Wednesday, April 8, 2009

This Springtime

Spring has sprung in Oregon City and the NW. I took a wonderful outing to the beach with my girlfriend this past weekend...even played "work hooky"...called clients to skip out on Tuesdays workday...
Still so tired from all the fun (and some work) that I will have to fill you in tomorrow!
Whew, I guess I am outa shape for that much fun right now!
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  1. WaHoo you are back! Hope you had a wonderful time!!! I posted two videos of Gilly in 2007 at a dressage clinic, go check it out when you have time. You can see him trot and canter, not me riding though.
    Jane and Gilly

  2. Of course I am jealous about you riding on the beach!!!

  3. Glad you had a great weekend!

    Hey Kac, we're thinking of moving north to Sherwood- Lake O area in the next couple months. Can you recommend any boarding facilities in that area? Would your PBO maybe have an opening? We're just starting to kick the idea around as our the end of our lease is coming up.

  4. Awwww! Beautiful photo Kacykins!

    I'm glad you had a great weekend and I look forward to reading about your day of playing 'hork wooky' lol!

    (I'm silly!)

  5. Jane nice videos! I did go see him!He looks floaty!

    Lori I am sooo sorry for that ice today..I do think of my friends like you having a much later spring...

    O Sunshine wow..moving by choice..what a concept! I fear this place may be too, too far for you all if you are in LO or Sherwood. I have not looked over that-a-way. I only know of stables in O.C. Beavercreek...and not any that actually have grass/mudd management. Am working hard with my PBO for this outcome now...for the futture. She has 2 lookers at present so think she is full if they come on.I think you do have my email right?
    Lets talk~

    HA! Hi Lis... my mouth does that kinda thing sometimes for real...Thanks see ya soon

  6. Haha I don't know about you but I always know when spring is here when my horse starts shedding like CRAZY!


  7. the hair is flyingApril 9, 2009 at 12:50 PM

    Lydia about 2 weeks ago some people were saying that too...but mine was not shedding yet..then it warmed up for a day..and her hair just let go! Then it got cold again..and not a shed of hair again...NOW it is all comming out!
    It seems like it too, is fickle as spring!


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