Friday, April 24, 2009

Sky Watch

Upon Stepping outside from a work day, I was met by this sight... cluttered clouds of grays and blues with a touch of white. I really enjoyed it and looked slightly left of me, to see our Lady Liberty basking in her own private piece of sky as well.
She resides in our back parking lot behind the salon. Lady Liberty came to stand there, towering over the building for all to see on the main roadway, 4 years ago. That day, the News crew was on hand to film the festivities of the entire neighborhood being invited for a Barb- B-Q, live music and Fireworks!
The owners of the building are foreign and love the freedoms of America sooo much, they ordered her made and had her barged up the rivers from Philadelphia!
She has lit torch by night, as well.

For more Sky watch Friday views please click the Title and travel around the world ,in the sky's!


  1. That first shot is just plain mesmerizing...... thanks for sharing!

  2. Lady liberty makes for a beautiful shot. I never would have guessed it was just a replica in a parking lot. How big is it? Great entry.

  3. That sky is great. It looks even better with Lady Liberty holding her torch up towards it.

  4. Lovely shot of the clouds. You are really blessed to have the trails and such a nice arena (last post) so close to you. I have a nice pasture for my girls and trails that someday I hopr to ride but no arena- not even a round pen! I am working on that! BTW- Thanks for stopping by my site and I can't wait to see what you'll have up tomorrow!

  5. I think the sky is looking the same here as it is out there. Love the Lady Liberty story. How big is it?

  6. Both shots are outstanding. Thanks!

  7. Wow how truly awesome ,thank you for sharing.
    Have a blessed weekend .

  8. What a perfect and inspiring sky shot. Here's to Lady Liberty! And thanks for visiting last week.

  9. Hah! Who'd a knew that you'd have a Lady Liberty in Oregon, too! Lucky you. She's lovely!

    That first photo is breathtakingly beautiful! Wow! Looks like a painting.
    You did good with both photos, Kacykins! :)


  10. Enigma oh thanks!

    Nature The Staure stands on a rock base total is aobut 55 feet up!


    CAPRICE Well, I do count my blessings all the time! I am editing the pics i got for tomorrow now!

    LORI Yea..those clouds get around!
    She is like 55 feet tall, on a base that is a waterfall!


    TERRY I am plannig on it , thanks!

    SARA See you again, cheers!

    LISA Isn't she great..yea it is my landmark for people that are new to the salon! Thanks..someday I
    'll have a camera like yours and have some real fun..but I try!

  11. The first picture looks like a painting, so beautiful.

  12. That is way cool!! I saw those clouds over my house the other day too. Beautiful!!


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