the mare trailing behind me, as she was a little foot sore in the hinds from the rocks..It was the perfect amount of riding and walking and friendship!

Monday next, she is to be Shod, all the way around, with EASY WALKERS. We also do Thermography, as the fronts come off  to see if there is any difference from her base temperature read out -6 weeks ago.

Be well my friends and enjoy the summery times(and fallish times abroad)



  1. Looks like a fabulous time! Gorgeous horses :)

  2. What gorgeous photos!
    What a nice way to spend the fourth.

  3. Always amazes me that this much green is only a few miles away from the desert.

    I think quite a bit about how interesting it is that I wound up with a mare with a lot of the same personality traits I have (opinionated, stubborn, independent). Even though I get exasperated with her quite often, I can always UNDERSTAND her perfectly!

    Looking forward to hearing about your next trip!

  4. Good times :) So happy to see the leggy blondes back out on the trail again. What a great way to celebrate the holiday!

    Thinking on the how are Val and I the same question...

    We are both slow to give our trust... both act braver than we really are sometimes... and both very fond of a good meal and a good snooze!

  5. Keep us updated on the hoof happenings, okay?

    About your question: In what ways am I NOT like my horses? (lol)

    I just recently figured out I have more in common with my boy than I thought. Seems we both need to be kept on task at work or we'll do everything but (like reading blogs all day, oy).

  6. I am just so jealous of your trails!!... have I said that often enough?....

  7. Exciting plans and great photos of rides taken! (Who knew there was a thing like "fence in a box?") Have fun! PS Looks VERY green there.

  8. You sound like one happy camper!

  9. Looks like some very nice riding indeed. How am I like my horse, good question.

    Well I have breathing problems so does Niko, I am a pig about treats just like Niko, I worry about small thing also like Niko, I like to go fast Niko does too, and like your friend I have long legs to go with my horses.

    Your up coming ride sounds like it will be a lot of fun even if pricey, and I am glad to hear your friend is well again and back on her trusty mount having a nice time riding with you.

  10. Thanks Allison and Veronica!

    Mares anf girls...we do share much in common!

    Yes, it was good to have a safe, uneventful ride... other than, good clean fun -with her- after her other ride we had!

    Shannon! Funny..yes, that is another one of Wa mare's and mine "alikes"..staying on difficult and sometimes she try to get out of, I NEVER do that! teehehe!

    I am blessed...i know it too..I thank heaven for the wonderful riding atmosphere always, and each time out!

    Yea, I was shocked and pleasantly pleased to find anything of the sort as a "Fence in a bag"! You don know why is is so green!

    Lori~ Yesserie..warmer ,brighter,in the saddle stuff- makes me smile inside and out~

    You always have the best answers..detailed and honest! Niko and yourself are suited well..much like mine and me,
    I am ultra senitive -so is she.
    I am athletic and compettitve-so is she.
    I am happy when I am chewing-so is she!

  11. Hmm, you made me think. About if and how Naloma and I are alike. Interesting ;-)

    I like the adventureous sound of your upcoming trip. Nice that your guys are coming too. And good to see that your friend is back in the saddle too. They make a pretty couple, she and her horse.

    Have a great trip honey. Hope all goes well and that you have a fab time ;-)

  12. Oh wow I just LOVE your new header photo. It has been lovely to jump on your blog and catch up with all your beautiful adventures.
    The summer sun through the trees is a wonderful site and as always nicer even still through Wa mares ears

  13. what a beautiful ride:) glad the hubby is going on your next adventure!

  14. Sounds like a wonderful ride with a dear friend. And how exciting to be planning for a special horse vacation that incorporates husbands, too.

    And I liked what you said about noticing the ways that we are like our horses. I think my mare and I have many things in common, but I'll have to think deeper on that to be more specific.

    Good post and pretty photos,

  15. Carolina awe thanks...I'm very pleased she got back on her horse...but to be honest im playing it safe..tandeum..instead of me In front or her in front..mine does not buck.

    Let me know on Naloma's like ways to you~

    Sally, that is so sentiments too...the views ate greatly enhansed by my mare's ears!

    Sasha, thanks and yes ,my turn to take the man along!

    So awesome to see you Liss!

    Oh yes so many ways we reflect each other, our mares and us!
    It just feels so right for my man to go with for one of the biggest trips I've ever taken my horse on...hes my constant comfort zone..I'm in the zone with him!

  16. Lovely photos!!

    Ruby, Australia x

  17. Thanks for commenting on my blog! :)
    Ruby x


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