Monday, June 23, 2008

What a blast in the Beautiful~

What a blast in the beautiful countryside of Greater Beavercreek/Milino area we are having! Here, Julie and Maddie discover, What I call, "Howard's Canyon"...Off Howard's Mill Rd.

It was large and with many options for either trails or mostly dirt based roads.

I was so pleasantly surprised that it was soo quiet there..just the sounds of a Hoo-hoo-hooter owl (not the actual name) and hawks and little critters that would scurry off so fast, there was not even time to shy for the mares!

Maddie took her time loading this day...both times to and fro...she is just getting to know thatnothing ill will happen in the -Big White trailer Box- I am making sure to drive slowly and carefully for her as much as for my mare... who took me 45 minutes once to load as she was frightened and un-trusting. It has been a repetitive good experience that has built her trust in me. Sometimes I will load her up take her to a favorite place to hand~walk her ~ Just eat grass! Another great trail ride in the Beautiful!

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