Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sisterly Summery Rides

Some summery solo rides the mare and me have had...building up some of her muscles again, since it is drying out and we may  trot and canter about, with no fear of slippage.
She took to these cows...think she'd like to meet some~ without the fence boundary!

My schedule has also lined up with my sister, to have some lovely rides since July has proven to may FINALLY BE SUMMER after all!

We had a terrible scare with Pantz the beginning of the weekend. Her caregiver called frantically, trying to reach my sis or myself. Pantz was acting "abnormally to her". We called the vet..all 3 were already on calls. I called another vet, she was out as well...I tried not to fret too much, as I drove to my sisters barn. I have seen this mare in pain before and colic...I was praying it was NOT this. My sis had just left her the eve before, happy and calm in her stall...munching her dinner hay.
 Pantz  recently has been staying outside overnights in the field, we were told by her caregiver. This disconcerted my sister some and me too, as a cougar has already been detected on the property. Though she has no injury to lure it near to her, as it did last year to my mare and she. But, she also has no other horse in her field to give her security to rest ,as the bears and bobcats and cougars roam the  field and woods nearby. My sister pays for stall keep and would like to have that overnights, I agree, since it is an open to 300 foot run and field arrangement.

We arrived to find Pantz all dusty from sleeping in her 14 X 24 stall. She can really stretch out there and relax. I arrived 10 minutes after my sister...Pantz was like FEED ME PLEASE, and pawiing for her breakfast! Her vitals were all normal. She drank water in her stall and ate a bite of watered grasses outside. We totally COULD NOT detect distress or injury or anything out of the ordinary! We kept her in the stall  + 150 foot graveled run and we  left for breakfast and the local grange to come back to: 2 poos and a wee. All looked good and not at all greasy from being inside the horse overly long. She also had had 6-7 poos overnight and an empty water bucket.

Both vets had called back to check in with us and we proclaimed to them what we think really happened...She was so relieved to be indoors and secure in that matted and shaving strewn stall- she really rested.  Since the PBO was earlier than normal (horses do have body clocks ) to check in..she had caught her sleeping! She had never seen a horse stretch and decide to lay back down, and then stretch a bit more! Pantz can be dramatic about stretching...she must have, obviously, scared her caregiver badly!!
We two sisters were greatly relieved to have all vitals report as normal and  the Appaloosa horsey too!

We had this ride yesterday on our mares, in celebration of horsey health and the sunny weather~

The trails were strewn with downed trees since last fall...I lost my sister for a time, as she looked for a way around a rather HUGE downed tree....she had said," it committed  treeaside" these favorite woods are to be logged soon.

There ,they came back! My mare dislikes trail blazing brushy, unused areas. So I dismounted, knowing we'd have to maybe make own way through the thicket.

Yea...finally, the trail is found and we continued our wooded pleasure ride.

Good Washashe mare, we had been in back and in front, cleared brush and sidestepped over to many a mounting object for me this day!

All is well in the horse health front again.
Yet- New developments have been suddenly given us. We are frantically looking for another boarding facility for Pantz- we were informed 2 weeks ago, that this facility needs to make more $ and the owners have decided to- give up having a barn for their horses- and just have them in a pasture nearer their home, on the next 10 acre plot over. There is no shelter whatsoever, and the fields are quite small with a single line between them, not to mention no storage for trailer or tack. It is not an option for my sister.
They seek to have the house and barn rented together, since it never panned out to have boarders-save me for 2 yrs and my sis, since last fall.
So, we are looking -looking. It would be nice to have her at my facility..but alas, they are full.
 I have one more PBO that recently has had an opening...but her schedule and my sisters have not aliened yet. SIGH...
It is always something. Though I do look forward to positive changes for Pantz..who knows, she may find a nice facility that has someone that wishes to  partial lease her or ride more often -with us!


  1. it's so good to see you out there enjoying the little summer.

  2. I hope Pantz can find a good home soon, I would be really worried about the cougars and bears too, they are really getting closer and closer, it's awful. I worry about coyotes here and my cat Buddy. I love your new header! (and the last picture) You two look great together, and I love all the lush greenery that's all around you. Does that make our horribly wet weather we endured for so long worth it? Yes, It would be nice to have more than just 2 days in a row of good weather. It rained again this morning at my house. Now I have to find someone to mow my darn lawn!

  3. Lytha,
    I KNOW you wish it to be YOU soon...mee too!

    Beth, does make it worth it but the 1 day great with 4 following sour someting else, like you said. Healthy and happy and free...focus- focus- focus!

  4. I'm new to your blog (finally figured out how to sign up through Google although I blog on WordPress) and I really enjoy your photos and stories. Going to try to take more pictures of my crew this summer!

