Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Easy Walker horseshoes

Last year I tried, on the high recommendations  of my freind Sydney over at  "Bitless horseblog"- the "EASYWALKER" horseshoes.

While I did not care for the Shoer dude that set them, for the very inconsistent results each time...it was not the shoe but the shoer's problem. So, after I had had them set on the mare three times last spring to summer, they were removed and I knew I would have to find another to administer them for me for this year.

I loved how the mare responded to the nice grip on pavement, and she was oh-so-willing to step up and move out! The integral pad, gave me peace of mind too...protecting her sole, as we trotted and  galloped the rocky roadways of Forestry service ways to trails. The rocks are not the small gravely ones we lay in paddocks, driveways. They are huge and can reach the sole of the horse, even with a normal shoe on. I was recommended to have the pads left on the shoes, and solepack put in, for bacterial retard and concussion purposes.

 Loved this shot, with the prettiest  flowers behind my mare's legs. If only the shoes were RED..it would make the shot of our signature American colors! It was the first day of the shoes and we had a fabulous ride,  as the mare strode out nicely with no- fear of bruising herself!

So, in a few week's time, I will have had the shoes on the fronts for 6 weeks, and the resetting apt has been made. Just in time for horsey-outings planned to terrains that are hugely rocky--all on their own, without human interference!

The mare's hooves/with E.W. shoes  have become a study for THERMOGRAPHY outcomes and EASYWALKER horseshoes.  The barefoot trimmer( um, yea, you read that right) I have, that set the Sports Medicine Horseshoes wants more to offer her clients, since hoof boots are NOT always the answer...I know!
So she and the Thermographer (my own horse therapist) have taken symposiums together through the vetting world, on hooves and correct trimming for horse's leg and overall hoof  health. They are in this together...to find the  healthy  answers and a conclusion on the E.W. shoes.  I am excited to be able to supply them with my TB mare example for the study.

Will keep you all apprised of results as they happen.-oh, that reminds me , I must take photos of the wearing process for this week! So far..the duct tape makeshift shoes, for the hinds,  have worked out pretty well...but I am investing in the Duct tape Co. now..so I am looking into "RENEGADES" for the mare too. Thanks for the feedback for those.


  1. yah. so glad they are still working for the girl!

  2. Does she have really soft hooves or leg problems? Whey these shoes? I know nothing about this and am truly just curious.

  3. I actually have the same question as Margaret. TB's, I've read, can have softer hooves than usual, is that the case? And yes it is interesting that the bare foot trimmer is invovled also. Hopefully for you it means more riding, less lameness. Especially with summer here! Yaay! (I think)

  4. I've bought stock in most hoof boot co. trying them all, to have them twist, rub, fall off...and recently injure my mare. They can hinder the gate as well.
    So, Sydney, who believes in the barefooted horse for continued flowof circulation and leg hea lth, suggested them. I researched them. They, like my new saddle, create circulation through continued undulating.Shock absorbsion....be back with part two answer!

  5. Very interesting. I've never heard of those shoes before. They look good on your mare.

  6. The shoes are GREEN & GOLD the colors of the OREGON DUCKS...too funny!

    A who, TB'S can have thin hoof walls...and because ofc the breeding not good concavity sometimes. She has pretty good of both those...but living in rainy ,soggy muddy..hooves become softer. The terrains here are rocky..so that meansto avoid bruising, limping horse that could deveope abscesses-you boot or shoe. I've grown up with an alternative mindset...I've tried all the boots, and steel shoes are not for us.
    I want circulation, and concussion as barefoot with shock absorbsion. These do that! Plus they slip not, on pavement.

    So, the Thermography is for showing the health to the foot and leg...the tech had proof of steel shoes already.
    D oes that answer?

  7. Cool photos, as always.
    Terry at Moondance

  8. Ohhh. That will be interesting. Please do keep us posted.

  9. Oooh very exciting!! Please do link me to your post when you do this. I would love to know. I've been using them a lot and have had encouraging results with my own and other horses that were previously not sound with metal shoes.

  10. Yep! Sound like the smart thing to do in this climate. Thanks for the explanation!

  11. You're very lucky to have professionals around you who are willing to invest time in finding out what the best and newest developments in horse shoes are. When I read your blog, with your horse therapist visiting regularly, I feel that we in the Netherlands, at least all the horsey people I know, are lacking behind.

