Thursday, June 30, 2011

She's With Me

I have to share something that really made me smile on the inside and out~

While the mare is still not offering to come to the gate when I call to her and sometimes, like yesterday, she actually walked away and went into the "deep cover zone"  as she saw me enter the  field. Something about these  changes has me endeared more to her. It gives me more chances to get to know her and identify and acknowlege her.

I laughed when I saw her there, hiding in the thicket. I stayed on the outside of it, looked in at her as I beckoned her to join me. She actually made a move towards the center of the trees, like she may come through made me chuckle at the jesture.

Here is what she did that truly warmed me, that I have not thought to ask of her before.
 I had joined her inside her deep cover zone,  rubbed on her face and jaw, which she really enjoys . Then, I simply asked her to follow me on out to the field. She willingly followed and soon, I was walking beside her toward the gate. I had the halter and rope around my shoulder, as we strode the ground together.  With my hand upon her mane she had her nice, swingy walk going- that made me fall slightly behind and move my hand to her wither. As I picked my way on the path to the gate, she kept her neck lowered not pulling  away or even hesitatitating.

It felt so cool  walking  that way with her . . . She was definately WITH ME!


  1. Yes very cool indeed, I love to walk with my equines as they happily march off to the gate, Murphy is the best to do this with, as he is only small so is easy to keep up with. It is nice that you have such a good friendship with your mare, she really does trust you.

  2. Aw, don't you love those moments?! I love when I have the time before a ride to allow Daisy to come to me rather than go get her myself... it takes patience, standing quietly and waiting, but so rewarding when she comes to me and we can choose to walk together. :)

  3. I think, you are getting something special at this time. She is letting you protect her.

  4. Isn't that the coolest thing. I know she is your ~heart~ horse. You write about the same things I do with my Windy.

    You've had some fantastic pictures lately. I need to get with it!

  5. She's there with you because she WANTS to be...not because you're making her with a halter/lead. That's the best part. :D Enjoy your weekend, hope you get lots of horse time!

  6. Haha, she is like one of my boss's horses. When Rhett sees the trailer pulling up in the yard, he walks a good distance away and hides behind some trees peeking out, thinking, 'what kinda cockamamie ride are they taking me on THIS time?' I'll have to go catch him, because he won't let her do it. Now we've started pulling the trailer in the yard a few days before, so he gets used to it! That's great that you connected with your mare like that.
    : )
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  7. This whole Redhorse thing has been enlightening..even if I and she were disconcerted at first.

    It's reminded me of my faith..nothing is as it appears, and yet whatever it is, Is for the best. The happenings of a day, a month, a year are special ingredients...they all make the cake ...not any one item.
    I need to make the best out of what I have for ingredients!

    I'm really loving it all.

  8. I think you are both teaching each other something about trust. I love that Header! Have a great weekend. (Hopefully, it's not raining!)

  9. You were being part of the herd. I think it is a great idea to just spend time with them in the pasture - not always ride them. I took a folding chair the other day and read a book in the pasture. The pony kept walking by us and looking at us ... it was so funny. (she nickered when we left! )


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