Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Taste of freedom

This was heaven...
a girlfriend of mine, whom had taken me into her own private barn from a very unfortunate boarding experience where my mare was not "getting her groceries"..as my equine therapist Miriah said..
this girlfriend really wanted to make me more self reliant...so she taught me how to drive her trailer and I was in business!!!

Here is the mare Washashe at the stable -Two's A Team- where my trainer landed from the same unfortunate boarding facility I had left.
We were able to keep training because of my dear friend that allowed me to use her truck and trailer!
I really made headway in the trust department with my mare because I could drive so slowly
and talk to her as I stopped for lights and such...she always nickered at me when I did this and I knew she understood that I was taking care of things for her.

We Eventually moved to T.A.T. to be with our trainer and other freinds that had followed
her there.

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