Friday, April 2, 2010

Camera Critters

Meet Niki dog...he is my girlfriend's sweet dog. He gets to tag along in the truck sometimes, as we go horseback riding.
We let him out and he wanders a bit...but keeps tabs on his mom as she reminds him to stay near~
He looks like a little fox!

He is getting up there in age, but rarely complains...just keeps loving and being loved...

Here is the funny thing too...he is one of two loved animals she has...that have exactly the same coloring of hair---as she does!! Check out her horses mane here. 

I just love how we tend to resemble our beloved pets!

For fun with more Critters...visit Misty Dawns place by clicking the logo! It happens to be her 2nd year anniversary of this fun animal meme.


  1. little dog looks just like Maddy:-).

  2. Oh a pom, I love poms. Nice photos too. I love the third one!

  3. adorable little thing...
    love the photo of the horse mane.

  4. What a neat post and an adorable dog! That first photo is precious!

    I signed you in to Camera-Critters :-)

  5. What a beautiful mane....but the little poochie has touched my heart!!

    Mine is Easter Rabbits

    Have a glorious holiday weekend!

  6. Fun post and it's true, we look like our beloved critters! Happy critter day!

  7. Oh how cute. Mom dog and horse now if that isn't a family eh?:)

  8. Love the horse mane picture!

    I was outside most of the day, had to help with cutting down a tree that was going to be in the way of a new garage. Sooooo windy, it was so warm but no riding, wind makes spooky horse! LOL

  9. What a cute face that dog has! Your right about the coloring. What a beautiful mane the horse has.

  10. It is funny how people and their pets are so much alike. She has some lovely animal friends.

  11. Awwww, I used to have a strawberry blonde pomeranian/papillon. She was my heart dog. So sweet!
    That little foxy dog is so cute!
    And wow! That mane is gorgeous!

    Your photos capture the joys of animal love, Kacy!


  12. nice photoserie of the pomeranian(is it?) and fun to se the horse mane that fits perfect in color :-)

    christina, sweden

  13. He's very cute! They must all look great together, with matching hair! LOL!

    I wish I would grow more like my dog .. lean and elegant. *Sigh*


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