    Will be reading your findings with interest ;-)

  12. Nice photo, I have never really considered shoes like this before, it will be interesting to see how they go from here on, I hope you will keep us informed.

  13. Very good news you found someone who can "install" them correctly. I am very interested in seeing the study results too.

  14. Yay! I'm really curious about how they wear and how you like them this season. We have a lot of mica and other nasty rocks here, so I will need to consider something for my two when we trail ride, in the future.

    I would love to see comparative thermography photos showing steel shoes, Wa barefoot and Wa with the Easy Walkers, if that's possible. There is always so much to learn!

  15. So glad the Easywalkers work for you! You've got tough terrain up there for sure.

  16. ...so these shoes have a "give" so the hoof can flex? which is healthy for the leg, etc? I really like the idea of the barefoot trimmer and "shoer" working together. I think it is a HUGE advantage they don't slip - I just hate traditional shoes because of that...

  17. I hope the shoes work for Wa and you and all your rough rides. I am interested to see the outcomes.

    So glad the saddle is working out well. You two are intrepid in your rides so you deserve the very best!

  18. Also interested to hear about those boots. We're barefoot too.. but having mostly sand to walk on we haven't even worn our cavallos yet. Maybe when we get as adventuresome as you two are - we will need better foot protection.

    Happy for you, Wa and your new saddle :)!!

  19. Hi C!
    On the Hoof BOOT rest of the story:

    Well the Cavallo Maker(Carole) called me weeks ago and she was the nicest gal. She is in Canada. Cavallo hoof BOOTS came into the making for her horse. Designs have changed and they supposedly had some type of therography imaging done...but hs said the mad who did the imaghing said it was
    " unreliable".
    I was able to tell her that my professional was just that..licensed through the precision/ highest clinical studies . She went to collage along side Olympian Vets, in Florida.
    Anyway, long story a bit shorter..i felt confident telling the owner of Cavallo hoof boots, her technician did NOT know what he was doing if he had not been certified under the vetting/thermography licensing board.It is science not hopeful picture taking!

    She gave to me the full refund $128
    and also told me that they were desinging a shorter profile hoof boot. I recommended that she design a rating system for wear p[rojection... as the TOP BRANDS( Renegade/Easy boots)...never touch the flesh and hair of the pasturns and are rated for milage, according to damage they may present to the horse should they be higher profile boots( like her Cavallos)!

    She was genuinely distressed that i had caused injury. But I told her that I felt better knowing she would actully look into a better design for the horse's well being!

    With These EASY WALKER HORSESHOES no more grunting and short stepping in pain. I am also looking into the "Renegade" hoof boots for future barefooted adventures. I really do wish to keep her with out nails.

    The Thermography, in a weeks time, when we take them off will tell us what we need to know, about our future of using them or not.

  20. How cost-effective are the Easy Walkers compared to hoof boots or regular metal shoes? I'd be interested in something like these for Gabe, but not if the cost is out of control. We have some rocky trails, but nothing like what you ride on, and I'd need something that will give "grip" during jumping.

  21. This sounds really interesting and might be something that would help Dusty. I'll be looking for more info.

  22. Well so far Jenn,
    I have talked to several folks that traditionally SHOE with steel..they pay upwards of $90 for 2 and $130-40 for full sets sometimes. I won't consider steel for the reason of terrible concussion for the horses legs.

    The Thermography results show nunbness in the hoof and sometimes, limbs.
    Very interested in seeing the thermography when we take the off -compared.
    My barefoot farrier is concerned with the pathagens being introduced, through the nail holes.
    The full set for the EW shoes is $115.

  23. I am very interested in finding out the results of this "study." I, too, am a long-time barefoot advocate. However, I've become very frustrated with boots for several reasons- fit, rubs, and price.
    Another frustration is I cannot use them in the dressage phase of my eventing. My horse moves 100 times better in his boots, and is stiff and sometimes ouchy in dressage without them.
    I also train/ride competitive trail horses who sometimes are a nightmare to fit to boots that WONT rub them...
    So... I'm looking into a shoeing method that will be as close to barefoot as possible, NOT cause contraction or increase shock like steel, and be easy to apply (ornot too hard to learn), as I trim my own horses.
    Thanks so much!

  24. Ok I just posted this huge long comment, and I think google ate it :( please email me if you didnt get the comment I tried to post


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