Monday, June 23, 2008

Go=Go trails

FINALLY!!! I got to ride with the owner of the stable I board in~

We went to the new- place- to- us- "Howard's Canyon", I am calling it.Her Thoroughbred mare, Zowie, really likes to GO=GO! I am glad that we decided to take Pantz, my sister's mare..she is not so much in the competition mode as my Thoroughbred, Washashe. Man, I am thinking the two of our mares together-A- don't know if I will venture to try it, as much as I want to. I have spent most of last year and this one...recalibrating Wa to be calm and cool headed on the trails. I am sorry to say, I had way- too- much- fun with my Friend James, running around on the trails when he was training his new gelding, Quincy, to trail ride.Wa got the taste of speed and sometimes now she can get all uppity and stupid for wanting to do what she was born to...RUN baby!

I do think I will stick to the broad horizons of the beach for all out runs..and mostly alone, as she won't get the thought of competition!

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  1. Another HAPPY GOOD that I moved away from these people and the methods of riding!!! I forgot to mention, this mare was riding in something like a BRILLO PAD..harsh and wonder she kicked !


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