Wednesday, November 23, 2011


This is one special* box.
This Fed Ex dude may not have thought so, specially when I raced into the office, and yanked him out of it abruptly to help me retrieve the box from my truck. It was so huge and getting it out of my home, through our gate and into my truck- was a feat. It isn't heavy at all -( I've carried Saddles heavier)  BUT- it is cumbersome and if anyone had parked near us, I would have had to ask them to move, to be able to get both truck doors open. It's the worst parking lot EVER! For how tight it is, it's a wonder I keep going back at all, to visit businesses!
I do though, and on the way there, I noticed the regular U.S. Post office lot..was FULL. I am glad that I went to Fed Ex, for the insurance built into the charges. I trust them more than the regular postal service..isn't that sad?

So the Fed Ex dude had put the BIG *BOX down already, when I got the idea to photograph it, before I sent this particular *BOX away for the third time....hopefully not to return to my doorstep again.  
This *BOX held my favorite Jump Saddle 3 years ago, as it traveled back to Bend, Oregon to be fixed up by it's original saddle maker, Hans Biglajzer.
It was Wa's  second saddle that we both loved till she filled in, and it became too tight. It weighed all of 10 pounds.

When I sent this saddle back to it's maker to be re flocked,
 Hans remembered the little saddle. He had made it for a Dr.'s daughter, in trade for a surgery his wife needed.
It was my sister's first saddle, as a teen in Pony Club, and the first saddle I sat in as a 3 yr old.

Now that BIG* BOX like I said, has taken a saddle  cross country in Oregon twice. I have a HUGE tube inside that a saddle fits on and some retired couch pillows, that are placed on either side of the saddle's panels. Filler stuffing on top and in's pretty cushy in that *Box!
I send MY NEW ANSUR saddle away to another whom read my blog,  and ikes ANSUR's thoughtful technology too. They thought to add a more forward riding habit , maybe even jumping, to their tool box of skills. They, like myself, know that this saddle is made for a broader backed, less prominent withered  horse.

 I brought the KONKLUSION saddle home last weekend, after putting all the blocks back on it. I never used any of them, I liked the thin, closer feel of the panels on my mare. I had a habit of always cleaning the saddle after each ride, so it really was not dirty at all.  I gave it the once over anyway, to spiff it up for it's potential New owner.

Off the saddle went and I am filled with hope and also; a great feeling inside of me  knowing that -I want the saddle to FIT their horse - as well as feeling great to them . If this is not the Perfect match, it will be shipped back and I will sell it to an unknown person. This potential buyer gets time to make sure it's right!
I pray it is all they need it to be, fitting the horse's personal shape and , I hope they fall in love with it as I did.

Happiest of Thanksgivingtimes to you all, my friends in Bloggerville. May God Richly bless you, His beloved


  1. Congratulations on the saddle thing! Happy Thanksgiving!!

  2. I've got butterflies in my stomach- please fit, please fit, please fit...

  3. Oooh, hope it fits! You'll then be able to start again on your saddle search!

  4. Fingers crossed for a good saddle fit! Happy thanksgiving to you and Wa mare KK. Very thankful that we found each others blogs, and for your friendship. ♥ ♡ ♥

  5. Good luck with the saddle fitting. Hey, I like the book in the background, one of my all time fav's: National Velvet! Leave it to a librarian to notice the book in the pic.

  6. Thank you, and Happy Thanksgiving to you as well. Hope the saddle issue works out.

  7. That's great that you might have found someone who can use that saddle Thanksgiving...

  8. A very Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. Hopefully the Ansur will be an answer for the other person and horse. It is a beautiful saddle. Lovely colour. Such a shame it didn't work out for you and Wa and that it gave you such a headache (I'm assuming that it did ;-))

  9. I am so sorry that you and Wa have had all these problems with your saddle. I will keep my fingers crossed that your Ansur will fit their horse.
    I wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving.

  10. Sounds like a good luck box - surely the saddle will fit!
    A very Happy Thanksgiving to you and the lovely Wa.

  11. Hello sorry I haven’t been commenting much lately, I did read you’re last post I had no idea that Washashe had suffered a cougar attack in the past, so glad she made such a good recovery. Saddle fitting can be so hard I am sorry to hear that Ansur were so useless.

    Now on to this post, sounds like you’ve got the saddle packaged very well, I really do hope the fit is a good one. Oh and happy thanksgiving to you and Washashe.

    Ps Wa’s clip looks great!

  12. I just read Edward's comment and realized that when I read your last post, I was thinking "OMG-cougar attack!" and by the time that I got to the comments I was thinking "OMG-saddle fit" and the cougar just faded into the distance.

    Scary thought, right?

    Good look with the potential sale and Happy Turkey Day!

  13. Ohh I hope this works out KK! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family too!


  14. I hope this saddle thing works out for you and Wa. Happy Thanksgiving!

  15. Came by to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and, of course, to gaze at that lovely colorful photo of Wa. Have a restful weekend.

  16. What a journey! Hope all goes well and gives you another reason to be thankful.

  17. OH I hope so!! You and Wa deserve a comfy saddle!!!!


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