Sunday, April 4, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday Riding in the shadows

( by clicking the will enlarge... and you too will be riding!)
I loved being able to ride in and out of these and calm to bright light and back~
This is my riding partner ahead of me this day.

Thanks to "Hey Harriet" we can revel in the shadow moments! Go visit many more shadows by clicking the badge below~


  1. Oh, that looks wonderful! What a lovely place to be able to ride!! I do miss my horses!! Hope you're having a great weekend! Thanks as always for your visit/comment! Enjoy!


  2. That does look lovely! I must get back to riding - I had to stop last year because of my shoulders. Our scenery isn't anywhere near so pretty as yours, though.

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  3. I love sitting on my little porch in the morning. The shadows of the trees are sharp across the lawn.

  4. Oh my, beautiful trail, the shady parts look so inviting!

  5. Into the shadows
    horse-rider goes—but the path?
    Ah, nobody knows…

    Take your pick of shadows:
    Shadowy Toilet!

  6. A lovely view of those purple distant mountains as you ride - looks like a restful day.

  7. Wow, gorgeous photo!! Truly did feel like I was riding along. AND... I did get to ride for about an hour, just up the road away but oh, how good it felt to be astride the Big Bay Boy!
    Loved the photo!
    hugs to you...
    Jane and Gil

  8. What a lovely way of getting around and seeing the beautiful sights surrounding you! I enjoy jumping on my pushbike to explore, but I think riding a horse around would be even way more fun! Happy Easter!

  9. That looks almost perfect. I can imagine how peaceful it must have been and the scenery is spectacular!

  10. Love your pictures. You always have the best places to ride with the most wonderful scenery. One of the things I like most about your pictures is that everyone is always smiling and having a great time as you should when out with your horse.

  11. I forget that sometimes the shadow can be the picture. That's cool, thanks for the reminder.


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