Wednesday, June 8, 2011

HAPPY riding

The video here is very silly-go-happy and narrated as such!

 First ride Walking the OREGON TRAIL XC Course

"The mare has not seen it, we are under saddle..oh, she sees it now. There is some astonishment going on-but she moves ahead nicely.".....

"Approaching the Oregon Trail XC log jump, she sees it , a little hesitation- stopping- fine!......"
Brit man interjects his mileage- "Hoorah!"

the silly rest of the course....

Next obstacle, branches on the ground-over a rock-nothin' to it! Next obstacle, fallen tree-nothin' to it!

"And that concludes...  our...  Oregon Trail XC  course -today- thanks for joining us, bye for now!"


  1. Thans for the ride! What a great week-end we had, weather wise...about time. I think WA enjoyed the new scenery too.

  2. Oh hahahaha, I LOVED it! Love the way Wa keeps looking at you at the logs jump. I'm starting my day with a big smile now ;-)

  3. Oh just brilliant! What a good girl Wa is, and she is so comforted by your voice, lovely to see. Thank you for sharing. Have a great weekend.
    Abby x

  4. Love the Oregon Trail XC course, the happy Wa mare and the leathery sound effects! ;)

  5. Good stuff!....especially the really nice calm voice! Who is narrating those vids??? Wonderful! Sign her up!!!!lol

  6. Thanks for the ride along and the commentary. I enjoyed myself. Felt as if I was there with you. She's doing really well with the new saddle.

  7. LOL love the videos!!! You made me day, now I can go mow the yard and smile the whole time. Also gives me ideas for some jumps for Gil. We rode today but I got a late start and the flies were hungry but Gil has graduated from the Big Bay Bastard to the Best Horse in the World status today! YA!!!
    Jane and Gil donkey says HI too! :-)

  8. OMGosh I just tittered my face off watching that! Good thing my coworker is on vacation right now or he'd be giving me ugly looks.

    Love the mane, and what an excellent walk she has! I can tell by the way her neck moves.

  9. Cute commentary! She is such a good girl.

  10. simply brilliant, great commentary!!

  11. I'm getting quite the hoot over all your comments! Thanks for stopping by, glad be to a source of smiles and "Titters" to see that myself ~

  12. Great videos a very nice tour of the Oregon Trail cross country courses, nice how your mare was listening to you so much. I have left a comment on your old post that I missed.

  13. Wa walks out sooooo nice in the first video! I will watch the other two is so slow to load them!

  14. I wasn't so sure she'd do the second log, but you were, so she did it! Good for you. Terry from Moondance - I'm having trouble commenting as my signed-in self.


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