Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My dear Deirdre!

Okay...yea... Deirdre and I got to go again for trails!Pantz was spry,and ready to lead off....always a good thing.We just went near the stable into Port Blakley Lands... it was so quiet and wonderful. Usually there are some guns sounding off or motorised vehicles that are illegally riding the trails there.

I called Port Blakley today and they already called me back from he BeaverCreek Office Post. YEA! I want to head up a "HORSEY Campaign" to minimise the illegal riding and drinking and guns+ fires on Their Forest Lands- that we use for free. WHAT A PRIVILEGE it is, I think.

My dear Deirdre here and her trusty steed Pantz.....although we were mostly on some gravel roads today,we did have a little "Gallop" through "The Tree Grove"...my favorite place near our stable. And Deirdre is soo cute...she asked, "Was that a Gallop?!"

I adore you my freind!


  1. Dierdre is a sweety! Lucky you to see her often and ride with her on the trails.

  2. Yes, I do love the dear heart Deirdre is! She is always so supportive and always wanting to learn.


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