Monday, April 20, 2009

I Tried To Convert

In a summer like spring grooming frenzy yesterday, I kept running into these little beauties..they are all over the place and I could hardly pick anything up or you see, brush my mare's tail even ,without spotting one in there too!
I just kept relocating them to the wind's will, flinging them away.

What the hay you doing back there???!
Last week I was taping a new trail discovery, and remembering Mellanie(click here) because she had crossed a small "river like" pond a few weeks ago-VERY INTREPID!. When I viewed my video...all I heard, instead of the footfalls of the mare, was very loud SQUEAKING!!!! OH!!!

My poor little 44 year old saddle needs some lovin!
I have resolved to send my little favorite saddle back to it's maker! Hans Biglajzer lives in Bend, Oregon. He did all my D ring additions, knee rolls , extra panel leathers last year...he just forgot to Re flock it! I know his daughter helps him now with the work..he must be 90 or 100 by now! Bless his talented heart!
I can't fathom riding in a straight tree saddle for the trails, so I must use my "Cashel Soft Saddle".
I tried to convert my glorified bareback pad to English girth rigging yesterday. It came with the standard latigo 3 years ago when I bought it.
I dislike girthing my mare on the one side only, with the Soft saddle being tends to slant the way you pull. I can't use the stirrups to get on either, for the same has to be a taller block/tree stump or log so I may jump...good for desensitizing, I Found. She now stands quite well with me heaving myself on!
My girth , a 48', was much too long! The mare has lost some weight since the move, but the converter leathers are more like a dressage fitting where they hang on this "Soft Saddle".
Drat it all...I got it all taken apart for the second time in two days and the new girth, a 44 incher I just got ,was even too long! ARRRG!!! Taking that back today and getting a 40, I think!
I also changed out the silly plastic western stirrups, for my new Endurance stirrups!! Yea...was very nice....though I had to return to the barn several times over to punch one -more -hole in the leathers(I am now dedicating to that saddle) because they too were far too long! It is difficult enough to keep over my leg in a bareback pad..without the stirrups being too long. I have a cliping attachment on the front of the saddle...just in case I really want to ride without stirrups, I flip them up/clip/ and away we go. I like having the stirrups back can't take the long rides we do solely ON HER BACK, I must be able to go into two point or post sometimes!
I also met someone yesterday, while riding, that will encourage our eventing future...more on that later!
Have fun in the spring weather, if it has descended upon your town!


  1. I love the squeaky saddle! I turn the volume up on my computer and enjoy the nice walk. My horses love going for rides in the mountains that look just like this.

  2. Hey girl! I'm so excited! I can leave a message! WOO HOO!
    Anyway..we have tose annoying lady bug like pest all over the place. I have heard they are a japanese beetle...did you know they can bite...and do! Loved your post. made me want a new saddle. You'll have to drive to KY when I go get a new one..I'll need your advice! ;-)
    I also got to read your others the ones of you and your friend on your ride! How cute you both are!
    I think the award came out great...and Lisa was a wonderful choice for it as well! Congrats Lisa!

  3. AareneX HAHA!!! Yea...I love the dandylions faces! My mare likes them to for her liver!

    A Palmer I love it too...but I fear it is falling apart some.I will think of you when go out again this if I am actually riding in your woods!

    Rae HI there! left ya a mail...sorry to be absent...but the UFO sun is out and It may dissapear !I would love to coe a visit do a saddle fitting!

    Lily Yea...kinda pretty..but I almost polished her off with mane and tail spray!

  4. Glad to hear you had a good weekend!

  5. It's interesting to me to learn about the saddle thing. Personally, I love the squeaky saddle. Reminds me of taking shots of birds and their singing and getting home to find that mostly all I hear is the wind brushing over the microphone. LOL!

  6. Fund TA!

    Louise It was a rare timing to find, Thanks!

    T Bruce haha!!! Yea..sometimes the wind really kills the great sounds you wish to have and ditto for the lack !


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