Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New Developments Thermography base line

The new developments are in the form of New Muscles on my mare's top line!
Great news!

-Hands On~ with Miriah Stuart, Washahse's fabulous Equine Therapist

The bad news is my little jump saddle, my sister's first in 1964 and the first one I ever sat in, is having to be retired from Washashe's use. As she shed out this spring...I noticed under her coat, the dreaded WHITE SPOTS of pressure on both sides of her wither pockets. Right on nice new muscles!

It came back a changed saddle,after seeing it's maker, Hans Bigjlazer residing in Bend, for knee rolls and D-rings and re stuffing last year. So all the wonderful additions, I shall miss for sure!

Wa's new muscles extend to her new neck...her mane  is not split has remained on the Left side...after being on the right side, for as long as I have been with her. 
BUT now, since her saddle does not fit anymore due to correct muscle development, (good and bad always..they go hand and hand seems)

 I must look for another forward seat-jump saddle, as I am left with a straight tree, Dressage saddle and my "Cashel Soft Saddle" (a glorified bareback pad ) and I feel that there are too many hills for the straight tree of a dressage and the deep seat will bruise my  girly woo woo parts!

Recently, I discussed this with my Equine Therapist Miriah Stuart, who just returned from Florida where some Olympian vets and others, including a saddle fitter ,were giving and receiving a course in Thermography technology training. Miriah has been looking into this for some time, and finally found this avenue to please the Oregon Veterinary board requirements.
 I am so glad she is such a Go-Getter Gal...the horses of our area are going to highly benefit because; she cares to learn how to see what they can not tell us!

She recently was published in our own Oregon "Flying Changes" magazine! Her article is very good, siting the use of Thermograhy and all the links to research since it's development in the U.S. Army 1964. It is also called "Infra Red Imaging".

She came on out to to a case study on my mare, Washashe.
We made sure to come in -right from riding- to see how I sit in the saddle, how the saddle sits on the horse, as well as the whole horse's base line.

The mare and I, coming in from the ride~

Good girl~

I got off and she did the saddle first, which showed more heat under the right panel, but not  unevenly in the seat...(good) Wa got tired of traversing the road and driveway as her therapist was late. She was throwing her right shoulder out and I had to use more right leg. Pretty cool how it showed that too!
It was exciting to watch her work! Some of these photo's show her Large trust in my mare, she knows her very well
. It was a quiet day with little to no wind. The herd was munching in nearby stalls.Wa mare was instantly at ease when she and Miriah said hello again....and the mare proceeded to take a nap, while she did the imaging!

Sleeepy...very sleepy!

She will be doing a case study on the different leg wraps and the heat in excess or not they cause...she really dislikes the solid wrapped Neoprene"Sports Medicine boots" ...they conduct such high heat. I used some "Woof Wear" brushing boots, to see how they did. Pretty good recovery, as seen below. Just little patches of heat remain after a few minutes of taking them off.

My PBO was holding her for this" Predator" like, remember that Arnold  S. movie?

                I loved the day of new info and our Equine Specialist's total excitement for what she was learning . Wa mare has turned out to be her first " Epitome of health" photo shoot!
 That would not have been the case, had I not been introduced to Miriah. She has looked after our well being, since year one of this journey into proper and thoughtful care of my sweet mare~

And LOOK, she also put us on the brochure~ Wa mare, letting her kiss on her!

She also has some neat things to say about us on her  Equine massage blog ~
You may reach either her blog or Thermoraphy sites through my add on my sidebar for
 "Washahse's therapist"
Cool Stuff is afoot!


  1. What an important step into really understanding what is going on with your horse. You take great care of your Wa mare and she repays you with happy rides all year in all conditions! I love the photos of her sleepy face. Aren't you proud that her images are a picture of health good enough for the brochure?
    p.s. Thanks for the wonderful link to my posters on the sidebar!!!

  2. Wow, Kacy, that is so cool!!! Isn't technology wonderful? Wa in the brochure, a poster girl of good are a wonderful horse mom! :-D
    Great post, thanks!!!
    Jane and Gil

  3. KC If you get a chance, google EQUESTRIAN IMPORTS (Florida). Ann Forrest is a saddle fitter who originally is from Scotland. She is one of the best in the country and may be able to help you with a new saddle. We have had her here for over 10 years in a row and the horses are very grateful. I'll bet Mariah has heard of her.
    Great photos and very educational.
    (my word verification is horsh)

  4. That is such a neat thing! I have a proposal if shes interested. We were looking for someone to do a study on the easywalker horse shoes. We have images from a farrier of a horse with one hoof shod in metal and one not. The shod hoof is completely cold, the bare has warmpth= circulation. We want to see the difference in the easywalkers compared to the metal shoe. If your therapist is interested I can get her the contact info for the easy walker distributors.

