Sunday, April 14, 2013

Off Horse On Mend

Scene of the spook jettison- incident

I had planned on our first outing for "Mare Walking" to go back to where I was so abruptly parted from my horse. Wa mare seemed reticent to walk the road, and as we did...flying fish(Trout) were 
flinging themselves from the waters to catch flies!! This made the mare jump, more than once. 
She was super good not to pull on me though. I can't have that going on right now.

It brought up a thought for my mind instantly too; though the fisherman was all the way across the pond, maybe a fish did a leap nearer to us- in the little section of waters seen above, at the same time? 
It is astounding to see these 7-12 inch, or better, beauties suddenly fly out of the water!  It made me crack up as this particular Trout jumped four times, in about 3 seconds.

Phone panorama of a place we walk

Wa has been enjoying these walks and all the grass grazing. I have enjoyed getting into the outdoors, in between working a little at the salon, and sitting with ice and a cat on my lap. 
The near constant ache is weighing on me, and I feel for those that have had these sorts of pains for years. I am about had with it, and the amount of drugs it does take to stay off  the ache-OH!

Mari cat helping me heal

 I have to be careful with these "Mare Walks", everything must be done with my right arm. I have been well pleased with the mare, as she still is acting as if "she KNOWS" that I am on the fragile side of life, at the moment. She has not pulled ahead or even made the rope taunt, as we walk and I allow her to graze .

I am waiting for my X ray results back soon. My therapist focused upon my neck and the C 4-5 disks Friday. The pain and tenderness there, with throbbing  left arm,  has me worried about the possibility of having fractured a disk. 
Of course, one of my friends from church came into the salon this week, she had a "ruptured neck disk" a few years ago. I have strict instructions not to cut her hair shorter at the she has a scar from the surgery. It made me slightly nervous thinking about that, as I looked at her scar. 
My Therapist has been reassuring me that he thinks; while I did injure my disks pretty bad, he knows the signs of burst disks and mine have shown lesser symptoms. My arm strength has not decreased and while the throbbing has continued, it has moved up my arm and out of my wrist and forearm, in the past 10 days.
I'll go with that positive till we read the X rays!

I will be thankful, as I truly am, that things were not worse and of course, be thinking of how I may decrease injury rates for riding again. 

I wished I had my VEST... but will be for the near future. 
My therapist also mentioned something that had me cracking up...Mouth guards.
Yea, I broke a tooth too in the fall. The first thing that hurt, was my jaw that day. Now I know probably ( like I mentioned) was open in  sudden shock and snapped shut. So, tomorrow I not only have to get my mare's hooves trimmed by someone else, though trusted, it is because I am unable to do it myself now. I go to a new dentist as well. I HAD to find someone  new and on our dental plan, as  somethings I need will be covered 100%.
So while I miss the mare terribly this weekend...and getting out in the out doors places. 
"the-entire-day-resting-healing-up-program", is what the Dr. has ordered...when I may steal it!
So I will think on our last 3 mile outing walk...The mare allowing me a pit stop here, but keeping an eye out for me, over her shoulder all the same!

And I shall think on the D'apple mare too. We got to ride  once or twice while my sis was at the coast a few weeks back, when Spring looked nice. 

D'apple mare was super for me, as we worked in the newly reworked round pen. It is awesome  having the new sand layers, with the boards around the pen, to keep the investment in place. 
Very soft, with no protruding, offensive rocks to make the horse have to think about anything but -YOU!
It was so warm, she looked dosey!

T touch "balance wrap"

 It has since turned fierce, resembling winter again. Like most of the country, high 70's then freezing overnights!
I missed the last lessons with trainer "C", because of the accident I had.  But my sister told me, it was a total crap day for lessons. The arena where D'ap is , is partially open and the Wicked hail and winds of the day, had them stopping  frequently so, for not being able to hear! 
I am glad I missed that.

My sister is still mending her Sciatica problems. She finally got to the bottom of why she has been in so much pain...Atrophied muscles around the nerves. 
So, she is now doing therapies to try to remedy it and heal up. So JUST MAYBE, she and I will ride "TOGETHER", sometime in the future. We have not since she moved up here last fall, due to her fractured ankle bone and now the Sciatic stuff.

Lots to look ahead to...and feeling up to par, is the first on the list!


  1. I feel for you. You must be in so much pain from your disc problem. I had that once and it was excruciating, glad you have some good meds and the kitty to help you relax. Hang in there it will get better.

    Your walk with Wa sounds peaceful. She is such a good girl for you and I'm sure she knows you don't feel well. She is probably looking forward to when you can ride her again.

    I wonder if the fish did spook her. We have some large trout in our pond and they startled Grady one day when they were swimming close to the surface as we passed by.

    Feel better soon.

    1. Yea the disk stuff kills,as YOU do know! But in the arm pain has receded in the last 2 weeks by several inches . I am sure it has to do with the swelling.My health and the weather are "On the Turn".


