Thursday, April 22, 2010

More Trail finds

This past fall, while riding with my friend , we took a new trail . It started across the street and ran down a creek bed. It was rather rocky and my mare was not impressed. It took us to other "no outlet" roads and some neat trails. One of which is a pass through road/trail that sometimes cars drive on, not legally so. We were riding along... then, I saw something on the was rather large....
As we approached, it became clear what it was, but we had no clue to why it was there!
We decided that we were the new owners, since motorized vehicles were not to be traveling there and it probably fell off one.
We packed it on home upon the back of the saddle...we had to ride very slowly, to ensure it stayed where we placed it.

Wala.... just what I need for my new truck-( I am looking for it ) since I am the proud owner of a horse trailer now~ almost have the title in my fingers! (thanks Jewel!)


  1. i was like, wait a minute, i know what that is in that saddle bag....

    omgosh you guys put a hitch in your saddle bag!?!


    and it looks exactly like my old hitch, so....was it mine?

    first, a gps finds you.

    then, a hitch.

    hm, what shall you wish for next?


  2. right on!

    Those aren't cheap!

    I want to go ride with you!

  3. KK,
    I just got the's great!!
    Thanks so much! I'll have to take a picture and blog about it.
    My husband was like "someone just made that and sent to to you?"
    I said "not just anyone!"
    He was laughing and thought it looked cool too.
    You're sweet, Many thanx!

  4. A truck and trailer! You are going to be lovin life.

  5. That's one heavy-duty hitch! I'm surprised the horsie tolerated back there. Great find! Now all you have to do is "find" the right truck...

  6. Wow, don't you find the neatest things!!! I will not be surprised if you find a truck along the trail at some time! LOL

  7. OMWG! I am laughing so loud..too funny - your comments! Lytha, good idea...wishing for the truck..since I had been a hoping for the other things..and they kinda were there...a Truck, I hope and wish for a truck! I did buy a lotto ticket and dreampt I won!If you here a Beavercreek, Oregon is ME!God willing~

  8. Well bless my buttons! Pennies from heaven!
    What a fun find! hehe!


  9. Kacy! You are the best finder of needed things. I think you will FIND a lotto ticket that is a winner!

  10. You find the best stuff on your trail rides!

  11. Catching up on posts, KK.
    I am so sorry for the loss of Elsie. 18 years is a long time. How are you doing?

  12. ROCK ON, new horse trailer buddy! Where are the pictures of the trailer!?

    One time I found a clay target thrower. And one time I found a burned-out car. Nothing as useful as a hitch though!

  13. Very cool find my friend!! Such fun finding treasures...


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