  5. The thermography is way too cool. I'll have to ask my vet if she knows anything about it the next time I see her.

    I think your Washashe needs to have a talk with my Panache about being the poster child for health!

  6. J~
    Thanks sweetie girl...Wa mare has my sister to thanks for my quest for health!

    Jane~ Thanks..well, Wa is only on it cause she is letting Miriah kiss her...
    she is on her Theromography blog though...under massage- "Kacy Heinrich's horse"

    Lori~ THANKS!
    I sent Miriah a TXT just now, to see if the saddle fitter that took the course was Ann ! She may have been the one since she sounds like a go getter for the truth and info as well!
    I will google that site!!!I have always had problem with this very sensitive mare...she never lies..but sometimes exaggerates!

    Sydney~ Are those shoes put on with nails? I have always herd that steel shoes cause a deadening in the hoof, a numbness. I always thought it was the nails.I came over and gave you her email = phone #
    How did he take the images?

    Laura M~
    Wa was NOT always the poster has taken 3 years of tough and rough...and I was really happy the white spots were not deeper damage to show up as green or blue with the damage!
    Panache...take it from Wa mare tell your girl the truth and she will do all the right things!

    The Camera's cost $ 14,000 now and are easy to handle and use...but they used to be $40,000 and very difficult!

  7. Loved this post.
    If you want, I can ship you my 2 Wintecs to try for the heck of it.
    I have an all purpose 17.5 and a wide 17.5. The wide is for truly wide horses. The AP has the adjustable gullet system, I can send the gullets to you too.
    Let me know if you want to try them.
    No obligation at all. I'll take them back no problem.

  8. Very, very cool! One of these days I'll have my equine sports massage therapy certification...and I want one of those thermoimagers!

  9. Really interesting, thanks for posting.

  10. Wow! That's so cool! It looks like a little video camera. The reason Wa is a picture of health is because you take such good care of her.
    Look at how trusting and content she is, too. Love those soft, relaxed eyes and faces. :)


  11. Very cool pictures! I always thought those full neoprene boots would trap heat - glad I didn't just imagine that. Wa looks beautiful this spring.

    I am sorry you're losing your favorite saddle. Hope the search goes quickly :(

  12. Nails are not the culprit. Metal shoes do not flex, easywalkers do. I have a post coming up where I stuck some shoes in a vice. The verdict basically was the metal shoes squished and the easywalkers bounced right back into shape. We believe that the easywalkers will allow the horses hoof more bloodflow.

  13. That is great Sydney...I may try them on my mare...the boot sindrome is killing me! Then I will have Miriah do some case studies...will let you know. I copied down about 3 farriers in the area here to consult with...kinda excited about this...maybe I can just go out and ride with out wondering about slick and mudd and if the boot is STILL ON!
    I appreciate all your research Syd!

  14. Oh wow! How very cool for you and Miss Wa. Truly an amazing diagnostic tool showing what our eyes cannot see. Technology always amazes me. That is very informative and it sure looks like your mare is doing quite well, as she looked cool in all the right places. I use a neoprene cinch on Harley as he was always getting girth sores and I haven't had problems since. But, if it generates excessive heat, does your massage gal recommend not using neoprene??? I would hate to think that I've been using something that is causing distress. God knows I blame myself for not noticing problems with Harley's eyes sooner. :( Love you Kacy girl!
    Sorry I haven't been around much lately...I've been catching up here today. I am sooo sorry about your precious kitty. Hope your heart is more at peace now. Hugs to you my friend.

  15. What an interesting post - I learned so many new things! I'm glad Wa is in such fine fettle that she has been chosen as an equine model. I hope it doesn't go to her head!

  16. Cool stuff Kac...sad to see your favorite saddle retired. What are you going to get?

  17. have a look at "suber pad" for helping to fix saddle fitting problems, you may be able to keep your beloved saddle. I used to use one but now have a treeles Barefoot saddle.
    interesting what you say about the mane changing sides, my pony's mane has done that over the last year.

  18. Kac--Super cool! Not only is Wa on the brochure, but she is in perfect health! A testament to her mama (and luck, and good genes too!) who takes such wonderful care of her!!! I am looking into going into Sports Massage, but I also plan on doing accupuncture. As I have had it done on myself MANY times, I can't wait to help my equine friends! Once I get established, perhaps I can add a thermoimager to my business. I would LOVE to have that done for Jackson!

  19. Kac- I also wanted to express my condolences about your precious Elsie. Truly so sad. I am going to have to put my 16 year old dog down this week or next, (she can no longer walk) but I can't get up the nerve to make the appt. She isn't in pain, which makes it even harder... Would you send a little message up to Els to have the welcome wagon ready? Dakota LOVES cats and likes to help clean them, and cuddle...
    Again, so sorry Kac. My heart is breaking for us both....


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