    1. Yea, I had a boarder buddy intervene for me once at the second place i had her, when the Nut-ola owner stopped feeding her all my grain and supps...and barely any hay...she was skinny! Anywho, the gal told the owner, "What's it to you how she takes care of her horse, it is like her "daughter......."
      THANKS GRANNY! You can be mine as I have none anymore, and never any that said a little Pray for me! Love it, thanks!

  3. I hope you continue to heal well - sending best wishes and prayers.

  4. Heal well, and heal fast! Sending up some knee mail for you......
    Love that photo of Wa mare at your "pit stop".

    1. The KNee mail has truly helped, I am certain of it, thank you, bless you

  5. That is an interesting balance wrap. Good to keep future rides in mind. Will look forward to reading about you & your sisters rides.

    Your tooth may be broken, but your spirit clearly isn't. You are inspiring, taking the mare for a walk & all. Hope your xrays come back favorable, and you continue healing better. Thanks for the kind words over at my blog. I always look forward to hearing from you, here or their.

    1. Awe, thanks...I love my horsey buds. very much..I .like sticking together and helping one another to look up and forward! I enjoy the journey and clearly, you have begun a good horsey one too!
      I do ride with the back half of that Balance wrap seems to encourage the hind end to come under more.

      YEA..XRAYs showed the damage and a bit of a wrong curve to my neck...but nothing fractured!

  6. KC! I just caught up with what has happened to you! Hope your pain starts to disappear soon. As others have said, you have an amazing attitude. Please keep us posted.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Lori, I will let ya know, thanks for Your caring~

  7. Ok, sweet Kacy, sounds like you are getting it all sorted out. Rest and repair and tooth repair. Think good thoughts and think healing thoughts - the body will heal when you think about it healing.

    What a scare. I do think walking is good for you. Gentle movement promotes healing too as does being out in the fresh air with your mare.

    I am so sorry you have pain - ugh that is the worst. Good luck and much fast recovery!

    1. Yea...getting out helps me to think good things...getting stuck inside sours my mind..but heals me..I have done every other day in and out , in and then out again..seems to have worked so far, and the Boswellia and other natural stuffs I was recommended to consume. The Energy work my man has done on me, the few times..WOWEE>>>> that has helped the most!

      Thanks sweet friend for the encouragement

  8. p.s. This comment (above) published straightaway, but my comment on the post about your accident said that it would post after your approval. Oh, I hope I am not having comment problems again!

    1. Na, No Problems With Comments Jules, I Just Have That applied For Comments After A Week...So I Won't Miss Them!
      thank You For TheEncouragement!!

      Though I'm Pretty Sore After Our Walks,I Di Think Its Still A Good Thing Too

  9. oh my--hope things heal up soon. I thought about one of those vests too, until I saw the price tag, OW! That would hurt too. It's so hard to stay put and recover (I know all too well), but take care of yourself so you can back in the saddle again soon. Good for Wa mare to let you walk her back to "the scene".

    1. THOSE Tipperary vests are affordable, but the other one..."Hit Air" is woo hoo out of my price, you must wear it over something like the Tip vest anyway.
      I thought of YOU alot asd i was ailing and hurting IS getting better now...time...time and more time!
      She has been SUPER...though today for her hooves..not so good, but she had not gotten ou(blast it)and was super stiff.

  10. You'll feel better! The last unplanned dismounting I took left me with an extremely sore/painful shoulder for about 8 weeks. The older you get, the longer it takes to heal...but heal you will!

  11. i like the look of that ttouch wrap. i trained baasha with those methods and he was very body aware his entire life from it. would love to have the chance to start again.

    thank you for your apology - i have been wondering all this time but i think i've put the pieces together now.

    your blog still hurts to read because of my own pathetic jealousy, but lord willing soon i'll be reading every word again.

    i want to have a "Two Fatties Meet" photo on my blog soon, with April 2013 as the caption. please god....

    1. OH YEA>>>> I am happy to hear of the "Two Fatties Meeting" (In Future) on your blog!!!
      It sounds as though you are moving forward, and I believe that to be such a blessing for your heart and mind to have found such honest/nice folks, as yourself, and a HORSE TOO!

      That TTouch method I works for just around hindquarters, as you ride the trails too.
      While I am hand walking the mare, I am going to start using it now, I think.

      Prayer vigil is still going for the results favorable/ and the best to come about for you B~
      also for the stinging of seeing the NW on my blog will subside...YOU HAVE A GOD GIVEN LIFE TOO...WITH BEAUTY -GRACE Abounding...mine might look good through photos and words, but there are travails underneath, that come with my life, YOU don't envy.

  12. Oh Kacy, so sorry to hear you've been hurt! I've been so busy this past week that I haven't been reading any of my regular many things going on right now. But, thank God you weren't injured more seriously than you were. Always room for thankfulness and protection...will hope and pray that you're back in full form very soon. Blessings, Lorie

  13. thankyou for your sweet message...sorry to hear of your accident, and sending special healing thoughts across the pond

  14. Kacy I'd missed all this! So sorry and really hoping you'll heal fully very soon. Thinking of you, be strong xx


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