Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Turbo Trail Riders

                                        ZUMWALT PRAIRIE~ 330,000 acres of grassy bliss~

A little fixer-stopping needed

Then off we went, into the wild blue yonder!

Instead of many words and far more photos...I have decided to -snip it- share- through our PRETTY DARNED INCREDIBLE equine vacation~

I found out I had another name from my new, cool riding partner (above). She and her lovely warmblood THEO, (yes wa mare's turn out buddy from home) rode along the roughly- 800 mile- trip with us to Wallowa County, Oregon.
She calls me the 'Turbo trailrider"...tee hehe, I rather liked that!


  1. omygosh that last photo with the field and mountains, it's gorgeous!

    i anxiously await more stories!

    (and miss my home)

  2. Looks absolutely stunning. If the weather in central Oregon is as stunning as it is in central WA this summer, I imagine it was just about perfection!

  3. Welcome back from vacation! So far looks awesome.

  4. Holy cow, that's a biiig mountain up ahead!

  5. Gorgeous last photo! I envy your exciting new places. I know Daisy would absolutely love it. You ARE a turbo trailrider!

  6. 800 miles... you didn't ride horseback that far, ...? Do you mean trailered that far and then rode your horses?

    Beautiful photos.

  7. Oh look at that view! The prairie and those mountains. Breathtaking. I'm so glad you had a great time and that you're back home safe again. Can't wait to see more photos. Turbo Trailrider indeed ;-)

  8. Very nice photos, that is a lot of land to ride on, now you sure could do some galloping there. Looking forward to your next post.

  9. Brilliant shots, vast and truly great!

  10. Ahhh! Not sure if I just missed seeing that header pic yesterday, but.... it's great!!!

  11. Ooooohhhh how amazing!!!. I just love the vast spaces. You must have felt truely awesome riding in such beautiful scenery. I hope the gorgeous Wa mare was a good girl and did your new saddle stay everything you hope?. Look forward to more photos


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