Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hooky with Horses...

Our steeds relaxing in the sun, taking in a bit of grass while we tended the stalls, after arrival.

Saturday last my friend and PBO and I decided to jet to the coast, since the weather was predicted to be springlike for the first time...
She owns the Bay Ocean House , a rental property on the Oregon Coast. She frequently takes little trips there, in between renters, to replenish the sundry items for the pantry and linen closet. Also , she does a once over in the yard and generally looks into the up keeping of a rental property.
This time...we were met with some very unpleasant surprises that the last renters left for us....

I have rarely seen my friend look so disdainful we did 2 hours of work to removes 15- very heavy loads of straw, manure,mouldy hay and soggy, gooey sand from the four stalls.

While we were working at it, she was fuming..and even mad that her time was being taken up at all- being mad. So, I suggested that , "This WAS THE TIME to be mad...then we'd be done with it!".
Suddenly, she burst out a curdling yell...and I almost fell over! That was that...we worked till done and choose the stalls best for housing our horses and went into the house to relax till low tide came.
We were very much aware of the actual blessing of her other horse having an abcess the night before, keeping us from being able to come a day earlier. We could NOT have done that work in the dark easily.
She resolved to write them a letter, keep the security deposit and all fees and maybe even charge them further for the damages(I did not take pictures of that) the horses did to the wood rails...almost chewing them in half. Then they tared them,after the fact and they were all black and sticky.

Once we rested and I did some massage on my friend...we hand grazed the horses and the cares away!
It was a very nice temperature in Tillamook(thanks Ly) for riding and kayaking too...another friend joined us with her desire to "glide" her cares away over the weekend!

Low tide...we all set out to glide and ride!

Riding the Bay side of the Spit, kept us out of the windy conditions that existed this time in Tillamook.
Arrival home again...we hand grazed some is such a relaxing thing to watch the horses much the grass to their hearts content. I decided to video a round of munching...and it seems to be 3-4 bites to one or two quick-chews!

Romeo and Washashe are so well matched for riding temperaments and energy levels, we have always said to each other.

We cut across from the Bay mid way this time, as there was a Helicopter maneuvering at the tip of the spit...we found a nice inland pond to walk through.

Romeo was taken by surprise with the white foam line this time

It was such a pleasurable time with just the two of us...we schooled in between bouts of trotting and dune chasing. The sandy footing of the dunes in between the ocean and the bay, made for some excellent passage, out of the wind.
I called my 3 clients Monday night this time and rescheduled them so we were able to ride into the sunset Tuesday, early eve, before we set off for home.
It was one of the nicest times I have had in a long time~ We did not know that the trailer lights would falter and we would be spending an hour of sit time ,with a Godsend mechanic, as he fixed our problems for us to be able to drive away home again. But we got it taken care of, very reasonably so, and with His wife's permission to save us too!


  1. It sounds like a wonderful way to spend the weekend Kacy!

    Btw, I sent you an email...

  2. Sounds very relaxing, aside from the cleanup. Good thing your friend had you there to help, wouldn't have wanted to face that mess alone! What a cool place she has!!!

    Riding on the beach is just about as close to heaven as you can get! Looks like the horses had a nice getaway too!

  3. O Sunshine Got it, mailed ya back!We had a fabulous time!

    Tara It was sooo relaxing grazing and riding..all of us!The beach is great!

  4. FUN FUN FUN! (well after the stall mucking - that and the circumstance not so fun huh?)
    Glad you both made it back safe and sound and had a great time! Its time to get back to horse-business here, guess the toe is well enough to get back into the swing of things, they have had a nice enough break!
    Will email you back....I'm SO behind in emails its not even funny!

  5. What wonderful pictures! It sounds like yall had a great time :)

  6. Oh my, sounds (and looks!) like a lovely getaway!! Except the left-overs... At least you guys had each other while doing it, that probably made it much better.

    Love the pics KK! Totally wishing I was there. Nothing could be better than relaxing at a beach with a good friend and the horses.

  7. Wow, what a wonderful time, your pictures really show it. I enjoy watching my horse graze, it is almost hypnotic! It relaxes me.
    Bummer about those previous renters leaving the place a mess! So disrespectful, hopefully they had a good reason for leaving fast and not cleaning up! At least she has their name and doesn't have to offer them a place again.