  5. I hope you can find a good home for Pantz soon. Wish she could be with you.

  6. Mary~
    I truly don't like the horses out with the known threats to thier well being...even if they are not DOES stress them.YUP, it is worth the rains to have the lush...but what is with the rains continuing through all seasons! Freedom, fun, happiness..focus, focus, focus!

    Oh HI Fetlock!
    Just visited your blog and WONDERFUL heart warming story did I read- on your latest post- of girlhood memories!!! It brought back some of my own, while not nearly as detailed as yours, I laughed inside and out. Thanks for stopping by and I will enjoy getting to know you too!

    Lori~ YEA! it is an on -on event looking right now..not much time to do so...and my poor sis, living so far away.

  7. I'm so glad Pantz is feeling fine, and you all had a good ride. Good luck finding her a great facility. I've been there and know how stressful finding a home for a horse is.

  8. i really love the close up of the ears

  9. Too bad Pantz has to move- hopefully she'll find a place near you. Have you ever seen sign of cougars or bears when you're out riding?

  10. Oh dear, I hope you/your sis find a great boarding stable for Pantz soon.
    The biggest threat to horses here in the Netherlands are those nasty stinging horseflies. Or disturbed humans, but there are not many of those around fortunately ;-)

    Your photos are great as ever. Always love joining you on your rides ;-)

  11. Glad the scare with Pantz was a false alarm. This is my first time meeting her. I love her spotted behind. I hope you find a new place for Pantz soon. Love the new header, too.

  12. Thankful for the good horsey health! I know what a scare Annie gave us :(
    Your new header is gorgeous!!
    Happy 4th of July!
    xo, misha

  13. Great new header I love your mare’s brow band very nice. I am so glad Pantz is ok and good luck with finding her a nice new home I hope one turns up soon. That stuff about cougars and bear sounds pretty dangerous, sometimes I am so glad I live in England I think the most dangerous thing I am likely to see in England is an adder and I don’t think I am likely to see one of those were I am. I was just wondering if you did find a cougar or bear out on a ride what would you do or would it just runaway from a rider, sorry my mind does wander. Anyway glad you had some nice riding and good luck with every thing.

  14. Terry~ sis is picky for what she will choose...but as the time draws nye..she may have to make a decision based on need and not want.

    Chloe~ sis actually got that one, with my camera!

    The bears we have run into are at the end of the season usually...them seeking the fall fruits...we often see the "Scat" though...big piles of blackberry seeds!
    The Cougars have been seen fortuanatley- while on the ground and NOT riding. Though my mare got attacked last year and has the scars still, from that. I have seen the tall scratching markers on trees too.

    C~ happy that you came along for the ride to share the joys with freinds. Glad The "disturbed humans" are rare there...they are prevelant here

    I will have to a post on Pantz Mare, she is Washashe's lead mare, they have known each other for about 10 years. My sister was given Pantz for a drill team she rode in for a few years. she is a great mare!

    Hi Misha!
    Yea, we were wiped out with the concern it took to drive the 35 minutes to the happy too that it was a false alarm for Pantz! It was a great fourth!

    Thanks so much, you always have such nice things to say... Well, the time we ran into a "drunk" adolecent bear..I had been warned 10 minutes prior by my Barn Owner that he was at large and eating all the fruit in her yard...he didn't even care that her dogs were there barking at him and she was watching.
    I came down a trail and my mare was ultra vigulant...he had creapt into our space,after leaving her house. He was beyond view, but not beyond sound...I whistled and you whoo'd to allow him to know we were there-so he could take off the other direction! BUT NO! he came directly towards us..I allowed the mare to go ahead and flee with me, quickly!
    I wera a "Bear Bell" and always have a whistle around my neck too..if I sence the mare upset at someting i do not see or hear..I leave the area, but not ususally running as a cougar will get excited and chase.

  15. wonderful pics Kacy as always.
    Bears and cougars omg that's way too exciting for me!!! Glad all was well with P :)

  16. Thank you for stopping by my blog and your nice comments! You have a beautiful mare, thoroughbreds are fab. Love your pics and your trails look absolutely amazing!

  17. Oh, so glad it was a false alarm about Pantz! And sorry you have to move again - this was such a good barn for you and Wa. Hugs!

  18. Maybe you're sister can rent the facility where Pantz is at? I believe she was wanting to move closer to you and your mum correct?

  19. Great picture of her ears and the cows- I really like the filters you used :)

    So sorry that Pantz needs to find a new home quick-like, that kind of stress is no fun at all. Maybe she can find a place closer to you and Wa?

    What is that hanging off your wrist? Is that a fly swisher?


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