Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mare's timing

The mare changed her stance.

 While I still had to go fetch her from the far reaches of the fields, she actually almost walked me to the gate( more normal) and then onto the inner courts of the stable area.

He was standing there. I am calling him my own "stable name" of  Reddy". Its a RED horse I fell in love with,as did "JIMMY" in the book
called : " THE RED ROAN PONY", by Joseph Wharton Lippincott.
 I am sure it was my sissy's book. It is tatterd and worn. It has but one drawing of the Red Roan colt
and his dam, standing over a meadow looking ona herd of Elk. The mare is a grey and looks
 to be a TB. She was being transported by train and got loose to join a herd of Mustangs.
 It is
a facinating story, and to my young  pony crazy girl's heart, I dreampt of having such a relationship with a horse! Jimmy in the storey was my age, at the time I read the book....Written in 1934.
 So, " Reddy horse " at my stable was standing there, as close to the gate as he could get...looking all peacefull and likeable, as always. My mare went to t urn, as I had asked while closing the gate..then- she did it..she turned and LOOKED AT HIM full on, and then she   s  t  r  e  t  c  h  e  d  
out her neck as long as possible, to keep her body from moving any closer to him.  SWISHY,SWISHY her tail was going to beat the band...but NO noise of a squeel,  or reach of a hoof in strike, did she offer.
They touched not, but it seemed that she acknowleded him as not so scary red horse..he had been promoted to, "I'll allow you to look upon me Red horse".
Better it went while grooming, I asked for the normal direction,( her backside to him) she gave it to me and also, she moved and centered with a point of my finger towards her chest and barrel.I treated her and then I also turned her to face him again..she was good.

This mare's timing seemed to pay off...letting HER choose the time and place, instead of me creating the meeting, the meeting availed itself .
Whew..feeling better with THAT!


  1. It’s so good to hear that your mare is starting to get used to Reddy, I am glad to hear that all went well when they did meet properly, and it’s good that your mare is behaving more normally around him now. Keep up the good work.

  2. Pleased to hear things are improving somewhat! Its no joke when things like this happen.

  3. This is such good news and sounds like Wa is starting to settle a bit in Reddy's presence. I hope the situation will continue to improve.

  4. I totally LOVED that book! We were probably reading those at the same time. The other books I read "back in the day" were all the Blaze books, "Blaze Finds The Trail" ect.. I was taken by the illustrations, I can't remember the author just now, darn it! Anyway, WA is a smart girl, things had to happen on her time and her terms, set the ground rules early, good for her! And good for you, that kind of tension at the barn could get old real quick. I am glad she is becomming a bit more accepting. I hope it continues to be positive for you both.

  5. This sounds much better. Hopefully she'll feel relaxed in her stable again too. Or at least very soon. She's a sensitive girl, your Wa. Nice ;-)

  6. Oh good. That is nice to hear.

  7. "I'll allow you to look upon me Red horse".

    Lol - she who must be obeyed! Glad everything is settling down for you and Wa. Reddy sounds like a like-able fellow after all. ;)

  8. Thanks all!
    I'm relieved,it seems like it took forever. She still does keep track oh him, holds her breath when he neighs. Never a dull time with this mare!

  9. Good things come to those who wait! ....

  10. This is excellent news!!! I am so glad she's feeling more secure in her own home again. You were smart not to push it, and to listen to her.

  11. I love how you point and she moves for you! Reminds me so much of Joe Camp and his herd (Have you read his book?... The Soul of the Horse: Life Lessons from the Herd. It's pretty popular by now, but if you haven't read it, I think you would love it!). I always wish I could obtain that relationship with Daisy. . . she's such a mare though, it depends on the day ;)

  12. Yay! What a relief for both of you :)

    I got your comment about my saddle while under a migraine so it sort of flew away from me. Did you actually see it under construction?


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