  8. lookin forward to oregon's coast! did i share this before? so many of you are from oregon, it seems: ) that every summer my family rents out a portion of a beach hotel in rockaway beach, and more and more relatives come every year as they see how cool it is.

    we come all the way from germany, cuz it would be very bad for us if we missed it!

    oregon's beaches are cool cuz you don't get heavy concentrations of people keeping you from enjoying the wild scenery.

    we always drive down to tillamook for ice cream and cheese, and it's my job to go to garibaldi for oysters. then i barbecue them on the balcony and we see how many we can all eat.

    i always wished i could bring baasha to rockaway, but there are no stables that i know of, and no trails.

    we did a horsey beach trip a few times in washington state, playing beach riding games with our mounted orienteering group. baasha's totally cool with the ocean, he'll go swim in it if i tell him to. but a puddle, good heavens, he can't touch a mud puddle with his arabian feet!

    cool to enjoy your beach trip with you. pretty sure tillamook has an A in it, and i'm not even from oregon, *giggle*


  9. Why do you keep torturing me like this????

  10. oh, K I am so happy for you! Sounds as if you life and horsey life are back on track. I cannot wait to be over this move so I can spend time with Frankie riding the trails again. Lovely pictures and what a great friend!


  11. recovering from those timesApril 10, 2009 at 9:45 AM

    Rae I am comin over to visit...Hope you are took me 2 days to recover from all the work and 3 days of exteme riding!

    Fund Thanks...I almost cried seeing Champs pic.."~'

    Keri Even with the added work and some was so verynice..when ever I take pic I do think of your wonderful eye..and think.."how would Keri take this angle?"

    PG HAHA! Hi there!
    It is hypnotic indeedy to hear and watch the horses munching!
    She has the $300 deposit to get more sand and maybe some rails!

    Lytha HOW Exciting...coming from Germany to the Oregon Coast! I like Rockaway little hideaway places there!
    When You comming?? BASSA..funny about the puddles but will swin in the big ol' sea!

    Lori I guess it may just be mutual...I have no arena(s)!!! Sorry for the torture for the both of us!

    TR Cowgirl Yea...waiting for the moving to be over for you too...but what anaiticipation of some really nice surroundings, freinds, horse adventures..more sun?!!

    Tammy It is the coolest...I am likeing the sand dunes inbetween the ocean and bay more and more!Thanks for stoppin in!

  12. You lucky girl!!! What a wonderful place to ride!!! Love it that you take so many pictures so we all can be there with you, sigh, if only! Gilly would probably go nuts in the ocean, but then maybe not. I rode a bit today then it started to rain again, but at least I got an hour in. It was good, any time on horse back is GOOD!!!
    Thanks for sharing such beautiful scenery!

  13. Wa great time and such a blessing to share it all with friends! Have a Happy Easter!

  14. Kac, I just watched Wa eating, boy is she ever going to town on it! That's funny!!! I have Gilly's rug on my blog, check it out if you have time!

  15. That is an amazing place to be! I would love to ride on the beach like that. I have not been in ages with horses to the beach. It's just enough with the kids and sand and surf.

    Your pictures were lovely!

  16. Love the photos of such a beautiful place! What a peaceful place to ride!

  17. Looks like you had a great time! I would so love to ride on the beach! I'm totally jealous!!

  18. So beautiful! And you're right, it's so hard to just be mad sometimes and by holding it in you can ruin a weekend.

    Watch out for foam! :)

  19. Sounds and looks lovely. Sorry that the previous folks left the place in such a state -- that is very disrespectful and I hope that your friend will charge them for your time. Given that you could have been relaxing instead of mucking she should charge them a lot.

    Love the picture of Romeo vs. The Sea Foam.

  20. So jealous! You lucky girl. Looks like a perfect weekend at the coast.

  21. What a fun time! I got to do one ride only when we lived at the beach. It was a beautiful warm sunny day. It was soooo much fun. After we came back to the trailers, we let the horses roll in the sand. It was beautiful to watch them. I love watching my horse graze! We go out to the stable just to groom and do that!

  22. Wa was munching so frantically, wasn't she. I was transfixed. If I ate like that I would weigh 1000+ lbs, too! :D

    Your PBO friend and you look like you could be sisters, as well as your horses being related, too.

    I am so envious of your beach rides, though very happy for you, of course.
    Riding on the beach is on my bucket list of things to do.

    I'm very happy for you that you enjoyed such a lovely time at the beach...well except for the mess, that is. hehe


  23. Oh Kacy, that sounds like such a wonderful time. I love small, intimate gatherings with good friends...add the horses and what could be better? Sorry the previous renters behaved so poorly. That looks like a wonderful place to go. I used to live very near Tillamook and was unaware of anyplace to go riding there.


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