Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday Stills Barns

I love this huge red barn! It is on the way out to my mare's stable.
This one is diversely different, across the street.

Then there is my favorite barn...behind a fence, across a large grassy field.... I respected the private property and stayed near the public road.

It's domed roof is very unusual.

The mountains you see in the opening of tree tops to the left...with snow, that is where I ride.

It is on the last leg of my drive to my own stable's barn.

Then, I get on  my mare..... and see more structures nearby.

This is the neighbors cool old barn ...we often ride by it and look upon it's glory. If it could many stories it would tell.
Please do visit others neat barn photos today- by clicking the title. Thanks ED for the fun of capturing your chosen venue each week!


  1. That is really neat with Washashe head in the picture.

  2. What interesting woodwork in the peak - makes it look almost like curtains!

  3. Yes, I would love to hear the stories that it could tell us! Great photo.

  4. I like barns - they seem to have such character - they are what they are and no apologies. Just like I want to be...

  5. These are great barn pictures --- one of my favorite subjects.

  6. Great shots! Esp the last one :)

  7. WOW! You had some beautiful red barns. Very interesting shots. It's interesting how the barns change across the country. :)

  8. Beautiful photos - especially the one with Wa looking too!

  9. Great barn shots, Kacy! Love the one with the run-ins on either side, it does have a very unusual roof line.
    Love old barns, ours is 140 years old not in great shape but Gilly still loves it. It is put together with large wooden is the house!
    Jane and Gil

  10. Great pictures of the barns. The domed roof is very unusual, I guess there would be no snow buildup on that one. I love old barns and always wonder what their story was/is and about the people who built them. Have a great week.

  11. Thanks for sharing. I am always attracted to old barn architecture.

  12. What fun photos! I love your unique perspective! Especially the barn behind the wire fence....Looks like you have some really great places to ride and some real history there.

  13. Love the big red barn! And the old barn from Wa's back (of course).

  14. Love the last photo the best!

    And the barn with the domed roof is so unusual. Wow!
    I also love those big barns that can be driven right through. How wonderful!
    Your photos were captured perfectly. How lucky you are to live so nearby all those beautiful barns.


  15. those are some really wonderful barns! love them all!!

  16. Beautiful photos - especially the one with Wa looking too!
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  17. good morning...
    thanks for stopping by~
    i'm glad to come back and see your barns again. :) they are lovely
    and to answer your question...
    i add the layers to the photos in photoshop elements.
    i'm just learning it and having lots of fun experimenting with it.

    have a wonderful day~~

  18. Gorgeous photos!! Oh my gosh, I just might have to take a drive and view these lovelies for myself one day. I would love to meet you for real sometime. Beautiful! I would love to hear the stories they would tell too.


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