Monday, June 6, 2011

Happy Ears ~ Under Saddle

Oh yes folks..this mare is a very relaxed, and happy horse with her new ANSUR saddle.
 Oh my...I can't tell you how my nerves were even nervous, about this day!

My conclusion (this is now after 4 rides) on the ANSUR "KONKLUSION" is: It's and an excellent choice for us!

Had to find these to use.

The "lock down" last week, due to the equine virus, helped with cleaning out the locker and doing inventory!
Yea...found many items that will be used for a saddle!
"Sprummer" has blossomed here in our neck of the woods in Oregon. That is a different word than normal for this time of year, but also are the conditions we have had. We have gone from winter temps and conditions, to seeing springtime show up, with summer temperatures!
Woo...a bit of a shock, but with the heavenly breezes that came right along with the problem, it was PERFECTLY GREAT! And I got to  pick up my NEW ANSUR saddle Friday and ride these past 4 days-trial like. It was even GREATER!

Of course I have so much to say, with many words about the rides the mare and me have had. Also, about a million photos! BUT... (and my butt is so sore) I am so wiped out from being on the go ... and posting lately is labor intensive...combo old computer and blogger antics. I will  only tell a wee bit of the rides this time and show you a few photos.

My New Saddle's looks are certainly  different than traditional. But, it is NOT Traditional. The measurements are the same, in all the right places- for function and comfort. All other things about the design, are MUCH different for the mare - that is why I think it works for her.

The  first saddle (test) ride was the long  decent from the stable. Hills have always made the mare pensive with saddles. Them slipping and hitting her shoulders.
 I was nervous and almost did not ride down the hill. I am so glad I chose to ride, not walk. It was fantastic, no stopping, hollowing, ear pinning. Nothing but happy, relaxed snorts, here and there. I have to credit the "HAF" pad for the non- slippage too.

We walked the new jump course for the first ride out ...easy peeasy. The next day, since it was much warmer and I had another ride planned on Mustang Cazi, later on in
 the evening...the mare and me just did a 25 minute OUT & BACK, jumping the course!  And yesterday, I rode with a gal from the stable. Each time I tried a different configuration of the saddle..with and without leg blocks.

I'll be getting back to you soon on all the specs!
Hope that your  "Sprummer" weekend was fantabulous too!

Crummy phone photo- before the ride

 One other little ditty here. I brought the saddle home so the family could see it in kinda is a member and all. I weighed it ..Freyda cat weighs more than my new saddle does!!
She is 17 lbs and my new "KONKLUSION" saddle is only 14lbs!( did it several times 'cause I was so shocked!

More to come about the ULTIMATE TEST HACK OUT RIDE~ And...
  My EQUESTRIAN WORLD FRIEND...I've the post brewing, for the favorite TACK!!


  1. I am so happy for you - I know it can be hard to find the right sadle. Your horse looks very happy too.

  2. Thanks for the link, I am looking forward to the post I am sure it will be very interesting. Glad you are enjoying the new saddle doesn’t it feel great to ride with a saddle again, after so long with out one. I noticed your mare’s mane had been braded, the look suits her very nicely, and the saddle looks real good on her too, it is a very nice saddle, anyway good to hear you have your nice new saddle now hope you have a lot of fun times with it.

  3. Yeah for the new saddle working well! Love the new header too.

  4. Oh- and would ya feed that poor starvin' cat????

  5. That is 1000 different kinds of awesome! That saddle looks just beautiful, such excellent craftsmanship.

    I looked into those HAF pads, WOWSERS, I'm not sure I can afford one of those right now. I'm still paying for my saddle.

    PS- did you send me a video? Cause the sound didn't work :(

  6. Can't wait to hear how your Ansur saddle works out. Loved the samples I saw at Devonwood last summer. They've changed and improved considerably since first introduced. Eager to learn more about your experience.

  7. Funny thing is, I was just thinking about your poor butt on the new saddle and then you told us that it's sore. Awww... I'm sure your butt will learn to love the new saddle as much as you and Wa already do ;-)

  8. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new header!!! Beautiful! Awww the new saddle, so glad it is just what you wanted. Can't wait to hear the rest of the story! and more pictures! WooHoo
    I am finally getting back to blogging, I think! LOL I too am going through the tack room to weed out and sell things I don't need or don't use anymore. My back has been giving me fits of late so I haven't gotten to ride.
    love that you have your new saddle now, PLEASE don't make us too long for more pictures and stories of your wonderful rides!!! ;-)

  9. Ha - light saddle + heavy cat!

    Yay!! So glad that Wa approves of her new saddle - hopefully your behind will be happier soon too ;)
    Looking forward to the next installment of Kacy and Wa's Komfortable Konclusion!!

  10. So glad you have your new saddle at last, and you and your lovely Wa mare are happy with it. I am looking forward to reading how you get on with your rides in your new saddle.
    That is one happy looking cat:)

  11. A comfy saddle makes a happy horse, which makes a happy rider. :)

  12. Wow - it actually looks sunny! We finally left OR because it just kept raining. (Though we loved every minute of the scenery, I began to realize why everything was so green and lush!) I love the photo where Wa is looking back at her new saddle. I think I see the gleam of approval in her eye! Freyda is one hefty kitty! (Love the Header.)


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