Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New Red Boots will travel

Getting ready for the Away trip to Joseph, Oregon with the stable...
(all photo's are phone photos)
My  small 2 hse trailer L -my sisters 3 hse TALL & WIDE Rt

What a whirlwind of things to do before the trip...mainly making sure that Theo, huge warmblood horse, fit inside the trailer. He is traveling with Wa mare and I am so happy for this, as I don't think she'd do very well alone for this long a haul. After traveling an entire day down to Newport, Oregon Monday...I now have a cool new Trailer hitch...Thanks sissy!

It affords the "Load Leveler Bars" to be placed as I am borrowing my sisters BIG trailer. My sister impresses me with safety all the time and even though most the time, nothing will happen bad, she has taught me to plan for the time it may happen. So this measure of safety, I am happy to comply with. Of course, the new thing came with the extra other measures we had to being a different length than we had to go reconfigure the chains too! It's kinda long load so I will be the one making the WIDE turns!

This whole event of fixing the trailer parts happened after  my mare got fit for her new RED Renegade hoof boots!

The gal must have though me nutty...I was kinda excited that they were RED. Out of all the colors this rep could have brought, These were the ones I would have ordered!
This fitting was  this representatives and mine first meeting, though we had been arranging it for some time. I was to be reshod in 2 days and planned on a full set of "EASY WALKERS" but, THEO needed the hoof boots  for this trip. Look how pretty the RED Boots look- on his Black legs!

 I prepared for the time when I will not have the E.W. horseshoes on and needed the protection of a hoof boot, so we split the travel cost for the fitting.... BOY am I glad I did buy the rear boots....
 as a few days later when my gal came out to re shoe, Wa just couldn't or wouldn't hold her hind up for the shoeing..she seemed off when I took her into the arena to stretch her out and see what was the issue. It was not worth tweaking  her out and trouble it took the barefoot specialist(former farrier) to try to Shoe her hinds with the E.W. shoes...I listened to my mare and said...we'll be good without.
I settled on the fronts and called  it finished~

Another part of the puzzle was to trailer Theo and WA together. So a few days later we planned this...I hooked up the  truck with new configuration...not too tough, and we prepared for the loading. Poor Theo has not been in a trailer since he was almost  Deathly ill with a twisted gut in colic, last fall...he was a bit nervous....

While he willingly loaded, he did try a few escapes.  I asked if I may take over the loading procedures...I don't want anyone getting hurt in my trailer, I would rather do it.
I used my training stick wedged behind his hind end to make sure he did not bolt/back out..and he did turn around quickly one time, to face me and I had the stick between us in a flash, and he realised...not to come through me or he'd hit himself. We have a peaceable understanding he and I. I handle him sometimes when I bring in or out of pasture. We started this understanding last fall, as I would hand walk him during the colic time...he can be a fearful handful, but he also is very sensitive and as long as I respectfully ask things of him but with a certain competent authority, he complies nicely. This will be something he will gradually understand, trusting, as we continue to repeat good experiences.

We had a fabulous ride, just trailering 1 mile down the road from the stable. Though, we had some challenges there, as the forest was being logged and trees were falling loud and hard. Those two horses acted great -with the commotions! 

All in all, it will be working out nicely= New trailer hitch, new boots,  will travel!
And the best of all...Good freinds and My man!
BARKING MAD FARM here we come!

Some views...oou lala!

See you all on the return...if you think of it, please pray for our safe journey, as it is pretty far, the farthest I have ever taken the mare~

Be well, Ride on!


  1. Red boots are good! They are easy to find when they come off. I lost a black one and never did find it! Have fun!

  2. Wa's got RUBY SLIPPERS!!

    I love it :) I hope you have a blast on your far away trip. Can't wait to hear (and see) all about it K!

  3. I just got lost on the Barking Mad Farm website. What a beautiful spot. So cool, you can bring the horses an still have a luxurious place to hang. Very nice. I will be throwing safe thoughts your way. I sure wish I was a fly in your trailer. he he

  4. Good luck with your journey I am sure all will go well, love the new boots they look so awesome especially in red! Anyway hope you have a great time looking forward to your return.

  5. **grin** ruby slippers....
    Have a safe journey, and a wonderful holiday.

  6. Aren't renegade hoof boots awesome?! I've heard such good things about them and had a pair for my old girl Naigen. Unfortunately they do not fit Indigo or any others because they are small so I sold them. I am thinking about getting a pair for Indigo.

  7. Follow the yellow brick road!

    Have fun :)

  8. Where have I been?? Love the new header and all the great colors...especially those new red boots.

    Sounds like a fantastic time and the pictures are wonderful.

  9. The red boots look great! Have a great trip, enjoy, have fun and stay safe :)

  10. I'm loving the red boots.
    Have a fun and safe trip, Kacey. Take lots of pictures and tell us all about it. Looking forward to it.

  11. The red boots are hilarious. I love them! When I saw them I was thinking that I should show them to our farrier. He may faint, hehe. He's (and his clients are) not really about horseshoes, other than the iron ones. He's a really good farrier though and very patient with the horses. But he may not survive a photo of the red boots ;-)

    I'll be thinking of you, your MAN, friends and horses for this trip to be a safe and fun one. Enjoy :-)

  12. I learn so much here and enjoy myself as well. Your photos are stunning! Wish I had time for that rocking chair... :) Have fun on your trip!

  13. Red hot boots - love it!! I like to think of them as Wa's "ruby slippers" too...she'll feel so pretty! Will say a prayer for your safe and enjoyable jouney. Gorgeous place!! I'd love to move there! Have fun Kacy!!
    On a sadder note, we lost our beloved Siri mare last night to colic. So sudden, and so unexpected. Bless her heart, she was 29 years young, and will be buried under the apple tree today. :( We kept our promise to her that she'd never leave her home... Blessings my friend.

  14. I love those red boots, also like the ones that you're wearing too.
    Have a safe and happy trip!

  15. Still laughing about the "ruby slippers" comment.

    Good luck and happy trails on the trip. Looks like you'll have a great time.

  16. You won't lose those boots! Have fun and can't wait to hear about it!

  17. Now then! Red boots?....My OH? She would kill for red shoes like those, well not exactly like those! But you get my drift!

    Then again? My horse would kill for those boots too!Lol

  18. Hope you're having a good time. Sure looks like a spectacular place - what awesome scenery. I LOVE the red boots!


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