Sunday, April 12, 2009

New life in the saddle

Some observant person is going to tell me "what is NEW and different, about this photo"?


  1. Hi Kacy, picture from your ride yesterday I presume but what is new and different? HUH??? You got me, I am sure you will tell at some point but darned if I can tell what it is. Probably something really simple. Looks like a wonderful ride, wish I could have been with you, it would have been fun!
    hugs and hope you Easter was wonderful!
    Jane and Gilly

  2. Happy easter!

    Hmm... I'll guess a couple times: new trails, new friends, maybe a new bridle for Wa?

  3. ~We normally don't like this place....."~"

  4. Wa is at the back! I saw it right away, also having a mare who DOES NOT ride at the back. What happened?

  5. I thought you'd be the one!April 12, 2009 at 6:53 PM

    DP-ding-ding-ding-ding!! The Observant winner! is true, you owning a
    front row mare too noticed that we are not only one horse behind, but two!
    Well, since I moved to my new place, my trail counterpart and I, who have equaly uppity horses,decided to always change things up for rides.
    She also told me right away.."I am not going to always be looking at Wa's dorsal stripe!"
    So we trade positions. It has made a huge differance with WA! She gets to be in front only if she is doing well and goes in back so frequently now that she does so much better.
    It is like our arena riding now...nothing stays the same for very long..I have to be thinking around the next corner or SHE will do it for me!

  6. WOW! That's great that she'll ride in the back now! My mare is the opposite; she'd rather be the back, she gets a little nervous in the front...depending on what horses are with us. :)

    Nice picture!

  7. Oooh congratulations to both of you! She learned it's ok to be in the back and you talked her into it!

  8. and your horse sure seem to have made a great adjustment to your new boarding facility. And it is evident that you are both very happy.

  9. Sounds like you are making progress in so many areas. Its great that Wa is learning and adjusting so well.

  10. I'm assuming that it's because you and Wa aren't leading. We know the Wa Queen doesn't like to have her view blocked by big equine butts. lol!


    And Happy Belated Easter, too!


  11. I am glad that Gilly isn't too concerned what being in the lead, he could care less. When Kim and I ride Lacy is usually in the lead and Kim can trot way ahead of Gilly and he just maintains his same pace, looking at the scenery around him and listening to me. I don't know how he would act with more horses. Probably the same, he's a pretty laid back horse! That's good for me! :-)

  12. Western saddle? Otherwise I have no idea!!! I still am so new to your blog so learning curve issues... :)

  13. Trailing behind for now...April 13, 2009 at 10:12 AM

    Mell Good ol Daisy!

    Fund Well...she is "Learning"... it was uncomfortable in the front this time for her, so she is learning!

    Lori I am very happy...just trying to adjust feed for her now..there is only grass hay..need to get it tested, and feed for the deficencies..she has lost some weight.May need to buy Orchard grass myself, to makie up a differance.

    Tara She seems to have had a break through, in some areas of late.

    Lisa Yep...she is two equine butts behind!

    Jane Gilly is a very sound man. Mares and Thoroughbred mares at that- take care of buisness, all around them!

    Julia to my knowledge, Wa has never had a werstern saddle on her...she would probabvly filp with the wieght of them!
    Our dressage saddle is far too heavy for my taste. It is a 38 yr old Hans Biglajzer. I would like to try an endurance model on her sometime though.

  14. Just before I was going to take a stab at it, I read some comments and got my answer.
    Glad you had a nice ride, looks like a good trail.

  15. Looks like a fun ride on your beautiful horses. I use those stirrups, too. Love the platform and the padding.


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